Friday, April 09, 2010

GTA Still Has Time To Do The Right Thing

The Greece BOE Still Has Time To Adjust The Budget.

This Means GTA Still Has Time To Agree To A Wage & Benefits Freeze.

It's The Right Thing For GTA To Do!

Our Community Can't Afford A Tax Hike Approaching 8%!!

Some Compelling Reading Supports Need For Union Concessions:


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a good compromise might be agreeing to a lower salery scale for new teachers that would include paying more towards benifits. This would protect teachers that have been operating under commitments under the current system, and allow Greece to get a handle on salery growth over time. Since the average Greece Teacher only has 5-6 years experience, this could have a huge impact in just a few years.

Anonymous said...

What frustrates me to no end, is the conflict of interest we have with sitting board members. How can we really expect that they will do the right thing for the kids and community that elected them, when they personally benefit from the very wage packages (salaries and benefits) that NEED to be cut. I mean do we really thing that Tydings will play hard ball with GTA to re negotiate a fair package when he directly benefits as his wife is a GTA member and GCSD employee. How many of the other boards member have direct financial ties hence have conflicts of interest ?

SCATS said...

To 1:03PM ~~ And the same is also true regarding any decisions that might negatively impact school structure. So many of our BOE members have benefitted from lottery wins. I wonder if I could one of them to purchase a Meg-ball jackpot lottery ticket for me?

Anonymous said...

Yes, some GTA members do read this site. I'm one. Agreeing to a wage freeze is a tough thing to consider when 1)we're still attempting to negotiate a new contract and 2)we're still operating under the terms and conditions of a contract originally bargained in 2001. That said, I make $55,000 this year. That's in 2001 dollars. According to the Inflation Calculator (found at and based on the CPI) that would total $66,777.69 in 2009 dollars. One could argue that I've already had a wage freeze. Just something to consider...

SCATS said...

To 4:01PM ~~ Are you suggesting that you have had NO pay increases since 2001? That would mean you never got any increase under the agreement struck back then. Other teachers are still getting step increases despite the fact the contract is still the same. Please tell us, what's different in your case?

Anonymous said...

I like your idea 12:58. It maintains previous agreements but puts us on a path to fix some of our $ problems. If I were GTA though, I'd want something in return.

And shouldn't Administration be cutting wages and reducing staff too? I'm not talking Principals or Vice Principals, but how about cutting 10% of District office positions. They have so many "directors of this" and "Assistant Superintendants of that" that 10% off the top should be no problem.

Anonymous said...

2001 dollars? Your kidding me right? That is too much. While you think you have had a wage freeze my spouse has been out of work for 5 months and we are worried about keeping our freakin house. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I still get my step increases. There's a difference, however, between a step increase and a raise. A raise would mean additional money added to the salary scale - that hasn't happened in 8 years. I realize that to most readers of this blog that an increase of any sort is a raise, and so perhaps my comments are wasted. :)

Charlie Hubbard said...

The 4:01 posting is exactly the problem taking place within public education.
I am ENTITLED to more $$ based on cpi - no merit - just ENTITLEMENT.
I will suggest this person is being disingenuous as one poster put it.

The fact is the union has this community over a barrel and they know it.
If I am a board member today I am screeming to Roebach, Reilich, and any other state rep availible to get off thier dead bu##s and do something about this antiquated Tribourgh amendment.
I would be sitting down with the newspapers and showing them how much the lack of action by elected officials is costing the taxpayers in Greece - not to mention the cost to our kids.
Unfortunatly I am seeing 'nothing' in this direction.

Anonymous said...

5:26: so you usually get two different kinds of raises? Must be nice. There aren't many jobs where that happens. I think you're right that readers here won't distinguish. If it adds to your adjusted gross income, it's a raise.

Anonymous said...

Lots of sniping. 1 positive attempt to find a solution. This is sad.

Anonymous said...

