Thursday, May 06, 2010

Chuck Male, Juror 9, Shares Insights & Questions

Juror 9, Chuck Male, has posted numerous comments on several threads over the last two days. I want to highlight a few of his remarks and encourage you to read his complete comments left on threads titled:
Real Juror #9 Is Chuck ...
"Does everyone know that Auberger gave Merritt a "verbal repirmand" over the phone on his missing gun."
Group Of Rahn Jurors To Talk Tonight
"I spoke with Meaghan, interviewed with Nikki, wrote comments on Rebecca's blog and now I am sharing my opinion on this blog."
Baxter, Auberger Hope GPD's Troubles Are Over
"I have a question about the Lozynski Report and some of the testimony's that we heard during the trial. We heard many witnesses being question about their interviews with Lozynski during trial. My question is; are these interviews part of this report?"
"In my opinion, the gun wasn't a big deal in 2000 and the evidense has not changed from that date to present when it was presented to the jurory. So why is it now. There were three reason why we had reasonable doubt and found Rahn not guilty. This is where Auberger looks like a bumbling idiot who was in the highest position of authority for the town of Greece."

Please feel free to ask him questions on THIS thread. With Mr. Male's input, maybe we can start to get some answers for the residents of Greece.


Anonymous said...

Chuck - I've got lots of questions. Here are a few:

In your opinion, who should be facing charges in addition to Rahn?

What was the biggest surprise of the trial for you personally?

Should Rahn get jailtime?

Based on testimony you heard from current GPD officers, has our pd been thoroughly cleaned of the corruption?

Did Steve Wise and Brian Ball testify?

Anonymous said...

I will try to answer your questions the best I can but please remember that this is my opinion, even though some of my opinions were formed from comments and facts that are on record now.

For the Pignato part of the trial, no doubt on Trowbridge and Rahn and enough was said to implicate our Town Supervisor during trial but they were not on trial. Paula and I were the only two jurors from Greece and I believe this has upset us more than the others because of that. With that said, each juror did make comments during and after deliberation on how awful it was with many are just as guilty but we just voted on Rahn being guilty on 7 counts.

For the Nick Joesph part of the trial, Rahn and Mackin all the way. Sgt. Schamerhorn should of been dismissed vs. demoted.

Biggest Surprise:
Other than being picked for the trial, I would have to say the stare down with JP. I also would have to include how many times Auberger said, "I can't remember and I don't recall" was a big surprise to me considering his position. I never met this man before but read about him enough and to see him squirm and respond like that was a shocker. I kept on thinking if he really thought everyone in that courtroom was that dumb to fall for that bull.

Another shocker was when JP got so upset with Auberger's replies that he point blank asked him if he had health issues dealing with his brain, even asked if he had Alzheimer or Dementia! All the jurors had a big laugh when we got back to our room, I wanted to say, go JP but I did not want to get into another stairing show down.

Jail Time is a tough question and tell you the truth, I really like to hear how others feel.
I did say to Nikki R. that I would not be upset if Judge Affrontti gave probabtion vs. Jail Time but I doubt that it will happen that way though.

Why I feel this way is mainly on how many walked away with lesser charges, if any. In Mackin's case, with full immunity, retired and full HMO benefits paid for the rest of his life doesn't seem all that fair but if were W. Mackin I being feeling pretty sweet right now.
As for our Supervisor, he showed a great deal of imcompetance with being our supervisor on the stolen gun issue; Imcompetance and even sounded like the person who actually was behind the hiring of Pignato but kept his hands clean enough to have people below him do the dirty work;
I guess after hearing how he hired Piganato and did not look into any aspect of his completed profile, I am a little worried on who some of these guys are running around with guns in our town that Auberger hired.

I heard from two of the new police captains during the trial and was really impressed with them. I have also heard a great deal of positive things about our new police chief. So I truly believe if there is still corruption, I believe the new regime will not tolerate it at all and will take care of the issues right away with out any cover up. I even doubt if they would back their highest boss if he should over step his authority.

Steve Wise, I actually never heard of him. Brian Ball, I believe he was named in the beginning as a potential witness but never took the stand.

