Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Group Of Rahn Jurors To Talk Tonight

UPDATE ~~ I just heard this will be on the 11PM news tonight. 
WHEC-TV reports that several jurors will respond to their questions on the news at 7 & 11 PM tonight.
Berkeley Brean's Twitter from yesterday ~~ "Still looking to hear from a Merritt Rahn juror. If you are one, you'll have to answer a 1-question quiz first." 6:54 AM May 3rd

SCATS ~~ I wonder why ... ?


Anonymous said...

Probably because "someone" has been impersonating a juror as of late? I believe that is illegal, but that's why modem addresses are recorded and tracked. I pity the fool!

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree, it is a safeguard since the fakers are out and about.

Anonymous said...

Faking being a juror sounds pretty serious. What sort of charges can be filed?

Anonymous said...

Doubtful any in an anonymous setting but that is why any REAL interviews/statements will be vetted first.

Anonymous said...

If someone faked being the actual juror, I think they could be charged if the real person came forward and complained. It would be damaging to the real juror's reputation.

Anonymous said...

Since Chuck is saying he is juror number 9 and interviews that he was the one that coughed, is he really the writer on the blog that is so critical of the town of Greece and Auberger? Why didn't the reporter ask him? It does seem newsworthy that a juror took it upon himself to start reporting his own reactions voluntarily. Conversely it seem noteworthy if he is being impersonated. Just wondering.

SCATS said...

To 6:30AM ~~ It's doubtful that ANY of the people you reference are aware of the other "BLOG." It appears Berkeley Brean who may have known (given his quiz idea) started with the juror interviews but then it got handed over to Nikki Rudd.

Anonymous said...

I started stating my opinion on Rebecca's blog due it was the first one I saw when I got home a week ago.
As for many of the jurors, many of us felt the same way but I think it mattered more to Paula and I since we live in Greece. Many of the Jurors wanted to be interviewed but together and that was very difficult considering we have not worked, done our family routines and canceled many appointments over the past 5 weeks to be a juror on this trial. So we broke off and did our own things. I was the only one that said to the jurors, that as soon as I can start talking, I would.

I spoke with Meaghan, interviewed with Nikki, wrote comments on Rebecca's blog and now I am sharing my opinion on this blog.

By the way, I only coughed. Two Jurors mentioned that they heard something from the gallery right behind the juror box and JP was standing next to our Foreman corner when it happened.

Chuck aka: Juror 9