Monday, April 12, 2010

Duffy & Trowbridge Testify in Rahn Case

Rahn's Wife Creates Uproar

Mrs Rahn @ 3:10PM (following more sustained objections to Parrinello's questions): "Oh my God, I'm leaving! Yeah me! I'm sick of this s**t!"

Berkeley Brean: What a diff btw Duffy and Gr. Sup. Auberger. Auberger only said "Yes, No or I don't know." Duffy is really trying to clarify his answers

Duffy: "There's nothing to be nervous about if you tell the truth."

Trowbridge: "Rahn said to do (bk gd check) as quicky as possible. Don't talk to certain people and this comes from the supervisors office."

The D&C reports that Trowbridge was struck by the same trouble with recall that Auberger suffered last week: "Under tough cross-examination, Trowbridge today maintained that he could not recall multiple dates that Rahn’s attorney, John Parrinello, argued that Trowbridge lied about his work hours."

Other news  snippets of interest ...

Asst. DA Doorley lets us know why we've heard NOTHING about the internal investigation Greece taxpayer's are footing the humongous bill for: "Plus, she said, Trowbridge’s testimony during internal hearings was protected. Greece investigators involved with the disciplinary proceedings have not released information, she said."

And then there's this insight with no reference as to WHEN or WHERE he made the denial: Greece Supervisor John Auberger has maintained that the background check, which is now alleged to have been falsified, is the major reason he supported Pignato’s hiring. He denies directing anyone to fudge the background report to help Pignato get hired.


Anonymous said...

We know these orders came form Auberger.

Why are there no charges against him?

Anonymous said...

Auberger is the one who is guilty. He has mis-managed every part of the town government that exists. Gave all of his friends and family members jobs, even his girlfriend.
But he is voted in because senior citizens love when he dances with them at senior events and makes them feel special.
to be the supervisor of greece you do not need education, corporate smarts or management skills.
Greece is like the town for dummy's.

Anonymous said...

On his report on the noon news. Breed left out any reference to Auberger's role. I don't know if this was deliberate or just time constraint.

I was dissapointed

Anonymous said...

Nothing coming out of either Duff or Trobrige that I didn't say months ago.

Duff was hip deep in making Rahn a lieutennant fro 3 days at RPD so Rahn could become Chief in Ogden and Tom Cook would be happy. Duff worked with Rahn for a lot of years.
(What you won't hear~~ Piglet worked for Rahn in Goodman Sec when Duff was RPD Chief, and Piglet was a big problem then, Rahn did NOT want Piglet at Greece, he was overruled by Auberger. Rahn had to take orders from Auberger.)

Trobrige was an excellent cop who was also a pain in the ass to his bosses. Trobrige knew and understood the law, and was made an investigator so he could be watched more closely. Administration would have been happy to shed Trobrige but he would have been difficult to shed, and wouldn't have gone quietly.

Trobrige was specificly ordered to do the investigation he did, and not do the investigation he wanted to do and normally would have done.
He was handed faked letters and was dumb enough to follow orders to the letter. This normally indicates a cop in debt who has no choice other than to do exactly as ordered. You can bet the house Trobrige made an extra copy of everything he wrote and retained that copy.

You can also bet there are recordings of some of the conversations and nobody wants those to come out. If push comes to shove recordings may become public. Then it will be Katie bar the door!

This so called trial is very boring at this point in time. Team Green is meticulously avoiding certain known issues which indicates people long known to be in power are still pulling strings behind the curtain.

It's looking like Rahn made the right call when he told Team Green to shove their deal the weekend before trial started.

SCATS said...

To 12:43PM ~~ I noticed that too. I wonder if the various media outlets have been quietly warned about repercussions if there is undue emphasis put on certain people and/or events related to this trial. It's mind-numbingly ridiculous to see that the D&C dropped the ball on Live blogging more than opening and closing statements. But then again, their top brass lives in Greece and likes to drink the Kool-Aid at those Chamber meetings.

