Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greece's Tax Levy Hike Almost Three Times the County Average

The average Greece homeowner  ($126,500 assessed home value) would pay $190 more in school taxes next year if the budget is voted in by the community. That's an extra $1.50 for every $1000 of a home's value.

While other districts were able to keep their tax levies lower with reserve funds, Greece couldn't. "We don't have some of the flexible reserves." ~~ Supt. Achramovitch (Ed. note: another lie, see below!)

STORY compares local levy increases around Monroe County

SCATS ~~ The truth is that the Greece BOE refused to reduce the levy by applying $1 million from the reserve funds as repeatedly suggested by BOE member Frank Oberg.


Anonymous said...

I was concerned the Greece school district's budget news letter was misleading regarding how they presented the contingent budget information. They have now put a "clarification/correction" of that contingent information on their web site under budget info; budget info clarification/ correction. I have included a link to that correction below.

Tom Kackmeister

Jeffrey Cagwin said...

The BOE members that voted for this budget all must go. Please do not re-elect any of them. This is unacceptable and we need to put a stop to it.

Here is my prediction, Budget will fail, the Lame BOE will then adopt the contingency budget for the same amount.

Remember to vote NO!! on the budget and pull 5,6,7

SCATS said...

To Tom Kackmeister ~~ Thank you for bringing that to their attention. Maybe they should hire us to write the Connection for them ... ? ;)

To Jeffrey Cagwin ~~ I agree it is unacceptable. However, last I heard, you had NO ISSUE with the extra $1 million included for busing kids all over Greece, so I'm really not sure which side of your mouth you are talking from today.

Anonymous said...

"flexible reserves" what a joke.
So we could have spent from those like we did for 20 years but it had to be stopped in 2000. Since Greece officials were told to stop stealing money by funneling it through bogus reserve funds, they have been reluctant to ask the voters to approve legal reserves from which we could spend. If they did it the right way, that would be admitting they had done it wrong for all those years. Other districts immediately fixed their procedures and those districts can use the funds from the "flexible reserves" of which Steve 2 spoke.

Jeffrey Cagwin said...

OK I am all for saving the 1 million dollars. But first we need to decide what we are going to do with the schools. We can keep saying we can save by making this change. So let's make the change.

I also think that there is a lot of other places we can save more than .5% of the budget.

Let's trim the administration!,

Let's install automatic lighting controls that turn off the lights when not is use.

Let's cancel Walts's health insurance.

Sell the piano and TV equipment

Do more with less. This is what the public has to do.

As long as we do not take the money out of the classroom and the students have what they need.

Lets do it. Pull the trigger. Stop talking about it.

SCATS said...

To Jeffrey ~~ I appreciate the fact you have rewound on that idea finally. Thank you!

Re: "I also think that there is a lot of other places we can save more than .5% of the budget." It's funny, but BOE member's use to tell me it wasn't worth doing unless the reduction was at least $500,000. Now it takes more than a full $1 million to get anyone's attention!? That's ridiculous. If it needs to go, eliminate it & get on with other reductions.

Re: "Let's trim the administration!" Agreed! Let's start by offering LESS than Steve is making to the next Supt!

Re: "Let's install automatic lighting controls that turn off the lights when not is use." They already hired an energy consultant to tell us we need to turn off the lights! We can waste $ millions, or we can flip the switch on the way out of the room.

Re: "Let's cancel Walts's health insurance." I suggested this to a BOE member but was told it was too costly in legal fees to be worthwhile! However, we are supposed to give the BOE Kudos for spending an untold amount in legal fees to recover $184,000 that GCSD was over-charged from the CIP in 2001! Walt's healthcare is a RECURRING CHARGE!

Re: Sell the piano and TV equipment." I agree, but at this point, I have become skeptical that the $100,000 piano ever existed. No one I have heard about has ever seen it! When a reporter asked for a look-see several months, he was told "NO!"

Jeffrey Cagwin said...

Ok So here is what is in the latest letter from the Super!!

Items that meet the non-contingent criteria, as listed above, are required to be budgeted and
accounted for using function and object codes prescribed by the State's Uniform System of
Accounts, The district identified a total of $1,119,168 in expenditures that were required to be
reduced should a contingent budget be adopted the same day as the budget vote, Should the
budget be defeated, the Board of Education will have an opportunity to make any additional
adjustments in addition to the required exclusions before the formal adoption of a contingent

This looks like to me that they are already expecting the budget to fail and adopt the contingent budget.

Let's not take another look at the budget and make the cuts we need to.

Screw the people. This is what we want.

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong that the budget will go down. I'm not hearing much rhetoric about it other than on this blog. If the public were upset they would be all over the news and the Op Ed page. I think the feel it's Gov. Dave & the Albany spender's fault & they can't do anything about it - so they'll stay home & watch TV.

SCATS said...

To 12:39PM ~~ You may be correct, but then again, it was only on the 11PM news last night that Greece's tax rate hike is three times the county average. Of course, today that headline is almost impossible to locate ... probably by design ;)

SCATS said...

To Jeffrey ~~ Actually, I think that IF the budget fails (big "if" I'm afraid) they have already decided that they will NOT reduce it by anything more than what's already been discussed. This group on the BOE just can't stand taking any heat from parents, plus it sort of sends the message that they are threatening us with a budget that's only around $1 million less under contingency, right?

Jeffrey Cagwin said...

Ok I found it but it was not easy.