Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Exit Polls ...

Of the polls returned ...

Q#1 ~ How did you vote on the proposed 2010-2011 budget? 
59.1%  NO ...  40.9% YES

Q#2 ~ Why did you vote as you did?
50.1% (552)  "taxes too high", 24% (265) not enough cuts were made, 15.8% (174) thought the tax rate reasonable. Only 5.5% (61) thought "too much was cut".

Q#3 ~ What could leaders do to earn your support on future budgets? 
NO voters said 82.4% (393) keep the tax rate increase to 3% or less, 13.6% (65) said "reinstate eliminated staff".

Among written comments to Q#3, NO voters wanted:

Decrease administrators pay 32.3% (95)

Reduce taxes 31.3% (92)

Decrease teacher pay/benefits 21.8% (64)

Eliminate School of Choice and/or busing to them 17.7% (52)

Reign in Unions 16.3% (48)

Cut spending 10.5% (31)

Q#4 ~ Was an appropriate balance achieved between quality and affordability?
40.1% (392) YES, 59.9% (586)  NO

Q#4 written comments from those voting NO:

Lower taxes 34.1% (89)

More cuts needed 26.1% (68)

No more busing to schools of choice 19.5% (51)

Do not make cuts that impact students 17.2% (45)

Salaries too high 12.6% (33)

Q#5 ~ Part 1 ~ Were you aware that the budget proposal you voted on today decreases spending?

77.7% (832) YES, 22.3% (239) NO

Part 2 ~ If NO would that information have impacted your decision?

27.1% (69) YES, 72.9% (186) NO

Q#6 ~ How would you rate the value of money spent on education at Greece Central?

Good 30.2% (329); Poor 22.2% (242); Fair 22.1% (241); Satisfactory 20.5% (224); Excellent 5.0% (55)

Q#7 ~ When developing a budget , what is most important and what is least important? Check only one for "most" and one for "least".

Reasonable class size: Least 25.5% (134) Most 74.5% (391)

Keeping taxes low: Least 18.2% (127) Most 81.8% (570)

Maintaining schools of choice: Least 77.9% (490) Most 22.1% (139)

Quality teachers/support staff: Least 4.6% (31) Most 95.4% (646)

Student transportation: Least 65.1% (299) Most 34.9% (160)

Access to Technology: Least 24.7% (103) Most 75.3% (314)

Maintaining programs: Least 39.4% (181) Most 60.6% (278)

Variety in course offerings: Least 55.7% (274) Most 44.3% (218)

Q#8 ~ Regardless of how you voted, did you find the budget newsletter and district web site provided you with enough information on which to base your decision?

Yes 73.0% (723); No 27.0% (268)

Q#8~ NO voters written comments:
More candidate info needed 44.6% (25)

More detail/cost analysis 39.3% (22)

Not aware/ didn't receive 14.3% (8)

Explain funding better 5.4% (3)

SCATS ~~ I agree almost 100% with the sentiment of the community expressed in this poll! Will the BOE keep these results in mind, or shoot themselves in the foot by creating another "NO vote" situation? Stay tuned!


SCATS said...

From an email:


Feel free to post this. It was easier to send it this way!

I did a little research on student enrollment, teacher and staff
levels since 2004. I could not find data for 2009-2010, so the
current school year is not included.

Between school years 2004-2005 and 2008-2009:
Student enrollment has decreased by 7.35%
# of teachers has increased by 2.52%
# of staff positions has increased by 22.09%

As if that was not bad enough. It is actually much worse than that.
Between 2004-2005 and 2006-2006 there actually were REDUCTIONS in both
teachers and staff (10.27% and 21.86%, respectively)

That means that between 2006-2007 and 2008-2009 school years the
numbers are as follows:
student enrollment - decreased by 5.37%
# of teachers - increased by 14.25%
# of staff - increased by 56.25%

Figures come from the NYS Report Cards.
Staff figures include: "Other Professional Staff, Paraprofessionals,
Assistant Principals, and Principals."

What in the world is this district doing?

george hubbard said...


Let's convert to tax levy numbers for analysis.

1. Convert +3.5% increase to new tax rate: $21.70 (old, 2009-10) x 1.035 = $22.46 (new, 2010-11).

2. Calc new tax levy: $22.46 x $4,215,000 Full Val = $94.7M Tax Levy.

3. Conclude tax levy increase: $94.7M/$90.9M = 4.18%.

4. Readers, please check numbers and math... above and below... and post corrections.

5. Tax levy history:

$67.9M...base 2000-01










$97.8M..+7.6% Prop 2010-11 vote #1.
$94.7M..+4.18% Prop 2010-11 vote #2.
6. On the revenue side of budget, yr/yr changes in tax levy are influenced by changes in state aid... and use of reserves and fund balance.

7. Historical data above shows recent yr/yr increases of +3.3%, +1.6%, -2.7%, 0.0% were not sustainable.

Q#1: In finalizing tax levy for 2010-11, will BOE ask Sup’t/staff for look-ahead estimate at 2011-12 and 2012-13?

A#1: They should!

Anonymous said...

So let me try to understand the exit poll data correctly. It says 82% of the people want a tax increase that's BELOW 3% but the board is looking at cutting back to just 3.5%? How is this going to satisfy people? When West Ridge parents said don't cut kindergarten, the board listened. When sport booster parents said they wanted the hockey coach back, the board listened. But for a budget decision, the board is only going to go part way? I guess they really want a second defeated budget! If they don't listen to the greater community, it's what they deserve.

SCATS said...

So far, everyone is making points that I can't argue against today!

Anonymous said...

Don't look now McCabe, but here's hundreds of pieces of community input (compared to 3 or 4 people that you get to hear from at meetings), now do what you were elected to do... represent it! I know, I know, it's not the community input your looking to act on. It's more important to act on the one or two parents that tear up at a meeting, saying how great it is to have such a fantastic art class available to little Suzy or Jimmy at a school of choice, clear across town, and that it's needed.

Anonymous said...

YNN News just announced the school district declared a "Contingent Budget" with a 3.5% tax increase. They need to cut bussing, close a few schools and lay off a few people. 3.5% tax increase is STILL TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

G. H. Thanks for all the numbers.

That will show them!!!