Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Two Supt. Candidates ...

Here are some of the reasons why each candidate wants to work for Greece, skills/experience they possess and a few notable quotes.

Kim Dyce-Faucette has been on an upward tract in her career in education from the start. Only 4.5 yrs. after becoming a teacher, she began working to obtain her administrator's certification. She says that to become a superintendent, she knows she must leave the Rochester City School District where she has been Supt. Brizard's Chief of Staff since 2008. In her current position, she is a problem-solver handling situations that range from talking to a suspended student's parents to finding out why the power went out in one building to resolving a cooking equipment malfunction in a cafeteria. Some of her quotable quotes:

  • "I'm compassionately direct."

  • "Rather than perception, what people believe is fact."

  • "Unions add value to any organization."
If we hire her, she is young, wants the job for the long haul, won't have to relocate (saves us $$), already has her PhD (another savings), comes across as highly motivated and loves her work. If we hire her, it may well be an investment that lasts into the future for quite sometime.

James Feil has 39 yrs. in education and is currently retired from a Michigan school district of about 10,000 students where he was superintendent. He has experience in closing down schools (as does Ms. D-F). He stated that he wants to work for another 8-10 yrs. He says that getting the job in Greece will provide more financial stability for him in the long run. He has always wanted to obtain his PhD and could do so here (at our expense!). He says he is half German and half Greek. Some notable quotes include:

  • He has "always wanted to visit Greece." (Laugh here.)

  • "I'm a lifelong learner."

  • "I'm in a premier school district." (I think he meant in Michigan, so don't get excited.)
SCATS ~~ Mr. Feil will cost the community a lot of money without the promise of a significant return on the investment. He must relocate from out-of-state. ($$) He must get his credentials in order to satisfy NY State requirements ($$). He wants to make more income, despite the pension he already gets in Michigan while he works to obtain his PhD at our expense (time & money). He could use Greece to achieve his personal goals, then retire to collect lifetime health care benefits paid for by Greece taxpayers. Mr. Feil is another Steven Achramovitch, in my opinion. They share many common traits.

If I were to choose between the two candidates, I'd go with Dr. Kim D-F. She's younger, energetic, motivated, already fully educated, seeking another challenge and an experienced problem-solver. She is the less costly and better fit of the two candidates. Greece sorely needs to add some diversity to the district's staff. Dr. D-F would bring intelligence, focus, and a "can do" attitude with that package.

Sadly, it sounds like the union & several on the BOE prefer to repeat history by either keeping Acramovitch or replacing him with a clone. Our BOE should be ashamed for the fact that several of its members distanced themselves from Dr. D-F during the dinner they were to share with her on the night of her visit. I'll let you guess which ones behaved that way. We have an opportunity to put GCSD on an improved track, if certain folks will allow it to happen

Your vote on Tuesday could determine the outcome for Greece schools for years to come! Be sure to get out & vote!

Vote for Grinnan & O'Toole
(Levers 6 & 7)

Vote NO on the budget!

Vote NO on the bus proposition!


Anonymous said...

Are you hitting the nip again SCATS?

The joker running the empty drum called Hilton Central didn't even hold a EdD when he jumped from HS Principal to StupidIntendant. OK so it was in the middle of scandal #3, but he made the jump nicely. All you need is a Certificate of Public Administration, and anyone with a pulse and a Masters can get that.

The choice is between Clown A and Clown B. I'd bet the litterbox neither will ever come close to a PHD unless you're meowing about a Post Hole Digger. 2 more phoneys, one with the cheap immitation EdD who is seeing the handwriting on the wall, if Mayoral controll comes she goes down the road. The other, well hell it has to be common knowledge at the StupidIntenders conventions that GCSD is a moneypit anyone can dip into.

Why the hell shold GCSD pay anyone's relocation expenses? The goober ain't being dragged here in chains.

