Thursday, May 27, 2010

Add Arrogant, Cowardly & Shameful To Closed, Clubby & Corrupt!

Greece's elected officials, both school district and town hall, leave much to be desired. Neither group truly "serves" the community that elected them. Neither group conducts any form of ongoing open discussion with the public. Neither Town Board, nor school board addresses concerns brought to their attention in a timely way. They fail to respond to letters, calls, or pleas made during Resident's Forums for help. Sometimes, the media gets their momentary attention, but failing that, Greece residents are left in an "every man for himself" struggle to get resolution to issues ranging from property code violations to student discipline to significant health and safety concerns. Wednesday night, both groups lived up to the "arrogant, cowardly & shameful" additions to the description of their collective boards.

At the school board level, seven of them failed to heed the input they asked the community for on the recent Exit Poll. The residents told them to keep the tax hike associated with their budget to 3% or less. What did they decide to do? They gave us a 4% hike, adding back in things like janitors and music lessons for 4th graders that the Supt. took out. That's the arrogance. Making matters worse, the majority led by Roger Boily and his group of yes-man cronies decided to not let the community re-vote on the "new" budget! That's the cowardice, since they already knew that they did not eliminate $1+ million in excessive busing their own study uncovered and that the community is fed up! Failure of the budget at the polls was guaranteed by a group who has failed to make the tough decisions they were elected to make. Shameful!

Also on Wednesday night, Greece Supervisor John Auberger & several of his pals from Town Hall, the Town Board and from elsewhere in local govt decided to avoid the Northgate Neighborhood Group's meeting, despite getting specific invitations to be there. The hot topic concerned a group of residents who have been battling extreme water problems along a couple of creeks with no response from their elected representatives over a lengthy period of time, i.e. YEARS. Their absence after receiving invitations is the cowardice ~ They knew angry people were waiting for some answers! Ironically, Auberger's group is rather well-known for showing up at NGN meetings without invitation, possibly because Mr. Auberger's need to control & monitor such groups is a hallmark of his dysfunctional "leadership" style. I'm told that even Chief Todd avoided a drop-in last Wednesday night. How pathetic! The arrogance is that following their cowardly absence, they told media they want resident's input "later" ... how long can people wait? Probably until Auberger leaves office ... shameful!

With Memorial Day just ahead of us, it occurs to me that the veterans who gave their lives and limbs for our country, and the servicemen and women who are working to keep us free around the world today would be appalled to know that Greece's elected officials routinely thumb their noses at the "rights" and the "freedoms" of the populace they are supposed to serve! They are truly shameful examples of public servants ... and we are remarkably stupid for electing/re-electing them!


SCATS said...

From my email ...

I am one of those vets. What is going on in our community, this state, this nation disgusts me no end!

It won't stop until the public gets upset enough that elected officials "get the message." I would love to see the BOE get an earful from citizens via phone, letter, email,etc. The reasons expressed by the members of the board last night justifying their "NO" votes were as phony as a three dollar bill. $47, 000, while not pocket change, is a rather small amount to permit democracy to prevail. This amount (even more) is spent by GCSD on employees and board members for attending useless out of state conferences and meetings.

To deny the public the opportunity to pass judgment on this revised budget is a travesty.

Name withheld by request

Anonymous said...

We know the kinds of things Auberger won't attend. This Sunday at 2pm under the tent at town hall the Greece Concert Band will perform a 90 minute concert filled with great band tunes and marches. It is the "Supervisor's Concert Series" for the summer. If our illustrious leader shows up perhaps he could be cornered during intermisson! But alas, he may forget to attend or even know what day it is!
P.S. The band is fabulous this year! Don't miss it!

SCATS said...

To 9:30AM ~~ I think he will be there because he usually brings out the rest of his good ole boy crowd (McCann, Robach, etc.) to keep him company ;)

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 11:34 Thank you for your letter.
I sat listening to the school board meeting wed. night 'hopeing' for some leadership to help bring this community together in supporting our schools. Of course for that to happen the school district would have to show some 'respect' for the community when the community speaks.
It was very dejecting to hear 5 board members via their rejection to have another vote say to the community we do not care to hear from you again. I will suggest these 5 have no idea the damage they have done - yet every indication is they do not care.

For me I ware my emotions on my sleeve and have such admiration and respect for those who gave us the privilege to vote and consider the actions of the majority of the board to be such a slap in the face of our finest and do it using such lame and phoney reasons.
It was truly a sad night for Greece.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. You're saying that you don't like Auberger showing up because you accuse him of spying on NGN and in the same comment say you're mad that he doesn't always show up because he's arrogant.


I'm gonna pause for a few moments and let your very own comments sink into your brain for a bit and wait and see if you can figure that one one out.

Let me know when you get it.

I'll wait.....

All day if needed so you have ample time to work on it.

Get friends to help you if needed.

SCATS said...

To 11:42AM ~~ My brain is just fine. Yours seems to put words into written material that the author didn't include (spying, doesn't always show up) while omitting certain words the author did include (invitation, no response from elected representatives over a lengthy period of time). It's OK. I'm used to dealing with politicians like you.

Anonymous said...

To 9:30 fri
Yes he will probably attend, but if asked about it later, he will "have no recollection".

Anonymous said...

scats, just because somebody get invited to something, it doesn't mean they have to attend. god forbid these people have to miss an event due to prior scheduled events or spending time with their families.

SCATS said...

To 12:21PM~~ I love the excuses people make for our politicians who continue to act badly. I don't believe ALL of them were already committed to other events when they got their invitations. That defies logic. Besides, if they couldn't make it, shouldn't they at least have the decency to inform the inviters they aren't coming? Like I said before, even Chief Todd was a no-show, unusual for him ;)

Anonymous said...

Just because you don't have a life SCATS doesn't mean others don't either. They don't have any obligation to live up to the SCATS standard and I don't blame them for not, your arguments are ridiculous and your reasoning is filled with double talk...and that wink face you always do is stupid

SCATS said...

To 10:12AM ~~ You are SO predictable! When you can't win an argument based upon examples, logic, common sense or even common civility, you resort to ignoring the questions I ask and go for the ole "shoot the messenger" attempt. I don't buy into it & I call it out every time I see it. I get great pleasure in realizing I've caused you to become mentally bankrupt so easily :D