Sunday, May 02, 2010

Baxter, Auberger Hope GPD's Troubles Are Over

Some skepticism remains following 2+ years of scandals & a purging of the ranks.

Resident Beverly Strehle told the D&C she wishes Chief Baxter luck, but doesn't think Auberger bore enough responsibility for his role in the scandals. And, she said, the purge of police officials should have been deeper. The Loszynski investigation was "a total job to protect John Auberger."

"I am very confident this department has moved past all the issues of the past year. I have broad faith and confidence in our new chief." ~~ John Auberger
"We are poised to move forward with building our morale and ensuring our officers have the honor and dignity they deserve." ~~ Chief Todd Baxter

Short Bios of the 16 Men GPD Promoted Last Week

SCATS ~~ Though not scientifically conducted, a simple poll on this website shows that 82% of respondents still believe that corruption/bad cops remain in GPD. That is in-line with Strehle's belief that the purging of GPD didn't go deep enough. And almost 40% polled here believe a certain Greece fire chief took Nick Joseph home after his accident. So much for Loszynski's ability to satisfy the community's perception that all is well in GPD ... despite spending $700,000+ attempting to do so!


Anonymous said...

SCATS wasn't the cost of the Lozynski $700,000 back in September? That is 8 months ago. So that figure can't be accurate. As usual for the D & C.

Anonymous said...

Whew! do you think they could include one dissenting person in this story.

Great work by the d and c again.

SCATS said...

To 10:24AM ~~ I believe I read the cost was $730,000+ sometime earlier this year, possibly just before Baxter arrived to save the day. I'd bet that if you added up everything, including court costs for 3 trials, the tally will come in around $1.5-2 million at least. Will we ever be told? I wouldn't hold my breath.

SCATS said...

To 12:35PM ~~ Now, now. I'm sure Meaghan tried to get "Juror 9" to go on the record, but he was much too busy with another "opportunity" ;)

Anonymous said...

From SCATS Archives:

Sunday, January 17, 2010
Loszynski To Stay, Help New Chief "Transition"
Loszynski's Investigation Exceeds $630,000 Cost So Far

Town Board Reviewing Candidates For Chief

Original group of 11 whittled down by Selection Committee

"The goal has been to have a candidate in place by the end of the month." ~~ Deputy Town Supervisor Jeff McCann.

SCATS said...

To 2:07PM ~~ Thank you! I looked into the archives and my BLOG on March 28th was titled:
Loszynski's Tab: $719,000 & Still Climbing!

According to Deputy Town Supervisor Jeff McCann: A full report on Loszynski's work for the town will be made public after the criminal case against former Chief Merritt Rahn is resolved.
Loszynski's team helped compile much of the evidence that could be used in Rahn's upcoming trial
Loszynski's team conducted wide-ranging background checks on all potential hires for the department.

So there was (is?) still a TEAM in place to bleed the coffers dry.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention somebody has to put back all the money Auberger was forced to spend by having real competition from Maloney back into his campaign coffers!

Write your check carefully "Joey-Boy"!!!

SCATS said...

To 2:28PM ~~ I wonder if Mike Green will contribute. It appears he has become an honorary resident recently. He showed up at the police promotions ceremony, Hunter Resch's tree planting ceremony. Did he help to "Clean Up Greece" yesterday, too?

It's not your eyesight failing you Greece taxpayers ... it's that so many of the Dems & the Reps really are the same flavor in this town ;) Look at how many have flipped parties without batting an eyelash.

Anonymous said...

I would not want Green to treat any situation differently because of political party. His job is to uphold the law, and I think he truly cares about every community especially at the tree planting which was a tragedy.

I think it's just apparent since Greece has been in the news so much lately - and not for good things - that you see the county's top prosecutor in town.

That's not an insult to Green - that's a reflection on Auberger and his cronies.

Maybe Green would consider moving here and running for Super?

Anonymous said...

"men GPD promoted"
hmmmm Were there no women to promote or are there no female officers in the GPD? And while we are at it, why are there no people of color on the Greece police force? And you don't have to live in Greece to be a police officer here so demographics cannot explain this strange occurrence.
So corrupt and so white. Discover the promise.