SCATS said...

To 1:32PM ~~ Do you think Rahn will testify and tell us "the rest of the story?"

Anonymous said...

@mrs. rahn
me too

Anonymous said...

I think you are right and that he will get off. This whole trial is a sham with the mayor covering up his dealings so easily because he is tall and handsome. Auberger's memory deficits were right out of a law book for not getting caught with perjury. He is just as guilty as Rahn. The theatrics of Parrinello are priceless.
Rahn will not have to testify because there is reasonable doubt from the lack of evidence. The county is going through the motions.
And methinks you are a much better writer than your attempt to look folksy would have us believe, inside man.

SCATS said...

To 4:40PM ~~ What does "tall and handsome" have to do with an easy "cover up?"

Are you calling yourself "inside man?"

Anonymous said...

Re:"Team Green"

I have not been impressed by the DA's office at all in the latest round of trials.

I get the impression they are pulling their punches or just plain incompetent.

Anonymous said...

It's complete Bullship and every single taxpayer in Monroe County should be angry.

This is YOUR taxpayer supported system that allows the judge to disallow every question that would open the box to discover the truth.

How is Parinello supposed to defend his client if he's not allowed to ask pertinent questions, and the witnesses are protected by the judge from having to answer?

I know Affronti is a Republican, and I always wondered why they fought so hard to have all those judgeships outside of the City of Rochester.

Now I know why. Even the justice system here is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Brean must be watching another trial than what he's reporting on. I just read his internet story and Duffy didn't remember, said no or had the DA's office object to the majority of Parinello's questions. It was if the DA's office was protecting Duffy. He and Green are both Democrats so it makes sense.

SCATS said...

To 8:13PM ~~ I think he posted that at the start of Duffy's testimony which was when the DA was doing the questioning. I'm getting the impression that a lot is being said in the courtroom that we're not hearing from the reporters aside from dribs and drabs.

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

BLOG Administration has deleted the previous posting & edited out some name-calling & other colorful verbiage so it could be reposted below.

Anonymous said...
Reporter in the Courtroom, really, WHO? Bxxxxxxx Breen couldn't report a bicycle pedestrian accident if the bike rode over his foot. It takes minimally 10 years for a reporter to know the town and Bxxxxxxx like the rest merely rips & reads press releases.

Da Judge in this case is a Rat Bxxxxxx backstabbing xxx. He was hand picked to be a Judge from the jetsom of Howard Relin's election to DA. He was plucked from the pond of starving lawyers eaking out an existance by someone and annointed. Wha did the plucking? Probably the famed DWI lawyer and bar owner from the tail that wags the Republican dog. Who else in this trial did that lawyer elevate to a position of power? Here's a hint, his first name starts with M and his last name starts with R and has only one vowel. This man has never been meritorious in his performence during his police carear with 3 departments.
Sorry, no prize for the correct answer, too many clues given.

Da Judge gotta sit on the truth in this show and keep the public from getting smarter. Public figures out WTF is happening old boys get embarrased, and that don't keep the donations flowing into the Judges campaign chest.

Gosh, we're right back to following the money, ain't we.

After the verdict we can discuss what Sandy baby from Team Green didn't put into evidence. After all the Jury might be reading this site, and we don't want them finding out about the N@^!* P!¢(%#@s or the (@^$ P!¢$ or the offer made that Merrit told Sandy to shove Sunday night.

I ain't betting a dollar on this trial verdict for any reason. This one could go all out wild, or it can just go to sleep. If it comes out of the jury room Not Guilty Sandy Baby will be doing realestate closings from an office inher garage. Team Green is crapping all over the Court House terazzo floors.

Remember ADA Cutsiepoo? She lost the overcharge against the fellow who shot the punk in North Greece. Seen her lately?

Remember the ADA who tried the case that never should have been brought against Smith? Think you'll be seeing him doing anything higher than traffic tickets?