Chuck aka: Juror 9

SCATS said...

Chuck ~~ Just so you are aware, Capt. Chatterton is one of Supervisor Auberger's biggest fans! He's a regular campaign contributor, as can be seen by looking up public accountings of such contributions. Does that change how you view him at all?

Anonymous said...

Chuck: Ball and Wise are both named in the lawsuit filed against the town by baby A's lawyer. They will get their justice still.

Anonymous said...

Scats, I did not know that but the only time I ever seen or heard from Captain Chatterton was in court and I as many of the Jurors mentioned were impressed with his testimony.
Now knowing that would I change my opinion? No.
Every person has a right to support who ever they want but in my opinion, Auberger was avoiding a great deal during the Pignato part of the hearing and really sounded incredibley stupid with the stolen gun aspect of the trial. I still can't get over how he could just sit there and be asked if he knew who was running the Greece Police Department when Rahn was out on Medical in late 1999 thru mid 2000 and say, "I don't remember"; Is unbelievable!

If Captain Chatterton wants to support Auberger, that is his business as it is mine to support who ever runs against him. I am a Republican but you can count on me voting for another party if Auberger is still in the running.
Chatterton remembered things in great detail, (unlike Auberger) he spoke loudly like a lion, (unlike Auberger looking and sounding like a lamb). He sounded confident, (again, unlike Auberger). He presented himself like a Male Peacock in full colored dress, (Auberger's presented himself more like the Ostrich with his head in the sand). Maybe Chatterton would like a man like this in office so someday down the road he can run against him, who Knows!

I truly believe if this trial went on before the elections, Auberger would not have been elected. I doubt it would of been even close!

As for the question on Ball and Wise: Ball was mentioned in the beginning as a potential witness and Wise could have been also but don't recall his name.
Ball's name came up only twice by the two new Captains testimony when they were being questioned by JP.
It was mentioned that Ball attended the LT. staff meeting with Rahn and Mackin. This is where Ball said something to the group about Joseph's crash.
Well, we are all cops here and we all know that Joseph must of been drunk.
Rahn repied, (something like this). Well, If Joseph was drinking and drunk, then he did the right thing by leaving the scene of the accident; Or, it could of been concussion(? spelling) from hitting his head.

As for Alexis Sharpe naming him in her daughters lawsuit, I guess that is another trial all together.
It did seem like Alexis lied a few times on the stand though. In more than one testimony, Alexis was going to receive two tickets but did not. Apparently she was driving with a suspended license or restricted license and when asked that by JP, she said that neither was the truth about her license. Not that it has much bearing on her suit in behalf of her daughter.
I saw the pictures of the cars from this accident, it is a wonder how anyone could of not been killed. To hear that she lived, her boyfriend who was in the backseat lived, the baby was born and Joseph just walked away is actually a miracle all by itself.

Chuck aka: Juror 9

Anonymous said...

Sentencing for Rahn will be on July 6. Judge Francis Affrontti will base his decision on many things, including a full background check on Rahn.

I would not be offended in any way if Judge Affrontti gave Rahn only probabtion but assume there will be some jail time.

If he does do time, it should be over the hindering the investigation in the aspect of Joseph's part of the trial. That was pretty obvious with testimony's.

Rahn, over stepped the legal line that his authority allows with trying to side track everyone on Nick Joseph.
He did try to get back on track a few times but once he started, it was a like a train moving downhill on him it was too difficult for him to do the right thing without showing that he was making terribly wrong decisions before.

Was this the first time Rahn did something like this, I doubt it but this is the time he was caught and convicted.

I like to know how the people in Greece feel Rahn should be sentenced too? He can receive up to 11 years or as little as probabtion.

Chuck aka: Juror 9

SCATS said...

Chuck ~~ The reason I brought up the campaign contribution is that the list of contributors is FILLED with names of people who get their paycheck from the Town of Greece! That includes DPW, GPD and Town Hall workers. It is also filled with the names of many local politicians. In my mind, it appears the corrupt are supporting the corruption. Chatterton contributes to Auberger's fund, he testifies to "help" Auberger (instead of "helping" Rahn) and voila! The Lt. becomes a Captain under a new chief, both supervised a guy who can't recall eating breakfast! In my mind, it stinks.