SCATS said...

To 4:02PM ~~ I believe there are a couple of women officers in GPD, assuming they survived the purging. NO WOMEN WERE PROMOTED. I think I saw one African-American fellow in a GPD uniform ... the "token"?

Anonymous said...

In Greece it is not uncommon to switch parties for partisan gain.

Most obviously Auberger first ran as a democrat. In the city Duffy seems only to be a democrat in name. David Dunning comes to mind too.

Diraddo and Vince Campbell were both democrats as I recall.
A long time ago Joe Darweesh was a democratic town board member. Think he is a republican now.
Isn't Gene Welsh a republican now he ran for supervisor many years ago.

In one way it's a bit like joining a church in the older days. To be part of the elite in a town or in a business one sometimes had to belong to the right church. TO get ashed these guys join the groups that provide them with the better social opportunity.

But on the other hand it seems to reflect a very narrow range of acceptable opinion in the political class, so that one can move with convenience. The real power seems to be in some other hands

SCATS said...

To 6:13PM ~~ How could you forget Joe Robach? ;)

Anonymous said...

Bill Casey was a Demoncratic Greece Town Board Member.


Doug Skeet

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Joe. Sacreblue!! Un coquard pour moi, et un coquard pour Greece

or alternatively
un oeil au beurre noir

SCATS said...

To 7:43PM ~~ Re: "un oeil au beurre noir" ... Il est tres chic, n'est ce pas?

Anonymous said...

Darweesh and Welch are democrats. Always have been

Anonymous said...

It's true, it's really true, GPD is back in the policing business.

Just this afternoon I saw a GPD car pull a traffic violator over on Frisbee Hill Rd, and then the cop got back in his car and drove directly to Bauman's Choke Puke & Gas for rest and rehabilitation.

Is that performence or what? I'm sure the cop will require extensive counseling after extending himself so far in law enforcment.

Anonymous said...

Strehle and SCATS should know by know that what can be proven has been proven. Do you "girls" really think Mike Greene would let an oportunity like this die if he thought he had a case? No way. Relax, its spring!

SCATS said...

To 9:10AM ~~ Your ignorance is amusing. Green will let opportunity die as much as he'll chase one that isn't there (Roderick Scott) all in the name of politics.

I'm a bit surprised you'd bring up a topic that you want to die. How's the weather in PWC this morning?

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration rejected publishing one ridiculous and incendiary comment vaguely related to racism.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the Lozynski Report and some of the testimony's that we heard during the trial. We heard many witnesses being question about their interviews with Lozynski during trial. My question is; are these interviews part of this report?

If so, then I also recall and know it is on record that many, if not all witnesses stated more than once that a certain answer was not their comment but the comment from the interviewer. They were shown the document and each said, I did not say that and told them during the interview that was not what was said by them but was the comments being said by the interviewer.
Retired Sgt. Elmore acutally went on to say that he felt that the interviews were nothing but bias. I might add that at least 3 or more answers on the interview were not his, as he stated.

If these interviews are part of the Report, then I guess we may have paid for comments that are basically, Poppycock!

By the way Scats, what other opportunity was I busy with? So far I have not looked at any of this as an opportunity. I lived in Greece all my life and want everyone else to form their own opinion on what we heard and what we saw during the Rahn Trial. Giving up 5 weeks was tough but worth it in seeing how deep the corruption runs with in our Town.

Chuck AKA: Juror 9

SCATS said...

To Chuck ~~ I don't know that anyone outside of Vince Tofany Blvd. (aside from Baxter) has seen the completed report. I recall that the interviews were part of the INVESTIGATION. The report is supposed to be the "findings" of the investigation, at least that's my understanding. Let's not forget that Loszynski himself told media that Mr. Auberger was also interviewed. Do you really think we'd ever get to see that interview in black & white? Methinks not!

It's VERY INTERESTING that you've brought this up, Chuck. I wish I could have sat in on the trial. I'm sure you know a lot more than the average Greece resident. Of course, many of them have their heads in the sand still.

As for the remark about other opportunities, please disregard it. It doesn't seem to apply.