How about GCSD just buys an add in Skewek Stupintendunce Magazing for a few hundred bucks?
Hep wuntid, Stupidintendunce-
District of your dreams, money out the wazoo, absolutely no accountability required. The citizens will vote to adopt anything, The Board will guide you, Absolutely no expectations of academic anything. Come for a few years, steal whatever you desire, hot & cold available women to your desire or you can hire your own.
Start at your true value, $1.00 a year and work that up to $250,000 in a couple years or less.
Ability to ignore the public will help you alot in this job. Can you shuffle and sidestep issues, you might be our man.
No residence requirement, we don't want to live here either. A parking spot for a Winebago will be set up next to the Admin Bldg if you desire.

SCATS said...

No "nip" for me, 11:44PM. I'm not claiming a Super needs a PhD. I'm stating that one person possesses one already and the other one wants us to give him the money to get one of his own.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with hiring someone with a Masters and paying for their PhD? I think it works nicely.

Future raises come easier once you prove the investment is worth like that.


Anonymous said...

I still have not heard what the board wants done.
The teachers union wants more $$ and no accountability, but WHAT DOES THE BOARD WANT DONE.

SCATS said...

To 7:19AM ~~ I think the BOE wants to hire a person that will wave their magic wand & settle the contract so they won't get blamed for it. Getting that contract settled sounded like Job 1 for both candidates.

Anonymous said...

With no board goals I also question what it is the board wants this new person to do.
Does it matter what diploma the person has?
We have 'do nothing' 'give-away' contracts, can you fix them?
Our graduation rate is 78%, can you get that to 85% in say 2 years?
The community has had it with tax increases, can you keep tax increases at 0%?

If the answer to these questions is yes i'll gladly pay your moving expences.
If you say I want x $$ now and will not ask for more $$ until these 3 items have been met.
Now were talking.

Anonymous said...


You are WRONG, WRONG, and then WRONG again on your pick.

Kim is just a younger Meg Keller-Cogan!

The BOE should pick in the following order:

The Supt. from Michigan. or
Hire Don Nadolski as a one year interim Supt. or
Hire Ann Mitchel as a one year interim Supt. or
Then go out early nice year to hire a Supt.

The BOE will hire Steve A. to a one to three year contract.

Boily wins, he has his puppet and the students once again loose.


Doug Skeet

SCATS said...

To Doug Skeet ~~ While you are entitled to your opinion of Dr. D-F, I'd like to hear what there is about her that causes you to compare her to Meg K-C. Has she had EEOC lawsuits filed against her?

Anonymous said...

According to some RCSD sources, part of her reason for leaving Franklin was the number of LAWSUITS during her tenure. Looks like we want to start this style of leadership all over again.
Check this out for accuracy.
Skeet is dead on right.

SCATS said...

To 3:53PM ~~ You might want to recheck your sources. I'm fairly certain she told the crowd on Wed. afternoon that she helped to close down Ben Franklin school.

Anonymous said... Here's one lawsuit, and the description of her in this new letter sounds disappointingly familiar:,%20Volume%208,%20Issue%202.pdf

Anonymous said...

You are correct. She was instrumental in the "closing" of Franklin. You can debate if it was planned or not. Just do some checking about the bad blood & lawsuits. Her explanation might just be the usual spin of trying to make something negative to look good.

Anonymous said...

She helped the superintendent change the one school into 3 schools. All the staff at Franklin had to re-apply for jobs. How did they get away with that?
But she was not criticized anywhere for her stint at Franklin.
In fact when there was a student fracas at the playoffs for Section V in 2007 involving Franklin and Aquinas students among others, she banned the city students involved from participating in sports the remainder of that year and the entirety of the next school year. Wonder what she might do if a coach was drinking on the job here.

SCATS said...

To 6:15PM ~~ Unless I completely misunderstood (and I don't believe that's the case), she was assigned to close Ben Franklin down. It was the plan, based on how it was explained. Did she spin that? I don't know. I haven't seen evidence of that.

To 6:16PM ~~ In your first reference, she was asked for comment by a reporter. That doesn't mean she caused the situation that resulted in the lawsuit. In your second reference, the publication is produced for one of RCD's unions and appears to portray all non-union authority figures with disdain. Look at the rest of the publication, especially the photos on the first page! The part where Dr. D-F is mentioned begins with these words:" There is a concerted opinion ... " Based upon what I read, it might be more clearly stated as "There is a concerted smear campaign against specific district administrators..."

