Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rahn Juror's Eyes Got Opened By Testimony

"Anyone who thinks the town of Greece can just move on because they've gotten everyone is wrong." ~~ Charles Male, juror

He plans to become more vocal, more involved.


"I don't feel like the whole story's out. I'm anxious for the Lozynski report to come out so we can really know the truth of what's going on." ~~ Paula, a Rahn juror

SCATS ~~ Watch out, Jack Auberger! It sounds like more people are onto your ways ;)


Civil suit on behalf of Baby Azaria cready to move forward ~~ STORY


Anonymous said...

Well that is okay if you rather not print it. I could reply back to Rebbecca Jaffarin's blog.

I used this blog since I came home after the trial end. I am not all that crazy about my name being sent out over the paper and channel 10 but it is what it is but still prefer to post comments as Juror 9.

If you have a specific question to aske me about the trial, I gladly answer it for you since I was there from 3-29 thru 4-29.

Anonymous said...

Ann Mitchell will be hired to run the district. There is no better "Meg Bot" for the job.

She can keep Greece on the path it's going.

Anonymous said...

I'm so stupid that I posted a superintendent item in the wrong blog forum.

I think that qualifies me to be a Superintendent, doesn't it?

SCATS said...

To 5:59PM ~~ You'll fit right in ...

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Rahn will get his full pension?
Funny how the article quotes Robach as a democrat.
It is from 2004.

SCATS said...

To 10:15PM ~~ Quite possibly he will get his pension. Someone on a different forum pointed out that Urlacher is collecting his after his troubles with the law in the city. This link shows he is getting paid: