Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Affronti Fines Him $500 Today

Parrinello Questioned The Judge's Reasoning About Frequently Sustained Objections From The Prosecution


Parrinello to judge ~~ "You are stifling my cross exam. of a critical witness."

Judge ~~ "It is a continuous course of violating the courts directives, as well as other comments/conduct. You ARE in contempt."

Berkeley Brean ~~ "There are a lot of people in law enforcement who think if Nick Joseph had not run from the scene of the ax, none of this would be going on." (more here: WHEC )

SCATS ~~ There are a lot of civilians, including me, who think if Nick Joseph had not run from the scene of the accident, none of this would be going on!!

"If it meant going to jail then so be it, so be it. I don't practice law to live, I live to practice law ...
... Mr. Trowbridge is there trying to save his own butt. Pursuant to the agreement he signed, he has to satisfy his captors, which is the district attorney's office." ~~ Defense Atty. Parrinello (YNN)

Affronti warned Parrinello on Tuesday during questioning of Trowbridge;
Trowbridge changed his testimony about the background check done on Gary Pignato;
Trowbridge testified that Auberger controlled the hiring, firing & disciplinary actions involving police officers.



Anonymous said...

He should file with someone higher than Affronti. He was the sitting judge in the Nick Joseph trial. What ever happened to conflict of interest?

In Monroe County, the fact that he is a Republican should in itself be a conflict if not a "corruption" of interest!

$500 is nothing for the point Parinello is making, but he shouldn't have to be shot down every time he tries to show culpability. That is WRONG.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they read your blog SCATS. These points were made yesterday and brought into court today.

It's that or great minds think alike!

Don't stop until that crook Auberger is behind bars!...and to clarify for all those GOPers out there, we mean the kind at the jailhouse, not the kind where Nicky and Jimbo and DMikey go and hang out!

SCATS said...

To 10:57AM ~~ Sometimes it takes someone going on the record and stating what everyone else was already thinking to get people to embrace an idea ;)

Anonymous said...

For accuracy, Judge Affronti was endorsed by both Rep & Dem parties.
He is forcing Parinello to stop trying to cloud the facts with accusations for which no evidence has been presented. It is called the justice system. Learn to live with it. Parinello is doing what defense attorneys of guilty clients do - roll in the fog and test to see how dumb the judge & jury are. Well, at least the judge is no dummy and he won't take any crap. Good for him.

SCATS said...

To 12:49PM ~~ "For accuracy," Parrinello is trying to show the jury that the deal Trowbridge struck with the DA to save his own behind is clouding Trowbridge's recall.

Anonymous said...

12:49 PM: And for the record know that Parinello is trying to show that it was AUBERGER who made this deal go down the way it did, and AUBERGER who did the hiring of Pignato AND Joseph, and that the "Justice System" as you refer to it doesn't "roll" and that the truth will set YOU free!

Memo - let's get the MEMO to the courthouse and the MEDIA!

SCATS said...

To 3:49PM ~~ According to the D&C: "Trowbridge testified that Auberger controlled the hiring, firing & disciplinary actions involving police officers." So the record is showing at least dribs 'n drabs of the WHOLE TRUTH ;) At long last!

Anonymous said...

Affronti is really helping me understand the level that even the courts will stoop to to stop the real truth from being known.

Parinello got this one right from the start: Witch hunt

I think he and Rahn should just let it rip and expose the GOP machine for exactly what it is. Put it out there and let them know he's not playing, he's not an owned man, and he's not going to let this one go down the way they want it to.

I have NEVER been more ashamed of a court room than this one. Parinello is correct in stating that he wasn't in the courtroom but 2 minutes and did nothing to provoke Affronti other than his sheer presence for him to declare contempt on him.

I think it's AFFRONTI that should be removed and a new judge seated IMMEDIATELY. He was the judge on the Nick Joseph trial, and that bias should have caused him to recuse himself from this one, especially in light of the fact that the Nick Joseph hiring is next up on the agenda. Where are the lawyers on this when they should be requesting the same in this trial?

SCATS said...

To 4:03PM ~~ I pretty much agree with your assessment, but must add that Rahn ain't no angel and I'm sure he doesn't want to end up in jail by risking the "Tell All" rendition. On the other hand, maybe if he did "Tell All" then the community might get shocked off its collective arse and run these corrupt, inept politicos out of town once and for all! But I digress ... ;(

Anonymous said...

There is a part of the criminal justice system ordinary folks don't know about and will never have access to. The Gool Ol Boys Favor Bank exists today just as it did in the 1960s when Italians replaced Irish cops.

Cops don't ticket other cops or their wives & girlfriends, and cops watch out for other cops, little things like driving them home after the drunk cop wrecks out and such. As time goes on friendships form, You watch out for my kid and I watch out for yours.

Judges too pull a lot of favors, things like my kid is a stoned doper and I don't have a clue how to save him, Detectives babysit Judges kids, and the judges are expected to return the favor at a later date. Most times the system works and when cops & judges screw up they are covered. A few years back a City Judge had a habit of smacking his wife around, she called the cops, the Judge got taken to a motel and sobered up. After all, people take care of their own, don't they.

Sometimes, a Judge with a doper kid gets a detective to get the kid straightened up or into a program. The way it's supposed to work is if that Detective ever comes to that Judge the Judge is obligated to help the Detective. Some Judges have avery short memory of the favors they got. Those Judges might not remember, but retired detectives who write stupid books about their carears damn well do.

This case is far from over, long time till the jury deliberates and a hell of a long time for jurors to not watch TV news.

Afronti became a Judge because he wasn't able to bring in dollars as a lawyer. He owes a lot of favors, and only seems to remember the ones owed to the Inssurance Trial Bar.

$500 to JP is a joke. His biggest decision every morning is which Jag to drive to work. He stood outside the courtroom with a plastic cup seeking donations to save him from jail today. I think we should set up a fund for JP like he had for the fellow he defended for shooting the punk kid.

Right now it's just time to sit back and watch the show. This one is a long way from over.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the d and c does not allow for comments on their articles about the rahn trial?

SCATS said...

To 5:04AM ~~ Probably for the same underlying reason that 13WHAM stopped allowing comments just prior to the start of this trial ... and that the D&C couldn't provide LiveBlogging for Auberger's testimony ... ;)

Anonymous said...

If there was any evidence that Auberger was involved in any prosecutable offense related to Rahn's et al actions then Mike Green - remember him? Democratic party DA? would have charged him. The majority of you on this blog can't see the forest because of all those nasty trees. I'll type it slowly for you. Rahn is on trial because the evidence points to him. Auberger is not on trial because there is no evidence against him - just a lot of accusations and innuendos from people politically opposed to him. If Affronti had not been endorsed by the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party I would agree with the conflict of interest comment. But it appears he is merely controlling behavior in his courtroom to keep the focus on fact, not fiction - and we all know Parinello is famous for creating fiction. Just hiring him as your lawyer makes you appear guilty.

SCATS said...

To 12:34PM ~~ Because everyone seems compelled to mention political alliances in the Rahn case is evidence enough as far as I'm concerned. The fact that the DA is a "Democrat" is meaningless to me. Around this area, people flip parties like a 16 yr. old flips burgers at McD's ... it's done ALL the time! Auberger isn't the ultimate kingpin either. It goes beyond him but it certainly does INVOLVE HIM.

Your remark about hiring Parrinello making people "look guilty" is pretty amusing ... I'll let you in on a little secret ... He's a DEFENSE ATTORNEY! They are only hired by the accused ;)