Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Election & Budget Results ...

4546 ~ No
2824 ~ Yes

4269 ~ No
3024 ~ Yes

O'Toole, Race & O'Connor
Win BOE Seats!!

13WHAM News


Anonymous said...

Good job SCATS! MEOW!

Anonymous said...

Bus vote? Who's on first? Board run by Boily Bunch?

SCATS said...

To 10:08PM ~~ Haven't heard anything except that the budget went down by around 2000 votes.

Anonymous said...

From the D and C Whoa that's bad for them. We do not trust them!

The budget vote was 2,824 in favor and 4,546 against. Proposition 1, authorizing the district to purchase 27 buses, was rejected by a vote of 3,024 in favor and 4,269 against.

Anonymous said...

Greece and Lyons Central - that speaks volumes. (Think about it!)

See foot = shoot foot.....I wonder why we can not attract qualified candidates for Superintendent?

Anonymous said...

YAY! Homeschool your children! Learn to walk and ride bikes! Get back in touch with your reality, and your wallet!

Good job SCATS! Followed your instruction!

NO NO 567 :) Let's hope the last 3 are the lotto winners!

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to start blowing up the comment sections of local news websites. It's a great time to spread the word about the craziness of school of choice, teacher salaries, ect. where other communities can see what kind of crap our district spends money on. I work with dozens of people from other communities, and they can't even comprehend how or why our district ships kids anywhere they want to go for NO reason, yet cries broke. They honestly think I'm joking when I talk about it with them. Perhaps we can get real reporters (sorry Meg) to ask BOE members why we continue to spend money on this nonsense. I envision Berkley Brean asking McCabe, "But didn't the Greece taxpayers just pay a consulting group that basically said it's a waste of money?". Duh!

SCATS said...

To 10:22PM ~~ 5 & 7 won, along with O'Connor, a Boily backed candidate ... UGH.

Anonymous said...

.....and the people of Greece just lost another 5% or more on the values of their homes.

Good job Scats and company. Surely, something to cheer about.

That is all. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Time to move.
I'm tired of living in a community that does not support education, blames, points fingers, etc, etc.

Look around people! EVERY other Monroe County school district APPROVED their budget.

You can't even support BUSES?

Once again the people of Greece fail to invest in their community and can't figure out why it can't return to the "glory days" past.

Listen Do you hear it?....Greece is the laughing stock of the county AGAIN! BE PROUD.

Anonymous said...

HA! Lost on the value of their homes! What ARE you smoking?

You forget, the town of Greece just told everybody their houses were worth SO MUCH MORE that they raised the assessments from 3-25K across the board.

Arrogant teachers with greedy manifesto's does not equate to property values. Get a real job, and work year round, loser.

Anonymous said...

Greece taxpayers are fed up. If Greece is the laughing stock, it's probably because of your fearless leadership and crooked cops, not a no vote on the highest school tax increase in the ENTIRE FREAKING COUNTRY!

Their are LAUGHING at YOU for thinking that turkey could fly!

Anonymous said...

To 10:28: Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

No one wants to buy your house. Your cops are crooked, your leaders on the take, and your school board run by criminals who can't even build a building that stands up in the breeze. Top that off with the fact that little Johnny can't read because having expensive tile is more important that having literacy skills.

Yeah, sell it fast!

Anonymous said...

10:28: "Look around people! EVERY other Monroe County school district APPROVED their budget"

Just curious 10:28, do know how many of those districts ask taxpayers to pay for the private education/transportation of it's "lottery" winners? I'll be looking for your answer, or are you just another hit and run writer? LOL!

Anonymous said...

"loud screaching sound.............."

Probably doesn't own a house in this community, and probably doesn't work, but has a little tike with no father who "likes it here".

Soap is cheap. Taxes are not. Run with the big dogs, or in this case, those who PAY taxes, or stay on the porch!

SCATS said...

To 10:39PM ~~ Translation please.

Anonymous said...

So with a contingency budget taxes will be going up what? 7% or 6.5% instead?

Anybody know?

Anonymous said...

Name calling is not going to fix things, and the fix is not that difficult and it's not too late.

Look at the school districts in Monroe County that have the success you would like to see in Greece. Pick one and figure out what they are doing - (buses, teacher salaries, length of day, neighborhood schools or schools of choice, courses offered, size of reserve funds...) and copy them.

SCATS said...

To 10:54PM ~~ I believe the BOE already knows they have to pull out a little over $1 million in repairs, equipment, etc. to have a "contigency" budget ready to go. I don't think that will lower the tax rate by much, maybe 1%, if we're lucky. If Frank Oberg gets his way, they will throw another $1 million at the tax rate from the unappropriated fund balance to reduce it by another 1%. Wait until next year. They are already talking about double digit tax levy hikes ... 11-15%.

Anonymous said...

I say storm the board meeting and demand that the board make meaningful cuts that will take some of this suffocating tax burden off of us. Bother the Sh-t out of our state legislators until they stand up and get rid of the taylor law and tri borough amendment. Hire entry level teachers that are interested in working for a living and get rid of the dead wood.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to be a Greecy Central teacher, where else can I work only 3 years and get a lifetime pension for repeating the same crap over and over for 20 years?

The kids learn to go to the welfare signup office, and it doesn't matter I didn't teach a damn thing. Its a wonderful system. I get raises every year, and health care and benefits out the wazoo. I live in Fairport where the schools are good.

I don't care, I don't have to care, nobody will ever see me care.

Anonymous said...

GCSD Special Announcement

GCSD will be enhancing our carbon neutral footprint and saving the planet for generations of politicians to come by minimizing bussing.
This plan will cut consumption of diesel fuel and eliminate our beleived need for new busses. That alone will cut taxes. As an additional benefit we will be able to cut PhysEd because the fat little love trophys will walk some of that blubber off walking to and from school.

As an additional tax cutting measure we will be keeping buildings at 50° in winter to save heating costs. The little darlings all wear or carry their jackets all day in school anyhow so they can stay warm that way. Electric socks and warm garments will be issued to District Employees. Employees MUST recharge their socks at their dwelling, not at school.
Air Conditioning will be eliminated in all buildings except for Administration Offices the Board Room and the Steinway's room. Open a damn window if you're hot! There was no air conditioning when I started failing as a teacher and we don't need it now!

Roger Dodger Boilingmad
Community Leader