Thursday, April 22, 2010

SCATS Asks ...

Q1 ~~ If Deputy Chief Bill Mackin and Lts. Uhrmacher, Chatterton & Kowalski were so concerned over Rahn's handling of Nick Joseph's accident, then WHY DIDN'T THEY TAKE IT TO SUPERVISOR JOHN AUBERGER, THE NY STATE POLICE AND/OR THE MEDIA??
(Instead, we're hearing how worried Lt. Chatterton was that Auberger and/or the media would find out!! We've learned today that Chatterton & Uhrmacher will BOTH be promoted to Provisional Captains positions. We already know that Chatterton is a longtime contributor to Auberger's campaign fund and that there's no charges pending against Mackin!)

Q2 ~~ Of the five Lts. within GPD at the time, Lt. Patrick Phelan's name is NOTICEABLY ABSENT in relation to all of this "concern" within GPD related to the Nick Joseph case. WHY IS THAT??
(Could it have ANYTHING to do with political connections and/or favors related to the fact his father is a former GPD Chief?? Note that he, too, will become a Provisional Captain ... maybe for keeping his mouth shut??)

Q 3 ~~ Given the two previous questions and this week's court testimony, we know that ALTHOUGH the Lts. weren't comfortable with Rahn's handling, THEY DID NOTHING. 
BUT we're expected to believe that GPD has been completely "cleansed" of all the rotten apples??
(It seems to me that these men are as guilty of a cover-up as anyone else! Chatterton even stated he was worried about Auberger or the media finding out about Nick Joseph and concerned that GPD's image would become tarnished!)

I'm not buying into their explanations or their innocence.


Anonymous said...

Good questions.

I think the GPD needs some serious Lysol-- the green version in
honor of earth day.

SCATS said...

To 10:56PM ~~ Or maybe a good old fashioned laxative to get the poop out once and for all ;)

Anonymous said...

One rotten apple spoils the entire load as the worms multiply and spread. Baxter may have been a good choice, but his choices of who to promote show he's now part of the problem too. The head of the fish MUST be removed!

Anonymous said...

Way back in ancient times a Town Hall on Ridge Rd was determined to be overcrouded, and the PoPo Department that did PoPo business from the basement level needed more space. The Town had long owned the property on Long Pond @ Tofany Blvd, and since it in the geographic center of town the idea of locating a PoPo building there seemed a good one.

As the politicians pondered the idea of a new PoPo building and the cost thereof, they decided perhaps a better location already existed and they could save taxpayer dollars.

PoPo Chief Swine 1 was informed his new megapolice headquarters would be located at 400 Island Cottage Rd. Swine stood in shock, Island Cottage was an abandoned sewer plant. How could he be expected to construct a police station in an old $#!t plant? The politicians giggled and aproved the decision.

The politicians knew what they had for a top cop, and figured with leadership of that nature Turdorama was the perfect location.

Fortunately Crista Construction wasn't available and real contractors interacted with Swine's hand picked liasons who labored alongside the craftsmen.

As the project began an elderly farmer stopped his tractor and asked what the PoPo planned to do the next time the place flooded as it had previously. Naturally there was no plan. A few years later the Turdorama flooded, and GPD collected a lot of overtime sandbagging their headquarters under the direction of Swine 1.

The next year a massivve system of dykes was constructed around turdorama, and steel bars were obtained to close the dyke at the road entrance. The steel bars were dragged around in the weeds for years and finally sent for scrap after being bent up since nobody remembered why they existed to begin with.

An unknown person fired a single bullet through the south facing doors from Swine's office, and seriously wounded his London Bobbie hat. The investigation lasted for weeks, and nobody was found.

A motel containing the favored bar of Greece politicians burned to the ground and Swine declared it an arson, and then rented most of the motel down the road for his task force to party er I mean investigate from. Guess what, it wasn't an arson, and nobody was found, not even by the investigator flown in on the Kodak plane could make it an arson, and he was an expert.

Supervisor Donnie and Swine went out and got blorred and the investigation was dialed back. The motel had its best year ever courtesy of Greece taxpayers, and John Hairburger sat at his desk at Kodak.

A failed 5th grade teacher ascended to become Town Stupidvisor and Swine had to be gotten rid of. Swine went off to alcohol rehab, and came back a few weeks later to announce he was CURED! Halitosis!!

Shakey er I mean Merrit was brought in and somebody decided to do a repeat performence of the Public Safety Director scam that had been used a decade earlier to make Swine Chief. DOH, nobody remembered Swine wrote the script!
DH DUH, lets give the PS Director an assistant, how about the minicop Chuckles Z, that way we won't have to buy another booster seat for a Copcar.

DOH DUH OOPSIE, Chuckles became a cop because Swine lost a bar bet, and the winner got to pick the lab rat to test Swine's boast he could make a cop out of anybody. Chuckles came from Lincoln First where he had driven the night route picking up teller trash and hauling it to the warehouse in East Rochester. Chuckles owed his existance to Swine.

Eventually Swine1 went off to pensionland and got himself elected to GCSD Board. Shakey er I mean Merrit became Chief, and a few years later the failed teacher turned Stupidvisor tried getting rid of Shakey.

Chuckles retired and opened a bar/resturant, after all he is Greek. The resturant went down the drain after much harassment from Rahn's Gestapo.

Anybody sensing a pattern here?

Greece politicians and Greece Police are a JOKE. They have been so for 50 years and rxpectation of change today is insanity. Buy yourself a handgun ald learn to protect yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do believe them.

And I trust the new chief to do the right thing regarding promotions.

SCATS said...

To 7:36AM ~~ Good for you. Some sheeple are very easily fooled ;)

Anonymous said...

I've never in over 40 years ever run across a cop who didn't keep a memo book, usually a day planner in which he wrote contemporaneous notes every day he worked. Just simple entrys, sufficient to establish time, place and people involved, additional notes can easily be kept in notebooks.

I never met a cop who wasn't able to use the memo book to his advantage when push came to shove.

Oddly all the GPD people testilieing against Rahn never wrote a memo. Not even a command Lt or a Dep Chief wrote a memo.
Isn't that just amazing?

Why isn't JP asking about MEMOS? Could it be he has been told Don't DARE by the Judge? We can't have the Jury knowing about Memo Books, they will destroy Team Green's case.

Hey Sandy Baby, how about telling the Jury about the Gold Badge Club Christmas party 2009. You know about it Sandy, the one in the apartment. Oh wait, that might result in having to hire a whole bunch of new command officers in GPD.
I doubledog dare ya Sandy.