Thursday, April 08, 2010

Parrinello Felt Embarassed For Auberger

Auberger's Recall Of Rahn's Accident Is Selective

He did recall visiting Rahn in the hospital 

He could NOT recall if Rahn took medical leave, when Rahn returned to work, who was in-charge of the GPD while Rahn recuperated, or whether he talked to any investigators about the gun case.

"I don't remember." ~~ Greece Supervisor John Auberger's response several dozen times to Parrinello's questions

"He said 'I don't remember' so many times I felt embarrassed for him, actually." ~~ John Parrinello, Rahn's Atty.


SCATS ~~ I wonder if Uncle Auggie remembers he almost got his arse whooped in the election last Fall, because half the Town's people are sick of his ineptitude?


Anonymous said...

We love you Mr. Parinello! Keep up the good work! Hug Meritt for us!

Anonymous said...

Another day and more inability to recall major events. I wonder if Mr. Auberger can even recall why he fired Rahn last year. Probably not, which is a good thing. Rahn just might get his job back again.

SCATS said...

To 2:13PM ~~ That's a great question! When it comes to the WHOLE TRUTH, Auberger's memory is a HUGE problem.

SCATS said...

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Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

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Anonymous said...
Channel 10 opened the 7:00 PM news stating "Parinello concerned that Auberger has Alzheimers!"

HAHAHAHAHAH! Xxxxxx Auberger!

He's nothing but the little Napoleon xxxx he looks and acts like. Now his brain is mush too!

4/08/2010 7:32 PM