Friday, April 30, 2010

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The Greece School Board Candidates

Please note that Candidates Night is scheduled for Wednesday, May 5 from 7- 9PM in Room E46 at Apollo Middle School.

The Greece Central Elementary School Transportation Study

Related Transportation Study  Power Point Slides


Charlie Hubbard said...

Historicly candidates night has been mostly touchy/feely balony.

This year there are 3 very pressing questions the community should know how candidates stand -
'bussing,the teachers contract and what you would do if the budget is defeated'
aka cost and quality.
The position of each candidate will be VERY telling. These people are elected by the taxpayers to represent the taxpayers.

Lets hope candidates night is 'productive' for a change.

Anonymous said...

To 6:45pm....candidate's night will never be productive because the League of Women Votes lady paraphrases all the questions audience members ask instead of reading the questions as they are written. And to top it off all of those who are running are clueless anyway as to how to be a school board member.

Too bad our community does not have a Bob duffy for Supervisor. We need to eliminate our school board. They are useless. But Hairburger unfortunately is not our answer. Our school system will continue to sink further behind until the masses in Greece get off their dead arses and demand change.

I will be voting NO on the budget too. 7.9% tax increase is insane.

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight....

Three years ago the board votes to hire a consultant to perform a transportation study to determine the costs associated with school of choice bussing.

In their infinte wisdom, the board hires a consultant with no history of studying transportation.

The consultant "performs" their study and let's the board know that bussing for schools of choice is more expensive than the alternative. Or so they think, but the consultant is unable to say how much because the district is unable to provide the required data.

What a waste! 30 pages of kindling!

SCATS said...

To 10:05PM ~~ Does it make you wonder the consultant is related to? It makes me wonder ... nepotism is part of the status quo in this town, so I figure this probably isn't any different.

Anonymous said...

To Scats,

nepotism? Perhaps.

On thing's for sure. The senior class at Arcadia could have prepared a better report on transportation costs.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the meeting on this transportation study. After the meeting I was looking for some results to be acted on?????

After spending money on yet another study I have no idea what the boards plans are. The board president could not get on to another subject quick enough.
Avoid anything controversial at all costs.
Yet another item put on the back burner with nothing done.

Anonymous said...

Do we know the format of the meeting yet?

SCATS said...

To 7:36AM ~~ I assume you are referring to Candidate's Night. I presume it will remain the same way it's been handled over the last couple of decades ~ watered down questions lumped together by someone from the League of Women Voters.

Anonymous said...

Change the format.

Go stand up and ask some hard questions.

Don't accept the bs.

SCATS said...

CORRECTION ~~ I'm told the League of Women Voters no longer oversees the forum. Jody Siegle from the Monroe County School Boards Assn does the honors. I missed last year's event ... see what happens? :/