Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Just One ...

... Person spoke up at the Budget Hearing. He said the 7.6% tax levy increase was too much and the BOE could have avoided it, had they done some hard work. I agree 100%!!

Wednesday, May 5th is Candidates Night
Apollo Middle School
Board Room, 3rd Floor, E-4

  7.6% is too much!
Vote NO on the budget
Vote NO on the bus prop.
Pull levers 6 & 7
Grinnan & O'Toole


Anonymous said...

you actually want another 3 years of the "uhm.." O'toole?

SCATS said...

To 8:38PM ~~ Given the alternatives, YES!!

Anonymous said...

7.6% tax increase is nothing short of insanity.
The people in this school district had better stand up and be counted.
The 5 people on this board who voted for this insanity are deserving of being ridden out of town on a board.

I can only hope this 7.6% insanity is THE topic of candidates night.

Anonymous said...

One of the chamber of commerce and rotary candidates (Jeff Smith) voted FOR the 7.6% tax increase.

Would it be wrong to assume the chamber and rotary are in favor of this increase. Do they believe it will be good for the community? good for business?

How about the other chamber and rotary candidates?

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that they already know it is going to be defeated and are just planning on running on the contingency budget anyhow? I don't think they are too worried about whether it is defeated by voters or not. They are already assuming it will be and if for some insane reason which defies logic that it does pass it will just be a bonus for them.

SCATS said...

To 10:41PM ~~ I think that they know it MIGHT be defeated, but I also think they are hoping to sneak it through. My understanding is that the school-of-choice parents feel passing the budget is a must if their select schools are to survive.

Anonymous said...

Gale O'Toole was one of the Boily Bunch when first elected. She was probably schmoozed by Roger's slimey talk as most of the voters in Greece are, but Gale is intelligent enough to see the error of her ways. After sitting on the board for three years and hearing and seeing the nonsense that goes on there, I'm sure she knows that things could be done a lot better. She does her homework and its obvious she really cares or she wouldn't be throwing herself back into the fray. Vote for Gale O'Toole!

Anonymous said...

Greece Residents - Are you ready for another three years of Steve Achramovitch? Hold on, didn't he announce his retirement? I believe all that can change on May 18th.

If the people of Greece are stupid enough to elect three more "Roger Robots", this is a stark reality. The Boily, Rotary and C of C candidates of Smith, O'Connor and Mack will team up with Boily, McCabe and Stenglein to make it happen. Here's the scenario.

The current board has been considering candidates for the Superintendent job. They will probably announcing results very soon. Boily's present boboble heads will vote no on Steve's successor. - No votes by Boily, McCabe, Smith and Stenglein and Yes votes by Tydings, Oberg, O'Toole, VanOrman and Ferrington. So what's the problem, it's a 5-4 vote for the new super. The problem is that any self-respecting candidate will not accept the job without a unanimous vote, let alone a split vote. Only a desperate candidate would do so. Achramovitch took the job with a 5-3 vote because he was desperate. He had been given his marching orders in his former school district.

Simply, this means that on June 30th, no new super. On July 1, Roger's Robots control the board 6-3. At the reorganizational meeting, they vote to rehire Steve for $210,000 and he gleefully retracts his retirement papers.

Unless O'Tool, Grinnan and Race win on May 18th, it's another three years of the worst superintendent in the history of Greece (Yes, even worse than Walts). Vote no on his insulting budget and vote for an end to Roger Boily's political control of your school board. Vote yes to improve the education of your children and reduce spending.

Jeffrey Cagwin said...

Lets all ask the question tonight.

Are you committed to hiring a NEW superintendent?

The Boily clan,group,bunch has to go.

VOTE 5, 6, 7

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see O'toole and Smith list somekind of accomplishment they have made in the last 3 years.

SCATS said...

To 12:02PM ~~ O'Toole became a "master boardsperson" ... for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

With the outcry against the proposed increase of 7.6% which I think is too high for the community at this time. I am a little amazed that the support is there for candidates who are against the increase but have offerred no solutions minus Mr Oberg. He wanted to use a reserve account which would have gotten us down to 5.5 % still too high. I think what the community deserves are the positions of those running on how they would reduce the budget what programs are going away, how many are losing there jobs? what the class sizes will be etc. It is easy to vote against a 7.6 % increase a real leader would tell us what would be cut. I agree with Mr oberg that Odyssey should be revamped Mrs. Otoole will never do this as she has and had kids that went there. So the question for all is where do you cut to get down to 3.5 %? Lets see what real leaders are out there among the candidates.

SCATS said...

to 3:17PM ~~ Re: " I am a little amazed that the support is there for candidates who are against the increase but have offerred no solutions minus Mr Oberg."

There are alternatives who represent a "better" choice???

Charlie Hubbard said...

3:17 you are absolutly wrong.

It is not up to board members to make the budget and or the tax increase smaller - THAT is the ceo's job. It is up to the board to give him the target of XXX.
Example, we want a tax rate increase of 2% - make it happen.

What you are suggesting is 'yet again' having board members 'micro-manage' district finances. School district administration loves boards who do this as they then can bury school boards in minutiae.

When will they ever learn.

Graehaven said...

An increase in the budget during this period is ludicrous. It needs to be cut. Cut by at least 10% across the board. A true cut, as in a reduction of staff and services immediately.

Anything short of that is criminal.