To GTA member that still get step increases, any money that is increases is a raise. GCSD loves its fuzzy math, even the adults use it to plead the poor me case. Many that pay your step increase have lost jobs, had increase in health care and taxes raises all while making less or fixed incomes. You are pathetic and as CH said entitlements...that is what is wrong with our society, young and old!!!!

Get this, we support a family of 9 on 57k a year, we pay 50% of benefits, and contribute to our own retirement, and have a stay at home parent. You would never know it to look at us. WE are not poor and spend wisely. Kids dance and play sports. So I DONT HAVE ONE BIT OF SYMPATHY for the GTA folks. YOU CAN DO WITH LESS. Greed before kids is the union. Oh BTW the breadwinner in our family is a teacher at a private institution! SO GTA get over yourselves!

Anonymous said...

To All:

How much of Florida's education news has hit the Rochester area? In particular I am speaking about the bill that has PASSED the Florida legisature and is expected to to be signed by Governor Crist within the next couple of days. This bill will eliminate teacher tenure and pay teachers on state wide test scores. Yes teacher merit.

This will be the first state in the Union to abolish teacher tenure.

There are of course of number of questions that can not be answered at this time:

How will art, music, PE and or counselors be paid?

In tough economic times, like now, will Supt. of Schools get rid of teachers making $50,000 to hire a teacher making $25,000. These are begining and top salaries in Florida.

Without tenure what rights will teachers have?

Test scores go up teacher gets merit pay. Test scores remain the same or go down no pay raise.

If I am a teacher and I have some great handouts or ideas for a new teaching technique or went to a conference, how willing will I be to share with my fellow teachers?

How will this effect teacher recruiting for the state of Florida? It is already hard to find teachers in Florida because of the low salaries. Currently Florida is $5,000 per teacher below the average US teacher rate.

It will be interesting and is a done deal when the governor signs it.


Doug Skeet

SCATS said...

To 8:26PM ~~ Even sadder is your attempt to editorialize on MY BLOG and offer nothing of substance, either way ;)

To the GTA members who may be reading this ~~ It strikes me as a bit odd that you folks sit quietly by while district office cuts jobs, slashes programs, eliminates services and puts forth a tax increase everyone I've spoken to is shocked to hear and have offered nothing in return despite repeated requests from the BOE. Do you want to see more jobs cut next year? This budget isn't going to be the end to the pain, it's likely just the start. The question becomes, what are you willing to give up to keep YOUR job?

To Doug ~~ That is VERY interesting news. Thanks for the heads up. I want to keep watch on how that pans out. Maybe we should just fire all our teachers and start from scratch with a contract that balances current economic interests with those of the community who must be able to afford it.

It's factual that Greece has some of the worst test scores, lowest graduation rates, shortest school days and briefest school calenders among all of Monroe County's suburban districts. And on top of that, we have property taxes near the top in the nation. Those facts make any more contract concessions on the taxpayer end of things impossible to swallow.

Captain Obvious said...

Dear 4:01 GTA member,

Let's keep it real.

The amount of money that is included in your bi-weekly pay has increased every year since 2001 despite reduced enrollments, GCSD's poor performance in so many measured areas and an economic recession.

You will find no support for your position with the average community member who has seen their property values and paychecks actually deflate during this time (without regard as to which calculator is referenced).

Anonymous said...

Part of me actually hopes they pass all these laws Mr. Skeet is talking about. I believe this would also free up teachers to strike.

Be careful what you wish for - you may get it.

Anonymous said...


Misery loves company. I'm sure everyone on this "blog" really enjoyed the anal tearing when Kodak, GM, etc. screwed them out of benefits and salary. Lets have everyone suffer in the same way!

Personally - I'll through my support to 12:58 (the 1st comment on this thread). Sounds most fair - but since it won't make those EVIL TEACHERS pay they way some of you seem to want - lets ignore it.

SCATS said...

