Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Whole Week of Meetings

1 - Dewey Ave. Traffic Calming Study
Monday, April 26;
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Barnard Firehouse, 3084 Dewey Ave.

Purpose - to give the public an opportunity to learn about and comment on the final draft of the study and its recommendations.
2 - BOE Special Meeting
Tues. 04/27/2010; 6:30PM
It is anticipated that the Board will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss pending litigation

Approval of BOCES Budget
Election of BOCES 2 Board Members
Elementary School Transportation Study

3 - Northgate Neighborhood Group
April 28; 7PM
Aldersgate Church
Dewey Ave.
Supt. Achramovitch will attempt "to sell" his 7.61% tax increase during a budget presentation

4 - GPD's Promotions’ Ceremony
Thursday, April 29, 2010; 1 PM
Eastman Room ~ Greece Town Hall.

5 - GCSD Community Budget Meeting
Thursday, April 29, 7PM
Olympia High School, Large Cafeteria


Anonymous said...

Regarding the promotions Ceremony - Does anyone really think that Chief Todd Baxter is responsible for this rash of police promotions. If you do, you are even more naive than I believed the citizens of Greece to be.

Baxter has been Chief for about two months. In that period of time are we to believe that he has had adequate time to evaluate personnel and make decisions as to the qualifications of present and future command staff. I think not! We all know who is calling the shots - Jack Auberger - as he has done for the past eight years. The other player is our Commissioner Joe Loszynski. Remember him? He was hired a year ago by Auberger for an anticipated three weeks. What a joke - he is still here and is Baxter's boss. He has yet to issue his report that was due 10 months ago.

So what is going on? It's called payback to cover the fact that both Chatterton and Phelan, both Lieutenants, did in Merritt Rahn, Mackin, Ball and Trowbridge. To reward them, Auberger creates three captains positions and the other 13 promotions were added to cover up these captain promotions. Only Brian Urmacher is deserving of this position. The other two are political promotions. Both Chatterton and Phelan were "rats", all the cops know it.

Because these are new positions, Civil Service Law requires that they can only be "provisional." All three must take a test within nine months. Since the test will be open only to lieutenants and there are only three who have such a title, all three must score at least 75% to become permanent captains.

Another factor to consider in this assessment is the fact that because Baxter came off a certified county Civil Service Chief's list, under that law he is considered a a provisional chief for a period of six months. What this means is that anytime during this period he can be dismissed without cause. Only after Auberger's board reevauates him after six months and approves him does he have the job along with all the protections of Civil Service Law. So, if you were him and you wanted to keep your job, what would you do? CYA and thou shalt not protest.

Auberger is still running the PD and will continue to do so even after Baxter is certified. The ignorant voters of this Town have allowed Auberger to continue his control of the PD.

Advice to Baxter - cover your 6 with Chatterton and Phelan who report directly to Jack Auberger. The rotten cycle in the Town of Greece goes on and on and on.

SCATS said...

To 11:02AM ~~ For the most part, I agree with you. Did you notice how Chatterton was the ONLY one to do interviews with media following his testimony? I thought that was a real eye-opener.

Re: the Lts. to be promoted ~~ absent from ALL mention is Lt. Kowalski. What's going on there? He's not getting promoted? Was he a bad boy? Or will he become the new Deputy Chief down the road, like after Loszynski leaves.

By the way, Loszynski's report is completed & Baxter has seen it. Greece residents should DEMAND it now. But of course, Auberger is keeping it all quiet, until Rahn's trial ends & the verdict is in. We can't help the defense, now can we? Not only did we hear that Auberger DID ALL HIRING, but remember that Auberger was supposedly interviewed by Loszynski ... and there was nothing going on there at all. I wonder if Auberger had the same recall problems when Loszynski was asking the questions ...