Thursday, May 20, 2010

Supt. Achramovitch Is "Irked" ...

Today's D&C describes our Supt. as "irked" about the budget defeat. He doesn't get it. He whines: "We put a ton of information out there, held community meetings and didn't get a negative response."

Guess what Steve? When you shut people out and/or shut them up at BOE meetings, they stop coming out to tell you what they are thinking!

In the Greece school board meeting room, there is NO TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION BETWEEN RESIDENTS & THE BOE OR SUPT. ... EVER! Although they hold something called "Resident's Forum," it's not really a "forum." There is no "discussion." Worse yet, if the BOE doesn't like the message you are trying to deliver, they will attempt to find a way to keep you from talking (think Doug Skeet), shorten your time at the podium, insult you after you finish and your time is up (you can't respond) ... yada, yada, yada.

We are allowed to come talk at you, but you do not respond to us. You seldom have answers to any question asked. You want to get back to us later, but often you don't. It seems like you don't want the community to get answers. We've gotten your message to just go away, so why would anyone waste their time coming to one of your budget forums to tell you that a 7.6% levy hike is way too high? We wonder, where is YOUR common sense? If you had any, you would know that tax increase was ridiculous in the first place.

And about that "ton of information" you put out there, how much of that was blatantly wrong? ("average home in Greece ...") How much of that was double-speak? (Adds scheduling flexibility for HS ...)  How much was spun to sell a budget only 1 in 3 were interested in buying? (Flexibility in schedules = ELIMINATION OF ELECTIVES!) You must think we're really stupid!

Mr. Achramovitch, if you want to do the right thing for this community, you will apologize for insulting us with your attempt to hoodwink us with this ridiculous "bare bones" budget idea and that erroneous mailing you sent out! Go back to the drawing board! Reduce things that don't touch CLASSROOMS. Get that tax rate cut to 3.5%, maybe less. Put it up for a second vote! Be honest!

And last but not least, try reading this BLOG once in awhile. People are telling you what they are thinking. We're aware that we're one of the elephants in the boardroom - never mentioned by name but everyone is aware we exist. We're approaching 100 followers on Facebook, in addition to those who follow us via other means. People are listening and talking on here. Try tuning in to get "the message" even if it isn't the one you want to hear. It might help you avoid those irked moments next time around, since you've shut us out of your board room ;)


wgceca said...

I think Stevie II is "irked" because it looks less like the Boily plan to keep him will fail.

SCATS said...


I just posted this thread to Facebook and had to laugh at my word verification: "cornball think" ... weirdly appropriate for a thread about Steve II.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you think this is steve II's budget and not the boards.

SCATS said...

To 7:50PM ~~ They each own it, as far as I'm concerned. He's the one who is befuddled by the resounding defeat and talking to media. All 10 of them deserve to hear what caused people to pull the NO lever.

george hubbard said...

1. Trends may be dull, but insightful. Look at these annual GCSD tax levy figures.

2. $89.0M - 2005/06 Tax levy.

3. $91.9M +3.3%

4. $93.4M +1.6%

5. $90.9M -2.7%

6. $90.9M, 0.0%

7. $97.8M +7.6% proposed 2010/11
8. Trend: Five year ave rate of increase = 2.0% per year.

Q1. Financially, have Greece taxpayers been well served by BOE and Superintendent?

Q2. Would voters have been better served/more satified with -0.2% and +2.5% the previous two years... and +2.6% going into next year?

Anonymous said...

Please explain Mr. Hubbard what the GOAL of the board is or was.

We know that contracts drive the budget. What is the GOAL of the board on cost containment of these contracts. As another poster said the "benefit of a contract to the district" is suppost to be shown prior to board approval and hasn't happened.
You fail to answer in any way "what am I getting for more of my money".
Does the "trend" represent anything in reference to today's economic conditions? Are you trying to say a 7% increase in taxes is some kind of a "deal"?

Anonymous said...

Meet Steve, he's irked. Meet taxpayer, he's mad as hell.

SCATS said...

To 1:08PM ~~ An astute observation! I hope taxpayer shows up at Monday night's BOE meeting with signs that say "Reduce & revote!"