It is MY opinion that Dr. D-F would get things in order for Greece. The question boils down to whether or not Greece Central is ready to give up its dysfunctional ways. Based upon the union's reaction to Dr. D-F, I'd say apparently not.

SCATS said...

To 6:52PM ~~ Having staff reapply for jobs is exactly what Greece Central did when the schools-of-choice opened! Teachers had to apply, were screened and hand-picked by the Supt!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cagwin re-read what SCATS (accurately) wrote at 7:25pm. Throw in the hand-picked "lottery" students and that's how school-of-choice works! I seem to recall that your idea was to figure out what these schools (of-choice) are doing "right", then simply reproduce it elsewhere. All we need now is the magic wand to go with your fairytale ending! Again, anyone that supports this has a special interest in doing so, it's simply indefensible otherwise.

Anonymous said... also don't want Steve A. to continue. He has had many lawsuits filed against Greece under his tenure. A lot haven't come to light yet because of the time it takes it to file one. There are several processes to go through in order to file one. It takes up to year for one to become public. That is not considering the ones that are settled without the public's knowledge.

Hmmm. It makes you wonder what is settled before anyone knows.

The REAL QUESTION is why The Pres. of Greece BOE (Pat Tydyings) lets these things happen. He is an attorney that specializes in Education Law. Why does Tydings continue to be a "Patsy" for District Office. I don't want to hear excuses made for him or from him. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Ann Mitchell is directly responsible for the instructional policies that have resulted in the drop-out rates and student scores on standard tests that people on this board (including Mr. Skeet) constantly reference as being the worst in the county.

By all means, hire her as an interim superintendent. That makes complete sense, in Greece.

Anonymous said...


The Internet game show every taxpayer loves and every Union Teacher hates.

Today's question- You were a miserable excuse for a 5th grade teacher, students knew it, other teachers knew it, even administrationknew it but you had Tenure.
You ran around town putting up campaign signs for politicians, and when nobody wanted to run to replace the Supervisor headed off to collect for favors done they let you run for Supervisor.

Amazingly you won, then again you were running against a dead dog.
As Supervisor you tried to get rid of the PoPo Chief, and brought in a Comissioner who turned out to be a convicted felon. Then it happened; A crazy lady with a great bod marched the Barnard parade with her own nominating petition, and with no campaign funds and damn little help wiped your nose on the playground taking 19% of the vote.

Word came down from On High this would be your last term, so you screwed up everything, and headed off to run for Bored With Education.

Name the District, the failed teacher and PoPo Chief for a free hot apple pie at MickyD's.

All sorts of disclaimers apply, we make no guarantee the pie will be hot, coffee not included, bring your own napkin etc.

Anonymous said...

6th grade teacher. When the schools were still k-6 or k-3, 4-6. After he was elevated to town dysfunction, the district put 6th grade with the secondary. The "middle school concept" that was to remedy all the ills in greece.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Skeet has hit the nail on the head!

Weigh Skeet's 5/14/comments very carefully Greece.

His intuition and astute observations regarding these matters are accurate.

SCATS said...

To 11:53AM ~~ With all due respect to Mr. Skeet's opinion on the issue, I'm still waiting for his response to my questions about his views. He compares Dr. D-F to Meg K-C without giving any specifics to back up that point of view. I really want to know.

Anonymous said...

The City school district is looking to unload this woman onto any community that will take her. Former (horrible) City Super Manny Rivera thinks she's the cat's meow.

That, and the fact she's coming from a terribly failing school district should automatically disqualify her from consideration.

SCATS can you list any substantive accomplishments of hers. Any success stories besides shutting down a school. I'd seriously consider her if you know something great that she's done to improve graduation rates in the city that we don't. thank you.

SCATS said...

To 12:38PM ~~ In her current position, improving graduation rates is NOT part of her job description. I'm still awaiting an answer to the questions I asked ... anyone?