Friday, April 23, 2010

Is The Trial Stacked Against Rahn?

NOTE ~~ Rahn trial in recess until Monday morning. A juror is meeting privately with the judge & lawyers. There are three alternates available.
Judge Affronti has kept questioning tightly restricted by Rahn's attorney, John Parrinello. Maybe too tightly restricted ... ?

The following list of people have testified and are among the main witnesses the prosecution has called against Rahn. All but one (perhaps) have at least SOME motivation to testify FOR THE PROSECUTION.

Lt. Chatterton ~~ Promotion pending (to Provisional Capt.)

Off. Schamerhorn ~~ Demoted from Sgt. but NOT fired (few other PD's with any sense of self-respect would have kept this guy after he roughed up a woman who sued the town & won!)

Acting Deputy Chief Uhrmacher ~~ Promotion pending (to Provisional Capt.); allowed to play "Acting Chief" and now "Deputy Chief"

Former Deputy Chief Mackin ~~ Given a "deal" for his testimony and allowed to "retire" with no charges pending

Lt. Kowalski ~~ Was GPD union President under Rahn's watch and was NO friend of Rahn's; promotion upcoming? He COULD become new Deputy Chief ...

Former Sgt.Trowbridge ~~ Given a "deal" for his testimony to avoid possible felony charges

Town Supervisor Auberger ~~ Suffers post traumatic stress disorder from narrowly winning an election where a virtual unknown "union boss" Democrat nearly took his longtime job. The disorder has left him unable to recall that Greece had a police dept. prior to the hiring of Chief Todd "Save Our Ship" Baxter.

SCATS ~~ When you review this list of characters and circumstances, can you honestly say and justify that this doesn't look like a one-sided gang bang of Merritt Rahn?


Anonymous said...

The prosecution's case SHOULD be stacked against the accused; that's what happens in a trial. Hopefully JP has a list of people who can refute these witnesses and provide the other side of the story. It is very rare when a juror doesn't have to evaluate two completely different versions of history to determine the facts.

SCATS said...

To 11:10AM ~~ My question was whether or not the TRIAL is stacked against Rahn. That encompasses more than the prosecution's witnesses. That's why I began with the Judge's rulings. If I were on this jury, at this point in time, I'd say that the prosecution has NOT proven the charges against Rahn in either the missing/stolen gun incident nor the hiring of Pignato. I'm reserving my opinion about the Nick Joseph aspect until next week.

Anonymous said...

Many of the cast are getting financial incentives for the testimony. That's not typical.

Anonymous said...

The judge does seem a little too anxious to keep some thigs out. In a trial like this we need the whole truth not a partial truth.

Otherwise most of us will think that justice was not served.

Anonymous said...

They are all getting rewarded with promotions or no charges for allowing justice to be obstructed. They are blaming it all on Rahn as if he were the only person in the police department.
So they can use the "I was only following orders" defense?
The one (Mackin) that admitted changing his "crime report" of the Joseph accident in essence was confessing to a crime, one of the crimes that Rahn is accused of regarding the Pignato recommendation...changing a document and lying on it. Shouldn't he have been advised to take the 5th to not incriminate himself? How was he so sure he would not be brought up on charges? Global immunity?

SCATS said...

To 12:51PM ~~ Great questions! Does it bother you to be left asking even MORE questions following so many months of internal and external investigations than prior to spending $1,000,000+??

Anonymous said...

Is the trial stacked against Rahn?

Do fish swim?

(even the headless ones)