Saturday, April 24, 2010


Rahn was slow to get an investigation started, but he did NOT cover-up Nick Joseph's accident, according to testimony from Friday.


SCATS ~~ I don't have the wording of the 11 counts against Rahn in front of me, but at this stage of the game, I see lots of doubt surrounding the general allegations. With closing arguments expected by midweek, it's possible (maybe not probable) Rahn will be exhonerated in time to watch the Auberger/Baxter GPD promotions show on Thursday afternoon ;)


Anonymous said...

Rumor of "woman in the car with him". That is the first time that came up. Who was that and was that who helped him get away? Or was she also injured?
Why did those officers continue the meeting after Rahn left and not talk about those rumors when Rahn was in the meeting still?
Looks like Rahn is the scapegoat in all of this.

SCATS said...

To 11:11AM ~~ I noticed that as well. I wonder if it has anything to do with NJ's female friend who followed behind him on 390 that night.

Anonymous said...

I don't think enough evidence has been given to determine the real truth or the whole truth.Too much is left unsaid. In most cases that would lead to acquittal. But I see this more as public spectacle (like a public flogging) than a trial. and Rahn will be the one flogged. this will provide a sense of punishment, and our corrupt officials will just go on as usual.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me most in this trial, other than the obvious cover-up by Führer Auberger who, by his own words said he hired the police officers, is this bestiary courtroom hosted by Affronti, who, for the first time in my life, has made me doubt the integrity of the elected republican judges in this county and state.

I can understand maintaining decorum in a courtroom setting, and I can understand holding an attorney in contempt for failure to abide by the written laws of justice, but this continued folly of not allowing Parinello to ask any questions that seem to lead back to who was truly responsible (which in my mind is Auberger at this point) is out and outright the most arrogant display of political corruption at the court level I have ever seen.

I'll bet there isn't one attorney out there who has the courage to stand up and admit it publicly, but they're thinking it.

This is a travesty if ever there was one.

Anonymous said...

Aside from SCATS's comment, you other three really don't believe Merit Rahn is just a poor hapless victim here, do you? NO ONE, if they be an actual Greece resident hasn't heard about Rahn's shady/illegal activities here in this community going back even before Auberger became the boss. We who live here know exactly how bad a person Merit Rahn is and we are very glad to see him gone. He needs to answer for his crimes and deserves to be convicted.

I don't know what trial you're watching but your apparent sympathy for Merit makes me question your motivations here and your objectivity. Those are my thoughts.

SCATS said...

To 9:54AM ~~ I don't know anyone who thinks Rahn is "a poor hapless victim." But I know many who believe he is the scapegoat ... i.e. fall guy ... for a cast of many that is headed by Auberger. Combine that with the politics in the courtroom proceedings and it's hard to not cheer-on Rahn.

In other words, can YOU say "gang bang"?

Anonymous said...

I wrote the 1:10 PM comment, and NO, I don't believe Rahn was Greece's version of Mother Theresa by any means.

I actually think that because of his past and known problems with alcohol, that Auberger, with his control issues ran the department for many reasons. I don't think this was a relationship Rahn liked, but I also don't think he had any options.

I think that Auberger knew that in an election year he was screwed, and that he did the hiring (he has admitted this publicly) and it was more important that he win and and come out of this stain free, and used the tools he has in the box to make Rahn the scapegoat.

The other officers who testified set up a pattern that is quite scary. To think that they knew what was going on, and DIDN'T go to the supervisor is beyond belief.

If they knew and did nothing, they are not worthy of their upcoming promotions, nor can they be trusted to continue their employment as police officers in this town.

If they didn't know directly and did nothing, the same applies.

From what is coming out in this trial, they ALL knew, and did nothing. They are all skirting around the issue of who to report to, because no one wants to tell the real truth in the court. It's quite obvious, and when Parinello pushes for an answer, he is shut down by Affronti.

But as I stated, I don't know which is worse? Crooked cops, crooked Supervisor, or the crooked Judge?

I share Parinello's frustration in that regard. How can he defend his client regardless of who that client is, if he is not allowed to ask questions that would require a simple "yes" or "no" answer as to who exactly was in charge?

And that fact does not exonerate Rahn, but instead only raises MORE questions than answers. I can sense from the segments of the trial shown and now looking back at some of the original footing that Rahn got hung out to dry, and that deer in the headlights look was his surprise at the tactics used by the Supervisor, including hiring Loczynski, to cover the butt of one John Auberger.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one to whomb it occurrs in a day when the Court Reporter's keystrokes are instantly downloaded to transscription the best representation of the trial available to the public is the twittering of some so called reporters?

Real reporters might be qualified tointerpit what they thought they heard, but the assemblage from the local media flat out sucketh to the max.

What is happening in this courtroom is a public humiliation of Rahn (who certainly is deserving of humiliation for many things) designed mainly to divert attention and garner political position for November.

I can see the campaign now, CRIME FIGHTER DA with the guts to take on police corruption. It should read Democret DA smears in attempt to hide his lack of ability. Remember the Smith fiasco?

Will the R party find candidates worthy of election to any office this year or will it be another year of Sucks -v- Sucksmore?
Why would any worthy candidate step into the filth?

Once again in 2010 the public will get the government it deserves.

SCATS said...

To 5:36PM ~~ If you are aware of an online resource where we can read the court transcripts, then by all means, PLEASE SHARE!

I'm well aware of the old "divert their attention" ploy. It's status quo in Greece ... from GCSD to Town Hall to GPD etc.

It seems like the lousy choices among candidates aren't just an issue locally, either. It's like an epidemic of scandal across NY State! Massa, Paterson, Smith, Rahn, Auberger, Phelan ... things are so bad, the masses would prefer to have Spitzer back!

Anonymous said...

Just by saying "Merit's no angel" does little to disguise the impression that people here are ignoring all of the illegal wrongdoings he's committed in this town over the years.

Maybe if you said "Merrit Rahn is guilty as sin and I also hate John Auberger, cops, teachers, school board members, Republican elected officials and basically anyone who is not part of our group" then I'd grant some semblence of validation.

Sorry, but you make it way to hard to think otherwise.

SCATS said...

To 6:18PM ~~ Who/where are you quoting from? I searched this particular BLOG & its thread and I do not find the quote "Merit's no angel" anywhere. Are you so hard up to try to make a point that you feel you must put words into other people's mouths?

You mention "our group." WHAT group is that and who belongs?

Regarding the idea of you granting "some semblance of validation" ~~ Please try to get a grip on yourself. What makes you think anyone here was seeking "validation" from you?

By the way, did you mean to say: "Sorry, but you make it way too hard to think otherwise" or did you intend to show your ignorance?

Anonymous said...

SCATS stop picking on the Greece Central Honors English teacher!

That's almost as nasty as name calling.

SCATS said...

To 8:42PM ~~ I think the BOE eliminated the Honors English class ;)