Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How To Replace Supt. Achramovitch Quickly ...

We really must replace Steve and we need to do so ASAP. Sadly, the two candidates BOCES uncovered really don't meet any sort of great expectations. So, what to do?

Well, since it's not rocket science, I propose that the Greece Board of Education offer a one year interim superintendent's contract to Ms. Kim Dyce-Faucette. We've had an interim "Super" under contract not so long ago (remember Jo?), so it CAN BE DONE.

The offer to Ms. Faucette should provide for several specific measurable improvements we want her to make within the one year period. Next June, the BOE can either evaluate her on the merits of her accomplishments & hire her with a 3 yr. contract offered at that time, or start looking for a new supt. with hopes of finding a more suitable candidate who performs better.

It will be a win-win-win situation for the community.

  • Since Ms. Dyce-Faucette already lives in the area, we don't have to pay her to relocate. That's "win" #1.
  • Since she's only making $145,000 now, we can offer her a "paltry" $190,000 to take the job for a year ... a savings over what we are currently paying Steve. That's "win" #2.
  • Since Steven Achramovitch will be gone, that's win #3.
Let's not waste a lot of time vetting these two candidates when everyone can clearly see from reading the info on the links posted on this site that neither of them are a good fit for the Greece Central School District.


Anonymous said...

Interesting idea scats. I think it has merit, but I'll bet my "average home" that the powers that be will come up with some special way to tell us it's not doable. They always have a reason.

Jeffrey Cagwin said...

Why $190,000. If it is an interim position we should offer $170,000 then after reviewing the merits of her accomplishments. We could offer the $190,000 for the 3 year contract.

SCATS said...

To 1:54PM ~~ I know ... I know ... :(

To Jeffrey ~~ When I posed the general idea to a BOE member last week, I was told the BOE had to honor the advertised range & that they aren't about to "low ball" anyone at this stage of the game.

Jeffrey Cagwin said...

If they gave her the position after the review she would be getting a $45,000.00 raise.

Hell I will take the position.

All of the assistant supers and staff do the work anyway.

Anonymous said...

I am still available and will do the job for $150,000

I can run the district into the ground at a bargain rate.I do not require lifetime health care

Anonymous for school superintendent

Anonymous said...

Why not simply re-post the job? The District is not required to find one of these two candidates "suitable." Not surprisingly, the real problem is that good, qualified candidates are avoiding Greece.

The BoE and the community need to recruit a genuine leader with a proven track record. That person needs to come from outside the District. He or she must be deeply committed to working with, and earning the respect of, the community and the employee groups. The person needs to clean house administratively at the District and school levels. The poison of the Walts administration continues to saturate every building and especially DO.

Greece was once a "Lighthouse District" with a stellar reputation. Students achieved. Teachers, administrators, the Superintendent, and Board members respected each other. They were all proud to work in Greece. This pride and sense of "Team Greece" translated into high student achievement.

We cannot move back in time. Time marches on and returning to the "good old days" is never an option. However, I am fully convinced that there are leaders today who could restore student achievement and the Distict's reputation to where it once was.

SCATS said...

To 5:36PM ~~ Why not simply repost the job? Short answer: POLITICS!

If we don't have a new warm body under contract by June 30th and Boily gets enough of his pawns onto the BOE, word is that he wants to offer Achramovitch another 3 yrs. Capisce?

Anonymous said...

Mrs. D-F will be wonderful for Greece schools. She compared us to Rochester City Schools many times, noting that our problems are the same. The GTA leader seemed to dislike her answers based on the grimacing faces he made as he turned away following her responses to his questions. For that reason alone, she will be a valued addition.

Anonymous said...

I met Ms Kim Dyce Faucette today. I strongly suggest Greece not even consider her for the job. She has no vision for Greece! It could get worse.

SCATS said...

To 8:14PM ~~ Our current Supt. had no vision for Greece either. What's worse about her?

Anonymous said...

Nobody that could lead us wants to come here. That is why we are stuck with such slim pickings. I agree go back to the drawing board, we should not settle.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mrs. D-F coming from the RCSD, under Brizzard, which is failing and fighting not to be taken over by mayoral control? AND, didn't she lead Franklin, one of the worst RCSD schools? And, now she's a finalist in Greece? My daughter has a couple years left at Arcadia and then my family, with our young ones still with years left in school, will be running for the next town. Which is too bad as I moved away and then back, for my love of this area and close proximity to my family, but I can't watch this happen anymore. We should have voted a few of these idiots out last election and TOO FEW intelligent voters go to the polls.

Anonymous said...

Scats: Dumbest idea yet.

1. She has no prior superintendent experience.
2. Lets go back to Phelan and hire Meg back. Bypass the process.
3. What makes you think she should leave a guaranteed job, take a temporary job with no guarantee of being hired.
4. Plus 1 year is not long enough to see and changes. Your first year you are learning the district.
5. I'm not against change, but remember change usually come with $$$$.
6. Finally think who in their right mind would want to move to Greece with such a toxic environment.

SCATS said...

I have to laugh at the negative comments about Ms. Dyce-Faucette! They are very telling.

Regarding her salary increase: I haven't heard people get upset when the BOE recently raised Lou Alaimo's salary to more than twice what it was, a sum that exceeded $50,000 as I recall.

Regarding complaints that she has no experience as a Supt.: Our current Supt. came here with experience. How has that moved us forward? I do not believe it has. She has much experience as Chief of Staff with putting out fires all over RCSD. Isn't that a lot of what a Supt. does? I think so, especially in Greece where we intervene every time the Supt. actually makes a decision without everyone else's input.

