Sunday, May 02, 2010

At 7.61%, Greece's Levy Increase Is More Than Twice The Average

NY state education figures show that for the 2010-11 school year, school-tax levies are expected to increase on average by 3.2% statewide.

Compare Greece to other districts throughout NY state

SCATS ~~ From checking with neighbors & friends, few people realize how big the levy increase is. Help get the word out! Tell people. Tell them to pass the word along!


Anonymous said...

Again - we've had zero percent increase over the past 2 years (how did that compare with the average?)

This makes our 3 year average 2.54 percent. How does that compare with the average?

I'm not one to defend this bunch - I personally think they have mis-managed boatloads of our money, but lets be honest when we report the numbers.

SCATS said...

To 11:59PM ~~ My posting is ENTIRELY FACTUAL! There is NOTHING "dishonest" about it.

As I recall, last Tuesday night, BOE President Patrick Tydings told us we can't discuss the past. Bringing up the figures you did is doing what he opposes, right? Or is his edict only pertinent to questions he dislikes?

Charlie Hubbard said...

When I read a posting like 11:59 it truly scares me to think people can be that shallow.
Question; did 'spending' increase?
Did enrollment 'decrease'??

Let me turn this around and ask a question that should be asked 'every' year - If I send more tax money to this school system the educational improvements I can expect to see as a result are??
Cost and quality !!!!!

It's all about trust.

Anonymous said...

Who is backing the trio that has the blue yard signs? They have them everywhere and must have spent a fortune. Also, those signs are even on many side streets. I wonder if most of these are at teachers homes or some other organized group??

Anonymous said...

I see the Brockport school board has demonstrated they understand the economics of the community with a zero tax increase budget.

Anonymous said...

I see that teachers unions across the state have begun to show that they "get it" by agreeing to pay freezes and reductions.

Anonymous said...

Scats; a question please.
With the proposission to buy replacement busses does this indicate no reduction in bussing is on the horizon?

Anonymous said...

My income is lower this year than what it was in 2006. I haven't seen a pay raise in 4 years. In fact, I've accepted two pay cuts since the 2006 recession was officially noticed by the media. I've received exceptional performance reviews, I might add.

In order to pay 7% more to the district (who then pays 4% more to GTA members and executive exempt staff), I have to spend 7% less on my family.

Think about that as you all vacation with your family this year.

Anonymous said...

ANY increase in taxes from a town or school district in this economic climate is nothing but irresponsibility by ANY and ALL elected officials. Our area is the laughing stock of the country for the property taxes we pay.

Anonymous said...

I was with you until you used the word "trust". Let's agree to change that to "accountability", can we?

When I see you use that word, I can't help but having my mind wander to the trust elected officials spit on when they quit mid-term (you know, like Eric Massa and people like him), which isn't the topic of this thread.

SCATS said...

To 10:19PM ~~ There is NO reduction aside from elimination of bussing for pre-K that I've heard about.

To 10:28AM ~~ Seriously!? You would want Eric "Tickle fight" Massa to finish his term???? You are the first and only person I've heard to express such an opinion!

SCATS said...

To 10:29AM ~~ Our area is a laughing stock for so many reasons, what's one more? What's even more ludicrous than the property taxes are the "market value assessments" done by the Town of Greece. I recently looked up several recently sold properties and discovered the sales prices on all were about $20,000 less than their assessed values. Another "promise" for Greece taxpayers to "discover."

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 10:28
When you say 'I was with you' what does that mean?
This is not about Charlie - It's about the very survival of our economy. An earlier comment talked about us being the laughing stock of the country and that is true.
Super incentives need to be waived under the nose of ANY employeer to come or to stay here - which of course means higher taxes for the rest of us to pay for that.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with 11:59. Unions across the nation arrogantly refuse to take their share of the burden of recession. They prove once again that they have evolved from being a solution to a problem to being part of the problem. Shame on them for not displaying a willingness to negotiate. They are as bad as the legislators they bought into office.

Anonymous said...

The three school board candidates who have all the signs (Smith, Mack and O'Connor) are all members of the infamous "Boily Bunch" whose only goal for Greece Central is the keep the status quo, be "civil" and create as many committees as are humanly possible (all of which meet for years and accomplish absolutely nothing and which I believe is their intended purpose).

The group is lavishly funded by local business men (think Chamber of Commerce and Rotary). Most of these "business men" have won in the lottery and their children are the privileged few who attend either Pinebrook, West Ridge or Odyssey and they want their "privilege" to continue, ergo their generous donations to the "Boily Bunch."

If these three are elected, I guarantee that our star-studded super, Achramovitch, will be given another contract. They will not find a suitable candidate in their so-called "search" and will have to plead with Stevie II to continue on with his stellar performance. Anybody want to bet me that this won't happen?

I'm urging anyone who cares to vote "NO" on the budget and to vote for almost anyone who is NOT a member of the first three listed candidates.

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

BLOG Administration deleted the previous comment for name-calling & is reposting it below, minus the offensive wording.

Anonymous said...
Hey, Xxxxxx over at Hilton Central is doing his best to stay just as expensive as GCSD, and doing so with less students as well. HCS has also matched GCSD in academic performence.

Lets not let GCSD hog all the glory.

5/03/2010 1:56 PM

Anonymous said...

Remember this.

Jeff Smith voted yes on the 7+% budget increase.

Gale O'Toole voted no.

It would be interesting to ask the other candidates how they would have voted.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Smith has no clue what the budget is all about, he votes yes or no on everything that comes up when Roger gives him the answer. Smith is more than a total waste on that board. In three years, I think he has uttered three words and he freely admits that he does not read the board material sent to him before meetings. He just waits until Roger calls and tells him what to do. It's so simple that way for him. Is this what we want representing us on the school board? Geeze. my five-year old could do better.

Anonymous said...

i think the better question to ask is what they would have cut to reduce the percentage to an acceptable level

Anonymous said...

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There was a rumor that next year the tax rate will increase by over 11 percent and about 5 percent the year after that. I did not believe it until I saw it in black and white so compounded our tax bill will increase over 24 percent in three years. Vote this sham of a budget process down demand a contingency budget and let them make the cuts that have to be made. This board is only a tool of the Chamber of Commerce and their job is to keep the district out of the paper. I get the distinct feeling that this bunch is only as smart as the lowest common denominator can you say McCabe three times real fast.

Jeffrey Cagwin said...

Please pull 5,6,7

We need to get rid of the Boily bunch.

We need this District to start using money wisely and stop wasting it. If we are dropping bussing for Pre-K that should be enough to cover the increased fuel cost for the rest. Then the enrollment has dropped again. So if we could make it with the amount in last years budget why can't we make it on that amount again.

We need the board members to make a budget that is accurate not just take last years and add money to it.

Present the budget to the people and if they say no then go back and rework it. Do not just accept the contingency budget because it is easier.

People - WAKE UP!!!!
Pull 5,6,7