Monday, April 05, 2010

Parrinello's "Poppycock!" Count* Hits 4 As Tensions Rise In Courtroom

    Greece Supervisor John Auberger could testify as early as tomorrow!

Former deputy police chief William Mackin admits he cooperated with prosecutors so he would not face charges related to a "lost or stolen" gun report. Defense lawyers say Mackin had an incentive to blame his boss, Merritt Rahn, because he too was under investigation for the same incident, and others.

Defense: "You were told if you answer truthfully, you will not be charged with anything in relation to Merritt Rahn." Mackin replied: "yes"

Mackin said he was given that promise in a meeting last July 22nd after he had already resigned his position.

Berkeley Brean's Tweet: "Par is trying to show that Gr. Dep. Ch. Mackin saved his health benefits by agreeing to testify."
"If the jury believes he's up there singing for his benefits, that could bring his credibility into question." ~~ Atty. John Parrinello.
* Berkeley Brean has been tracking John Parrinello's utterances of "Poppycock!" in this trial since it began Apr. 1.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if Auggie is running scared?

Anonymous said...

As long as Parinello goes after Auberger, all of us here support him and Rahn and feel Rahn's innocent and shouldn't have had any charges brought against him. And John Parinello is a good man who is only in this to make sure an innocent man goes free. You gotta take the bad with the good people.

SCATS said...

To 2:15PM ~~ Who are you including in "all of us here"? Rahn is no angel, but in the scheme of things, neither is Auberger. In my mind, there was ongoing collusion (collaboration, for the PC among you) between them until Nick Joseph looked like he could cost Auggie the election.

Parrinello is doing his job, and I think he does it pretty darned well ... especially when you consider he's around 70+ yrs. old. If I were in trouble, he'd be the lawyer I'd want.

Anonymous said...

2:15 is trying to set a logic trap,
He is not serious and has been putting some of these on recently as an attempt to make fun of scats readers.

Crappy satire and F in formal logic.

SCATS said...

To 2:53PM ~~ Sounds like a product of Greece Central + Morons Ranting ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2:53 - Please don't make accusations that you cannot prove. It only "proves" your lack of logic. How do you know what other people are doing? Are you the almighty Oz? Have you watched Wicked one too many times?

SCATS said...

To 5:26PM ~~ Gimme a break. I understand what 2:53PM is saying and it certainly isn't the first time that kind of crapple like 2:15PM put up has been posted here. The interesting thing is that it usually only happens when Uncle Auggie is somehow involved in the story, because Town Hall has this site monitored ;) And that's not "POPPYCOCK!"

Anonymous said...

So what happened in court today?

And why was Parrinello not cited for contempt of court for his insult to the judge? His words to the Judge Affronti when judge refused to disqualify the juror that displeased Parrinello:

"You're taking his word over mine, an officer of the court?" he said to the judge. "Then you should be disqualified. You should be disqualified."

This is from a D and C article

Most lawyers would be held in contempt for an insult like that hurled at a judge and the court. It shows disrespect for the court. Parrinello is testing the court and he is winning.

SCATS said...

To 8:12PM ~~ Berkeley Brean from Ch 10 is following the happenings daily on Twitter and reporting on them for the 5 & 6PM news. His Twitter updates can be read on WHEC's website usually. Here's today's activities fairly well summarized:
Court was only in session from 2PM on. Tomorrow, Auberger is expected to be on the hot seat.

Regarding contempt charges against Parrinello: PERHAPS the judge knew JP's argument was accurate ... ? JP is himself an officer of the court, there's no way to argue against that, really.

Anonymous said...

From McGraw-Hill one definition of "contempt of court"

"An act of disobedience or disrespect to a judge, which may be punished by a fine or jail sentence."

Does it not seem disrespectful to the judge to say that he
(the judge) should be disqualified? Many lawyers are held in contempt and routinely fined for it even though they are officers of the court.
Is it possible that he was fined for that insult and it was not done in open court so as to not sway the jury against the defendant? Or was he deliberately baiting the judge to call him on the insult. Either way he does seem to be playing the temper tantrum and righteous indignation cards.

Anonymous said...

If Afronti was 1/10 the lawyer John Parinello is he might have had a job offer when Relin became DA and sent him packing from the DA staff.

Afronti was only a name partner in firms he could buy into including Afronti Andolina Jesserer & Lamb, and he was never a litigator.

Were he to cite John for contempt at this point we'd definitely have a jury headed for a Not Guilty because they disliked how the mean judge treated John. He can always cite John after the case goes to the Jury and not announce it publicly till after the verdict.

John is playing his game, and the DA isn't good enough to be in the same room polishing John's shoes. She knows this. ElGreenoGrande probably will not step into the courtroom to lend support to Sandy on this case.

Berkley is clueless on what is happening in this trial. Then again he's been pretty damn clueless since arriving in Rochester.

Anonymous said...

To 12:07 at "He can always cite John after the case goes to the Jury and not announce it publicly till after the verdict."
I did not know they could do that. He probably will then.

And I know 2 people that were jurors on cases under Affronti and they said he was fair. But of course they were just jurors and could not shine shoes.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste yer breadth here dumping on Parrinello. These guys will defend him as long as he goes after Auberger, the GPD and the town. Parinnello is nuts but he gets sympathy and support here. Maybe that tells us something. Hmmm?

SCATS said...

To 8:07AM ~~ It upsets you that Parrinello is doing the job he was hired to do? If the DA's case is any good, then you've got nothing to fear, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

I've always gotten a laugh from the legions who would tie Parinello to the cross in the public square and scourge him. Oddly John is one of the first names that comes to their mind when they are in trouble with the law. Such is the lot of those members of the Defense Bar who are good at their craft.

I've known John since he understudied at the side of Bob Napier, and cochaired with Bob at the Defense table. I have never found John to be less than an honorable practitioner of his craft and an honest man. His style is inimitable and past the 3 score and ten mark of his life he is still at the head of the pack.

Prosecuters never know if they dare laugh at John or should be quaking in their shoes opposing him. When John takes you as a client and takes your money you can be certain he will not sell you out as others have been known to do. He may win or he may loose, but John will be at his client's side with all he has to give.