Friday, May 14, 2010

Can You Afford A 7+% School Tax Hike?

Then you better plan to
Tuesday May 18th!!

At a recent BOE meeting, Roger Boily said
he's not convinced that Greece residents 
are unable to afford to pay that much extra this September.

And next year's increase may be double this year's amount! 

Send a clear message to Roger Boily & his bunch
on the Greece School Board by
voting NO on the budget & bus proposition
Pulling Levers 6 & 7


SCATS said...

By the way ... if you were wondering why we still have no State budget, then I'll bet you didn't know that our politicians spent a recent afternoon in Albany debating the merits of (drum roll please) ...


Anonymous said...

Our town was named for the country of Greece who had just won independence. The economic lessons of the country of Greece should not be lost on our town. The country of Greece has lavished pay increases and very generous benefits that the economy and the country cannot afford. As a result the whole European community is being asked to bail out the country of Greece. (Were they deemed too big to fail?) Even the US economy is suffering from the fear that Europe might fall back into recession.
The lesson is clear: get our economic house in order and keep government spending and borrowing below the levels that endanger the economy. The days of unchecked spending and luxurious benefits are over.

Anonymous said...

The reality of it is 7.5 this year possibly 12 percent next year about 7 or so the year after that and about 2 percent the next year. I saw it in black and white this is their projection not my conjecture. Compounded this will effectively increase your payout over 33 percent in 4 years. Roger might surmise that the residents can pay more but he is wrong. Side note Don Palozzi GTA union hack president should move from Fairport into Greece or shut his big contentious (his words) mouth.

SCATS said...

To 11:01AM ~~ If I'm not mistaken next year's number starts around 11-12% on the "low" end and could end up around 15% depending upon aid, cuts, etc. Just imagine how big it will become when the teachers get a new contract!

Anonymous said...

If voters on Tuesday approve tax increases in Greece 7%, Webster 6%, Hilton 5%, Canandaigua 7%, ect. imagine the message that will be sent to Albany.
Hold on to your hats.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That's a frightening thought 12:28!!!!!