Friday, May 28, 2010

Regents Test Prep On TV & Online

YNN Reports: Regents Review 2.0 is a series of hour-long, interactive TV segments designed to help high school students prepare for the regents finals. Fourteen test subjects from Integrated Algebra and U.S. History to Foreign Language are available On Demand so students can watch and review at their convenience.

This series is available to Time Warner Digital Cable customers free of charge. Local channel listings are as follows:

Rochester: Rochester On Demand, channel 111

Regents Review Live is available online & also covers 14 subjects.


george hubbard said...


Ques#1: What is the cost for 13yrs of schooling from Kindergarten through Grade12 at GCSD?

Ans#1: Approximately $150,000... for 2009.

1. This can be determined by adding the annual cost per student for K + Gr1 + Gr2... + Gr12. See table below for data.

COST PER_____________K-12 COST


3. Example: For the 13yr sequence ending 2004: ($6,900 + $7,100 + $7,320... +$11,730), K-12 COST PER STUDENT = $117,100.

Ques#2: What is the approximate COST PER GRADUATE at GCSD?

Ans#2: Approximately $188,600 if grad rate is 80%. Divide the K-12 COST PER STUDENT by the graduation rate (expressed as decimal).

4. Example 2009: If grad rate were 90%, then COST PER GRADUATE is $150,000/0.9 = $167,700. Cost goes down as grad rate goes up – all other things being equal.

5. The COST PER GRADUATE parameter is a measure of overall District effectiveness... combining spending, enrollment, and graduation rate into one aggregate number. This parameter could be used by BOE to adjust budgets and optimize investment priorities within budgets over a period of time.

6. COST per GRADUATE could also be used to cross compare GCSD with other districts in Monroe County or elsewhere.

Comments invited... readers please check the numbers/math... and post corrections.

SCATS said...

To Geo ~~ I was astounded when I first heard the $150,000 cost per student figure! Any idea how that compares to other local districts?