To 5:41PM ~~ You mean our "professionals" would do something that wasn't "for the kids?" I'm shocked ... but not really. Let's face it, GTA already has a lot of experience with picketing and other activities that give unions the poor image that causes their members to cringe. I believe that if they can strike, we can probably fire them all too. Remember those air traffic controllers Reagan dispensed with? ;)

To 5:46PM ~~ I shudder to think that you are teaching children! In the few short sentences you typed out, there are several glaring errors, the worst of which was using "through" when you meant "throw." And to think that the residents of this town probably paid the tuition for your "advanced degree." ACK!!

Anonymous said...

The vitriol of your posting on this subject SCATS is saddening. Was there a teacher in your past that was cruel to you? Or maybe you wanted to be a teacher and didn't make it? What's the deep-rooted basis for this bitterness?

I feel sorry that you have to move through life with such hurt weighing down your soul. I will pray for you.

God bless.

An Obvious Lesson said...

Using heavy paper stock and safety scissors, cut out ten golden-presidential-dollar-coin sized circles. Using a #2 pencil, write "$" on one side and "Pay" on the other.

Flip them over, showing the "$" side and move them aside for safe keeping.

Cut out eight more golden-presidential-dollar-coin sized circles. Write "$" on one side of all 10 of them. Flip them all over. On four of them, write "My Step". On the other four, write "My Raise".

Slide all 8 of the new $'s to the other side of the table, where your imaginary neighbor is sitting. Slide the pencil over to your invisible neighbor, too. close's time for some "Math Explorations".

Count the number of coins that you have. Count the number of coins that your neighbor has. Do you have 10? Does your neighbor have 8? Who has more to start with? Good. Let's move on.

Now, take the coins labeled "My Step" from your neighbor. Just take them, don't ask. Flip the "My Step" coins over so that they show "$". Randomly mix them with the them with the $ coins that you already had.

Count the total number of coins with "$" that you have. Are there more or less "$'s" than the 10 that you started with?

Without flipping your coins over, can you tell the difference between the ones that you started with and the ones that you added later?

What should a reasonable individual (excepting at least two GTA members) call this?

A. A raise
B. An entitlement
C. A Sweet Deal at the expense of of an invisible neighbor
D. All of the above
E. A Step increase, not a pay raise, at all

In this case, there was money "left on the table". Who has it? Who should have it?

If you were to take the remaining coins from your invisible neighbor, what would the neighbor be left with?

A. The clothes on their back
B. A blank stare
C. The (pencil) shaft
D. All of the above
E. The best education for the community's students that money can buy

Don't you just love teaching with manipulatives and Math Explorations? It all makes sense!

Anonymous said...

5:46- "I believe this would also free up teachers to strike.

Be careful what you wish for - you may get it."

Yes, that would be horrible for us wouldn't it 5:46? Then we'd be left with nothing, wait a minute, as the article in last years D&C pointed out there are literally THOUSANDS of qualified people looking for teaching jobs RIGHT NOW. I wonder if they would scoff at 40-50k a year. I know, you expect us to fear test scores would go down... well why should we? When there are such huge numbers awaiting employment, compared to the positions available, that is called a buyers market in the education game. What you might want to do 5:46 is ask your union why the allow more than a million dollars a year to be spent on the school of choice crap, and yet some of your fellow GTA members are about to be out of work. If I was a member of your union, I would be livid about THAT!

SCATS said...

To 9:05AM ~~ My "vitriol on this subject" upsets you? Let's face it, I put out facts about Greece teachers being experienced picketers and point out someone's inexcusable errors in writing a few brief sentences and you label it "vitriol." That's the only reaction you CAN have since you know what I said is accurate! You can't talk back to the facts, so you try to assassinate the messenger. It doesn't work here, sorry ;)

Graehaven said...

To "Mr. $55,000 a year with just steps and no raises..."

Hey bud, until you've experienced a true 10% or more CUT, you're not hurting.

Those of us out here who WORK for a living, and make less than you, but do more, those of us who HAVE endured a 10% cut, and just got cut AGAIN, those of us who work ALL YEAR (not just 3/4 of it), those of us who provide for our OWN retirement ---- we have no sympathy for you.

Sorry, get real.

Anonymous said...

