Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A "Factual Error" Is A Lie!

At Tuesday night's BOE meeting, Supt. Achramovitch corrected some "mistakes" GCSD published in their budget edition of The Connection & distributed to households in GCSD. These "factual errors" as he calls them, are explained in detail and buried on the GCSD website. You can read about the district's double-speak here.

The correction related to the "average home assessment in Greece" was previously exposed on SCATS in last week's BLOG titled: "Who Are They Kidding?" It turns out that the "average home" in Greece is assessed at/valued at $126,500, and not the $100,000 that GCSD claimed. I'd say that a 26.5% mistake is one whopper of a "factual error" wouldn't you?

In other BOE meeting "news" ...

  • Retired teacher David Townsend complained that GCSD refused to attempt to collect some $9400 the district overpaid Steve Walts when he left the district, but that the district aggressively pursued him seeking repayment of $177 paid to him when he was ill as a teaching assistant. He provided his check to the BOE after lambasting the BOE.
  • GTA President Don Palozzi admitted he "read the sites" and found the "contentious" comments regarding GCSD's two supt. candidates and their past behaviors. Welcome to SCATS, Don Palozzi!! The more you read, the more you'll learn ;)
  • The transportation committee is essentially "at a standstill" until other decisions are made ... related to school structure, transportation to/from daycare, etc. Stonewall, stonewall, delay, delay ...
  • The BOE voted 9-0 on a lease agreement with Kodak. GCSD will lease the 6th fl. of Building #12 from mid-June to mid-Sept for $50,000 to house District Office while Apollo School renovations are completed.
  • Jeffrey Hoffman was terminated as a GCSD teacher following his plea deal announced Monday.
  • GCSD recovered $184,000 from over-charges related to the 2001 CIP, another Walts related blunder.


Anonymous said...

Scats; you deserve alot of credit for being on top of this.

Again the community owes you.

We are lucky to have you. At least 'someone' is looking out for the rsidents.

SCATS said...

To 9:22PM ~~ Thank you! I try but I can't do it all. I'm glad that someone else brought up the question about contingent expenses.

Still, I'm not sure the "corrections" are correct either. That reference to "$1" on tax rates looks off to me.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutley amazed that Jeffrey Hoffman has just been terminated.
He was arrested in November of 2008!!!!
What took so long?

SCATS said...

To 10:33PM ~~ It takes almost as long to correct that mistake as it takes to correct the "average homeowner's assessment" ... years.

Anonymous said...

Could be WORSE; Like Hilton Central where the District is so far down the drain nobody will even bother to run as an opponent for Skrewem Board.

Hilton has completely demoralized the citizens who know the Board is to be worshiped, and the bloated budget like the bloated Asst Stoop must be accepted.

Hang in there GCSD residents, you'll eventually give up completely like your neighbors in Hilton.

Anonymous said...

Don't look now Scats but I think the district's correction of the tax rate is wrong. Does this make any sense - "For every $100,000 in assessed value, a residential homeowner would pay $1 more in taxes next year if the budget is approved."

Just $1? I don't think so. Isn't it funny that the district's two highest paid administrators have so much trouble with the numbers? Purely coincidental, I'm sure. Want to buy some swamp in Florida?

Anonymous said...

Try like $190.00 more - just forwarded the info to SCATS for posting...this has gone TOO FAR

Anonymous said...

More raises for administration will fix all of this.
As an earlier posting suggested maybe we need a committee to produce the connection then no one need to be held accountable.

SCATS said...

To 12:41AM ~~ You're observation is correct. In fact, I think we gave the guy who is in charge of the budget a $50,000+ raise when he was promoted into the job. But it's OK, he's just doing what they've always done ;) They had no idea anyone would read it and complain !