Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rampant STD Rates Join High Taxes To Put Monroe County On The Map

Excellus BC/BS report:
  • Finger Lakes region* has highest rate of chlamydia in upstate NY
  • Incidence of gonorrhea among 15-19 yr olds exceeds state ave.
  • Finger Lakes area leads other upstate regions in HIV, AIDS & syphilis rates
*Monroe, Livingston, Wayne, Ontario, Yates & Seneca counties


SCATS ~~ Let's thank our many, cheating local politicians who are less than excellent role models themselves ... maybe THAT'S why he couldn't recall anything under oath ... ;)


Anonymous said...

Can you spell repression.

It is often the uptight communities like ours that harbor more illicit activity.

Wonder how our fine fundamentalist leaders explain this?

Anonymous said...

Preach on 3:52... preach on ;) You hit it right on the head!

Anonymous said...

This could be a bigger problem than steroids. Mandatory testing of all public officials is needed. They might infect the poor sex workers in our area.

SCATS said...

To 8:47PM ~~ Maybe that's why GPD finally closed down the town's rub 'n tug joints ;)

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to me why the Town is out-sourcing street-sweeping to sweep an unpaved street (Dewey Ave)?

Anonymous said...

I'm so conflicted.
Should I write; The environment is polluted, the situation is complex. The food and water is poisoned and there's nothing left but sex.
WHAT, you mean I didn't catch it from the antiquated voting machine?

I think I'll just go over to Antelli's new office and ask him who screwed me for how much so he can put the rent for that dead deli in his pocket. Who knows maybe he gives out free coffee, or cupons for Gunnys.

SCATS said...

To 11:11AM ~~ I must be out of "the loop" ... I have no idea what you are talking about. What "dead deli?" What's a "gunny?" A weapon? Or something else?

SCATS said...

To 9:02AM ~~ What part of Dewey Ave. is unpaved?

Anonymous said...

Swing onto N Greece Rd from Latta and eyeball Friend of Merrit Rahn Shopping center owned by Politician/hairdresser Antelli. Merrit uset to run there every time there was dirt against Auberger for Antelli to use in his upcoming primary for Supervisor.

He's scammed 3 suckers into renting a storefront for a deli, and sent them packing when the rent money stopped flowing. Since the location is so dead, Antelli is now running his County Leg office there with a brand new lighted sign.

Gunnys is the bar/resturant at the South end of the plaza. It used to be operated by Antelli's father as the Lemon Tree. Antelli found a new tennant who relied on his representations of occupancy, invested his money and then got half of his floorspace walled off by the Fire Marshall.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. The reason why this area is so high up on the list of STD's is because we are getting "f'd" by the politicians daily. There's no CURE for that one!

And when they get through with you at the State level, they'll f'ya at the county level, then they'll screw ya one more time on the local level, then roll you over one more time so that RG&E and Time Warner can have their way with ya...

Then it's time to get handed up to the Fed, and over and over and over it goes.

Graehaven said...

Repressed? That's just ridiculous. In a district where sex "education" is promoted as much as it is, you expect a different outcome? Puleeeeez.

In a society that worships illicit sexual activity as much as it does (TV, movies, internet, etc) you're surprised?

In a society where kids KNOW their parents / elders are saying one thing and doing another - they're awash in hypocrisy from the white house to their house - and you're surprised? Ha!

This community is uptight? Ha!