Regarding her "lack of vision": This is especially laughable! Greece Central lacks vision for itself. How many who work here can even recall the district's awkwardly worded mission statement? Few if any, I bet.

Regarding 6:37AM's statement "who in their right mind would want to move to Greece with such a toxic environment" ... maybe we should just accept the fact we are a no good, toxic district with nothing but trouble in our future. Let's just roll over and play dead, then we won't have to deal with making decisions, right?

My intution tells me that the teachers do not like Ms. D-F. She would tell them to get into shape or get out. Same is true for the BOE.

If Mr. Feil (Is it pronounced "fail"? That would be most fitting!) is half the milquetoast he appears to be, our BOE will hire him so we can have Steve here in spirit, if not in body, mind & soul. GCSD does NOT seek any sort of true change!

Anonymous said... you think we should hire one of these two taht aren't qualified? You aren't going to get the results or change you say you are looking for if they hire either one. I don't get why you are advocating for us to settle for two choices that aren't what we need. The same problems will keep existing.

SCATS said...

To 10:36AM ~~ I think that unless you want Achramovitch here for ANOTHER 3 YRS. then we MUST hire someone else before June 30th. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Scats, I agree with your idea of an interim while we continue to search for a qualified candidate.Having an interim would be better than continuing the current situation for another three years. But do we need to pull an interim from one of these two? Wouldn't a search for an interim, even a "quick toss of the net" find candidates who might be wiling to take an interim assignment in Greece?
Of course, the BOE would need to set some goals and targets for the interim...That might be the hard part!

Anonymous said...

I'll take Steve A. over a non-qualified Super any day. If your biggest problem with him is that he doesn't bend to the will of some on the school board then he must be doing something right.

We should not even consider someone from the city school district.

please list all of her and the other guy's qualifications for me because i have not found anything in the information I've read that proves either is qualified.

I say we keep Steve A. on, with a month-to-month lease until Greece really knows it has the best person possible to be Super.

SCATS said...

To 1:55PM ~~ Steve A. is "qualified?" REALLY!? What has he done to improve GCSD? First he took us even further into the gutter so that the only direction to go was back up!

My biggest problem with him is that HE DOES bend to the will of the BOE ALL OF THE TIME!!! Where the heck have YOU been that you aren't aware of it???

Anonymous said...

The Board of Education employs the Superintendent. That is who the Superintendent reports to. You can call it "bending", but I call it "doing what the boss says".

What "thanks" does the Superintendent get? A discontinued contract.

It's enough to give you chest pains and sleepless nights.


SCATS said...

To 6:43PM ~~ You'll also get lifetime health care to treat those ills ... unless you decide to work elsewhere ;)

Anonymous said...


You criticized Walts for controlling the BOE, but now you are criticizing Achramovitch for being controlled by the BOE!(?)

Furthermore, do you feel that this site helps or hinders the district from attracting the most qualified candidates?

YOU can do your internet searches, and so can potential cadidates.

Greece just keeps shooting itself in the foot.

SCATS said...

To 7:35PM ~~ Actually, you're wrong. SCATS was not around during Steve Walts' reign of terror (as some teaching staff refer to it).

If we were a "healthy" and functional district, there would be some balance amongst the powers that be, instead of all of the pandering to special interest groups by those who run the shop.

This website allows people to get a more complete view of who we are and what challenges we face. Putting on the pretty, stoic face won't go very far in attracting a candidate who feels duped after moving in & "discovering the promise."

Anonymous said...

Well, then by your own claims, any superintendent will be beholden to the board so neither of these two new people under consideration will be able to do any good.

So why are you supporting them SCATS and why are you supporting ANY school board candidates since they will just force the Superintendant to do what they want.

Once again, you aren't making much sense.

Anonymous said...

No super is going to be able to ever move forward or make any progress regardless of who they are. UNTIL the board allows them to. When our current Super tried he was shutdown by our power hungry board. The board needs to realize their role and allow the person that we pay the big salary to do theirs.

SCATS said...

To 9:09PM ~~ Re: " any superintendent will be beholden to the board ..." Where do I make these claims?

Re: " So why are you supporting them ..." Supporting who?

Re: BOE candidates ~~ Since we must have 9 BOE members under our current set-up, I'm supporting the people that I see as the lesser evils. Got a problem with it?

Graehaven said...

Hiring a person based on a background in education, and expecting a better outcome in insanity.

What they need is a fiscal and personnel manager with business experience - running a company....someone who has NOT been tainted with education background (translation- mentally ruined) and someone (hopefully) who can deal with unions. Preferably someone who agrees that unions are the problem, not the solution.

THAT is the RIGHT candidate.

If it's only a figurehead position, then, this entire discussion is moot. If the person in this position cannot make any real changes, then it's a lost cause.

If it's the board with the real power, then what we need are conservative, fiscally responsible candidates (parents and business people - taxpayers) to run for these spots. The LAST thing the board needs is people who are overly sympathetic to the union and education in general. Part of the problem is that the district isn't be run like a business, or even a household.

SCATS said...

To Graehaven ~~ As far as I can recall, every supt. candidate that Greece has interviewed going back to Steve Walts' time was a teacher at some point. That's the reality of the candidates we must conrend with. Ms. Dyce-Faucette decided to move into administration early in her career, a move that few Greece teachers ever make. It's one more thing I like about her.

Anonymous said...

how's that saying go...

those who can't do, teach.

those who can't teach, become administrators. ;)