I do not concede that what you have written about teachers is accurate. Some teachers may have experience picketing, not I doubt all teachers in general do since I've rarely seen that many marching. Someone did have typographical errors in their post, but what proof do you have that it was a teacher? Yet you assign the posting to a teacher and put advanced degree in quotation marks.

And why should typographical errors be "inexcusable?" What if the poster has a learning disability and has struggled with spelling for his/her entire life? You choose to criticize the delivery of the message and not the content. I suppose that "works here" since you seem to prefer to ignore the perspective that poster was communicating and decided to "assassinate the messenger." But I must be mistaken...

SCATS said...

To 5:09PM ~~ How very predictable of you to join in with your own "shoot the messenger" campaign. Have you NOTHING to say about the topic at hand?

By the way, you ARE mistaken and I appreciate that you acknowledge it right upfront like that! :) To help anyone else with such memory glitches, I reposted to the front of this thread the photo of GTA picketing last Fall before school began. That should help jog more than a few memories, if not silence some critics ;)

Oh and about the spelling errors, GCSD has invested many MILLIONS of $$$ on technology which provides a wonderful tool known as SPELL CHECK. Trying to claim that our teaching staff is learning disabled is PRICELESS :) Thanks for the laughs!

Anonymous said...

Re 5:09 - Are you suggesting that teachers can't picket unless they've had practice!?!?

Scats - I like your response. Good show!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I await your proof that the typographical errors poster was a teacher. (I assume I'll be waiting for awhile).

Secondly, you may not understand how a spell checker works, but I'll enlighten you. It checks for misspelled words (should be obvious). Please point out which words were misspelled in the posting. The poster may have gotten a hit on "Lets" but you didn't point that out.

Thirdly, please point to where I stated that the typographical errors poster is a teacher. You wrote "Trying to claim that our teaching staff is learning disabled is PRICELESS :) Thanks for the laughs!" Perhaps your reading comprehension skills need work. ;) Thanks for the laughs!!

Fourth, keep on bringing it - it's too easy when someone is so full of vitriol they can't think straight :)

Time for bed... sweet dreams SCATS

SCATS said...

To 10:56PM ~~ You aren't playing a very good game and it really shows!

Firstly, you've read much too deeply into my earlier statement aimed at 5:46PM (who is probably you!): "I shudder to think that you are teaching children!" That doesn't actually say that 5:46PM IS a teacher. It implies that I fear that 5:46 could be one ;)

Secondly, I previously specified what 5:46PM's most glaring writing error was when I wrote: "In the few short sentences you typed out, there are several glaring errors, the worst of which was using "through" when you meant "throw."" I was being generous when I later referred to it as a typo. I guess I should have called it what it really is - ignorance.

Thirdly, you still haven't addressed the topic of this thread or your allegations about teachers needing to learn how to picket from their inexperience with the activity. That pic I posted is worth 1,000 words, I know ;)

Fourthly, you've failed to prove any vitriol from this direction. However, I've just proven that I know that when one begins writing with words like "firstly ... secondly ... thirdly" that the next such term must conform to the prior ones. In this case, fourth is incorrect in your posting, but alas, another Greece teacher gets one-upped by SCATS at his/her own game.

Fifthly, methinks you protest way too much and are the actual author of the posting I ripped on for the errors. Of course that person is a teacher. If they weren't, I'm sure they would have let us know by now ;)

Finally, you are done here. I'm having your advanced degree recalled until you get smarter than a fifth grader ... or figure out the difference between "through" and "throw." I'm sure that will be awhile ;) Sweet dreams!

SCATS said...

To the person who claimed to not be the author of the posting I responded to previously. Sure you're not ;) That's why yours is the only comment received on this older thread in the last 24 hrs!

Anonymous said...

I keep visiting because I love taking you apart ;)

I knew you wouldn't post my last message (or this one either) ;)

I still don't need to have the last word posted, but apparently you do ;)

Sweat dreams peanut

SCATS said...

To 4:46PM ~~ If you ever succeeded, you wouldn't have to keep coming back!

G'night snookums ;)