Re: Alexis Sharpe: WHY didn't she get the tickets? Was that explained? I have only heard rumors about tickets, so far. Nothing concrete. I think that technically, since her car was stopped at the time of the accident, maybe she can't be cited for "driving without a license." Regardless of that, Joseph was 100 times more "wrong" and deserves exactly what he got.

Chuck, do you agree that if Nick Joseph hadn't had that accident that GPD would still be intact with Rahn at the helm? It amazes me at how much has happened due to one man's out-of-control behavior.

Personally, I believe Rahn has done many "bad acts" over time. Unfortunately, his colleagues have too, but they somehow wore their Teflon suits on the right days & got away with it. For that reason alone, probation is enough for Rahn. I'd like Auberger to spend the rest of his term in office worrying that Rahn MIGHT tell us all what he knows ;)

Anonymous said...

They did not give her the tickets because they could not prove that she was driving the car. By the time Alan White (GPD) showed up, there was already at least one Ambulance and some Firemen Crew there. When he arrived, she was being treated by an EMT and she was sitting in the passenger seat of the car. Her boyfriend was out of the car being treated as well.
They can prove that her boyfriend was in the back seat from blood back there. We heard that he was sleeping in the back seat and may have been intoxicated.

If you saw the picture of the car, there would be no way she could of gotten out of the driver's side of the car. Like I said, it was a miracle that no one died by looking at the conditions of the cars.

I do agree that it was the Nick Joseph crash that was the straw that broke the camels back of the GPD.

Sgt. Scamerhorn started the ball rolling by not doing his job, (for what ever reason, no one knows why). He was the lead officer for reconstruction of Automobile Accidents and was trained for this. He arrives and did not even take one picture. He goes through Alexis purse and finds prenatal vitamins and determines she is pregnant and just assumes that all injuries were minor. He sends Officer White to the hospital but doesn't really get any information valid enough to say if the injuries were serious or minor and doesn't even bother to follow up on it.
He claims that he was waiting for direction from Rahn or Mackin but never called either. I believe the first time Rahn heard about the accident was from Nick Joseph on Saturday afternoon, (according to Sgt. Elmroe's testimony). Deputy Cheif Mackin did not hear about it until Monday when he arrived at work.
Sgt. Scamerhorn was demoted to an officer on road patrol and is still working at GPD.

The impression that I got from seeing him on the witness stand was that he has been an outsider from the good old boys at GPD, as soon as he realized that the Joseph vechile was owned by Sgt. Nick Joseph's brother, (David) who is a Sgt. for RPD. That began his lack of doing what should of been done.
I believe that he wanted to do a good thing that has probably gone on before in GPD and be one of the "guys" by ignoring his duties on this night.
Did you know that Scamerhorn was involved many years ago with stopping a woman who claimed she was beaten and harassed. That lawsuit was settled out of court for a large sum of money.

During questioning of Scamerhorn, JP brought this up and stated the settlement was for over 300k but Scamerhorn quickly corrected JP by saying the settlement was only for 230K.
The funny thing about this was that the father of this woman called one of my immediate relatives recently, he was trying to contact me to tell the story about what happened to his daughter.
We all know that Auberger is responsible for hiring, terminating and repirmanding of the Greece Police Department. So why was Sgt. Scamerhorn only demoted to Officer Scamerhorn with this type of track record in his personel file?
I guess two lawsuits that are naming him is not grounds to terminate his employment.

Chuck aka: Juror 9

SCATS said...

Chuck ~~ Thank you for explaining about the tickets. Now I understand that! And I've seen pics of the wrecked vehicle. It's a miracle no one died. It's my understanding that neither Ms. Sharpe nor her BF have filed suit against the town yet, but that both intend to do so. Have you heard anything about that?

Wasn't the first officer on the scene BRANDON White? I thought that was what I read in the grand jury testimony but it was months ago.

Yes, I knew Schamerhorn had a past ... he broke that woman's wrists! It's an outrage that we continue to employ him.