Don't worry too much, Team Green has some really cute ADAs who have been warming up in Town Courts, and they will make the Hall of Injustice a lot nicer to watch.

Green may have trouble winning the next election if the Republicans find a candidate who wants to win.

4/13/2010 2:18 AM

Anonymous said...

As a person who grew up in greece it is with great disgust and sadness that i watch this sham trial. It is quite obvious that that Aub ordered that piglet (as you call him) be hired. Has ANYONE in the town ever asked a simple question as to why this person was hired. It sure smells of something more.

Anonymous said...

Now's the time for the Police Union head to come forward with the letter that was delivered to AUBERGER before Pignato was hired stating that the UNION was NOT endorsing the hiring of Pignato, and that they told Auberger that if HE hired him, anything that would occur would be on AUBERGER'S HANDS.

The memo is out there. Bring it on. This whole hiring thing WAS AUBERGERS doing. Rahn is no saint, but he was taught by the MASTER AUBERGER, who worked for the best of the beast - Jim Smith, Steve (oops, is it a suicide?) Minarik and company.

The mini mafia running the county has shifted, but some of the main players still remain, and appear to be exonerated by a fixed judicial system on a daily basis. Robutrad, Andrew Moore, Jim Smith, John Auberger. The only thing more disgusting is that the taxpayers in Greece PAID for Loczynski to help perform the cover-up AND reelected this mini-mafia boss man in the process.

BRING ON THE UNION LETTER AND GET SOME OF THESE FORMER OFFICERS TO TESTIFY. The rest of the cops on the beat were just as culpable in allowing the law to be broken every single day. And they are STILL defending you today.

That should make you sleep well at night!

Anonymous said...

If you really belive there is reasonable doubt, then Parinello's tactics are working.

Anonymous said...

"It is quite obvious..."

Really? How so? Please explain, with actual facts.

Thank you.

SCATS said...

To 1:06PM ~~ While I didn't write the comment you are referring to I can tell you that about a year ago, Auberger did state that he hired Pignato. He also stated that he makes ALL hiring decisions in the town. Feel free to explore the archives of this BLOG to find those references.

Anonymous said...

You need to ask the former UNION head WHY he isn't coming forward with the memo.

As far as TROWBRIDGE holding the memo - there are more than one who kept it.

BRING IT FORWARD. It's your hide that will be brought to criminal prosecution if that memo surfaces by means NOT of it's own free will or by doing the right thing.

DO THE RIGHT THING. Save your hide NOW.

Anonymous said...

Given the number of current Freece Cops I know to be carrying covert recording devices, I'll only be conversing with a Greece Donut Muncher in American Sign Language.

The entire department is so damn busy covering its aZZ they barely have time to generate sufficient traffic tickets to keep the bosses happy.

Here's a big shocker for you folks, Greece ain't the only place this crap is going on. Remember a few years ago when RPD cars all had the decal that said "First in NY"? All them decals had to come off when RPD was decertified. Who was in RPD command in that time frame?

The PoPo man is not your friend, and he is definitely NOT there to protect you. Carry your own gun!

SCATS said...

To the person who told me to "MYOB" ~~ Pssst! Move closer so I can whisper this right into your ear and let you in on a lil secret. This BLOG IS MY BUSINESS. I'll moderate as I see fit. I'll share info as I am able to do so. I'll comment just as I've always done. Your comment has been deep-sixed.

Thanks for trying to parent me though! Sweet dreams ;)

Anonymous said...

SCATS, c'mon. You of all people should know that "whispering" can be a very bad thing and will get you into trouble.

SCATS said...

To 8:18AM ~~ Apparently, my experiences with whispering have been different from yours ;)

Anonymous said...

Psssssssst! Scats - keep it up!

SCATS said...

To 10:37AM ~~ I intend to. Whispers are usually heard much louder than shouts ... probably because it forces people to listen more carefully :)