Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rahn Trial Part 3: Nick Joseph Accident

Acting Dep. Chief Brian Uhrmacher Takes The Stand. After a Sgt. came to him with concerns about the accident, he consulted Dep. Chief Mackin. Together, they met with Rahn. 
Alexis Sharp testified regarding the accident that began GPD's ongoing scandals. She says only State Police followed up with her about the accident. GPD never contacted her.


Anonymous said...

And this is of any value HOW?

Ms Sharp is a known criminal, remember the Town Mall incident?

390 is a SP patrol area by agreement between the County and SP to save the Sheriff's office money. SP units assigned to expressway duty carry Monroe County portables to facilitate the job. One has to ask how and why 911 center gave the job to GPD to begin with. It could be as simple as the SP cars were already on other jobs.

Rahn made a smart move turning the investigation over to the SP, they are professional screwups with fancy lazer equipment to diagram accidents and computer programs to supposedly diagnose the accident and determine who is at fault.

Rahn was sitting on an accident involving a vehicle owned by a RPD Sgt Rahn is friedns with with an unknown driver. The smart move was to distance GPD from the investigation.

Once the investigation is given to SP the only appropriate role for GPD is to make GPD officers available to SP as witnesses.

The first question that needs answering about the processing of this accident is how the hell a wrecker from Irondequoit was sent to haul the wrecked car belonging to RPD Sgt Joseph to a yard known to be infested with dopers. That move STINKS OUT LOUD!

SCATS said...

To 9:58PM ~~ Please refresh my memory. Nick Joseph was driving his brother's vehicle when he plowed into Alexis Sharpe. Joseph's brother was an RPD Sgt? I've forgotten this detail. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The story at the time was Nick's bro who is an RPD Sgt and I believe the owner of a donut shop in Greece borrowed Nick's pickup to haul one of Big Al Joseph's sausage carts to some festival. Nick was driving the brother's car.

The entire story STINKS ON ICE.

Way too many unanswered questions including 911 center.

Somebody who knew exactly what they were doing managed that whole job from a minute after the moment of impact, and it sure wasn't a drunk doped up cop with a head injury.

Why weren't celphone records looked at? If Team Green is putting this crap on the stand they are either supressing what 50 retired cops know, or they are flat stupid.

Larry Andolina and Afronti grew up in the DA office together and got fired together when Relin took over. Larry is a brilliant litigator, but he sure wasn't on his game in Nikki's trial. Larry is also Council to the Locust Club. Nikki Joseph was sacrificed.

Piglet and Nikki Joseph both worked for Rahn in Goodman Sec. Rahn got rid of Piglet and may have pushed Joseph out too. They both came on the job with 20 year attitudes from day 1 and were detested by every cop they worked with because their daddy got them on. Rahn definitely did NOT want Piglet at GPD, but somebody pushed Auberger's button and Piglet came to Greece. Those 2 together in a department the size of GPD were a ticking time bomb. When you come on the job over the Chief's objection everybody knows it, and everybody also knows your horse has a lot of weight and you can do as you damn well please.

Anonymous said...

When he had the conversation with Uhrmacher he wasn't talking jurisdiction. He was talking it is over and the crasher is exonerated and the investigation will not continue. If it were jurisdiction the conversation would not have led Uhrmacher to question why there would be no more investigation.
At this point Greece's head of police was head in the sand hoping it would go away . It would have probably if not for the tragic consequences of the crash with the pregnant woman and her baby. Just a guess.
They were all scurrying about trying to protect one of their own who acted recklessly before and after the accident. They were protecting the addict in the usual way enablers do. They were well trained and practiced in this. They did it before and they will continue to do this.
Part of the dysfunctional system is that they all have the addiction. And they all have something to lose if the addict gets caught.

Anonymous said...

"Nikki Joseph was sacrificed."

Was part of the sacrificial ritual getting him drunk and coked up and putting him behind the wheel of a car? Was the pregnant girl and her premature baby part of the sacrifice?

Do you mean by "sacrificed" that normally cops get away with these tragedies for which they are responsible and for some reason the "star chamber" decided it was time for one of their own to be held responsible?
Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Although those jobs are routinely handled by the SP's, 390 jobs are still broadcast over the Greece frequency. Greece cars will assist on 390 jobs regularly.

It is surprising though that it hasn't come to light who got NJ home that night. I think many of us have ideas, but we don't exactly know. And FYI, Joseph's brother owned the deli style restaurant next to GPD precinct 2, and it closed soon after the accident.

SCATS said...

To 1:32PM ~~ If I'm not mistaken, I recently saw an ad that sounds like that deli/bakery place reopened up off Latta Rd.

Anonymous said...

8:11, had it not been for the pregnant/premature blowup by the media, Nikki would have walked.
Plenty have before, and plenty still do and it ain't just in Greecce.

Ever seen 3 police cars and 5 personal cars belonging to cops chained together because there is no law against drunk towing? The first car was driven by a RPD Lt and he towed everybody to their house.

How many cars die Phelon crash?

Wake up, the cops know what they can get away with and how to fet away with it. Their brothers have blind spots when necesary. If you want to stay on the job you don't piss on those higher up the pecking order.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 5:03 that does confirm my assertion. Does it seem like many cops have a drinking problem? Drug problem? Occupational?
They say that dysfunctional families are certain categories...alcoholic, drug addict, workaholic, military, overly religious, extreme illness in a member, ..Would cop families fit into the military?
Then there are the codependent teachers and counselors that marry them. And they all cover for each other. It would seem that Greece could be the capital of all this...the dysfunction junction as it has been named here before.

Anonymous said...

Cop disfunction- ABSOLUTELY!

Lets remember Cops hire new cops, and the profession lasts at least 2 generations in many familys.

Then factor in cops come from the last opressed minority population and have built in grudges. In NY that gave us Irish cops till the 60s, followed by Italian cops, followed by Black cops. That brings another set of problems along.

The codependant marriages, definitely. That rarely fits well with the holster sniffers. I can think of a wife who constantly fell down the stairs of a home on Dorsey Rd, and taught in a Catholic School.

Cops on drugs, you bet, they know where to score and often score for free. Cops in bottles, long standing tradition, after all they have to look at the ugly side of society day after day (unfortunately the stats don't bear that out).

Biggest factor, a hell of a lot of cops are bullies. It's the perfect job for a bully. What other job can you push people around and if they complain they can only complain to another bully?

Honest old cops will admit a cop is only worth a damn for 3 years after the academy. After that his thoughts are of his mortgage and alimony payment before he does anything that might jeapordize his job. More time is spent in street policing convincing victims "its a civil matter" than is spent writing jobs correctly. It's a cops -v- everybody else mentality.
What other job can you drive 80mph down a one way street the wrong way and get paid for it. Good cops call it paid entertainment. Police Unions fight drug & alcohol testing for their members. They have to, otherwise there would be damn few cops on the street.

All in all the public gets the police and government it wants, deserves and is willing to settle for. From the government perspective, good cops are theones who follow orders without question. Remember the 9 robed wizards in DC have clearly stated "The Police have no duty to protect the public. Police exist to protect government's interests."

The boys & girls in BLUE are doing a fine job.