Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Devil Is In The Details ...

Rahn Gun Case Testimony Centers On Dates, Politics With Mackin On The Stand

"It's that one date on the form it says 12-4-99,” Parrinello said of the details behind crimes Rahn’s now charged with. “Well had the Sheriff's Office shared the information with him it would've been on or about 11-11-99."

Parrinello calls it confusion by design. Because DeFazio confessed, investigators knew when the gun was stolen but didn’t share that information because they were trying to helping their Sheriff at the time, Andrew Meloni.

"What they wanted to do was to have DeFazio charged with the theft of the gun to embarrass Merritt in the event Merritt did run against Meloni in the year 2000," Parrinello said.

13WHAM News

Parrinello claims MC Sheriff Investigator Connors was taken off the stolen gun case in 2000 because he refused to politically embarrass Rahn by charging the thief, Kenneth DeFazio, who testified Thursday that he stole the gun and traded it for 10 to 15 bags of crack cocaine.

Connors, who retired from the sheriff's office in 2002 after 24 years, said he was taken off the case by Capt. Maureen Chisholm, head of the Central Investigation Division, for contacting Mackin.

Although he didn't say why talking to Mackin was forbidden, he said Mackin had a legitimate interest in the investigation.

"It was the town of Greece's gun and he wanted to be involved in the case," Connors said.


Rahn's Atty. John Parrinello expressed anger at the DA's office for withholding this information for 10 yrs. without taking action. He calls it a vendetta that was politically motivated. Judge Francis Affronti said he will not allow any reference to personal vindictiveness, instructing Parrinello to "Stay on point!"
Parrinello said that the Appellate Court will overturn the judge's ruling.
During this time, the jury was not present in the courtroom.


Anonymous said...

I don't see why the gun issue is really relevant to the meat of the cases-- the hing of bad cops and the alleged cover up.

I don't think the gun case really proves anything about these issues. IF the gun issue was that serious why didn't they fire Rahn then? If not that serious I don't see how it proves much.

I want to hear Auberger testify.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they try then and he sued and won against them?

SCATS said...

To 1:18PM ~~ I believe you are correct. That's how he got his job back, under a previous regime ... ? However, I don't think that was over his gun, because the missing gun incident happened while Auberger was Supervisor.

Anonymous said...

You are right. There is another site called monroe rising that looked it up last year and says he was arrested in 1995 for various crimes and the charges were all dropped and he sued and won 144,000 from the town.
So why didn't the sheriff office bring up the missing gun issue back in 1999? It was the county and sheriff that knew about it and sat on it until now. Maybe we should do an investigation of them. Obstruction of justice? Favoritism? Accessory after the fact of rahn allegedly hiding the fact that his gun was missing?

They can't have it both ways. If Rahn is guilty of hiding the fact of his missing gun they are accessories by not making it public and doing an investigation. If there is a statute of limitations for their misdeeds there would be one for Rahn too.
Or Rahn is not guilty of anything with the gun being missing and they are using the facts in the past as a smoke screen. Either way there must be doubt as the jurors listen to these people trying to get back at each other.

Anonymous said...

At trial the issue is not the gun or the theft of the gun; The issue is when and how Rahn generated & filed the report of the stolen gun way after the theft occurred.

The culture of MCSO "detectives" changed when Lombard was elected and brought a bunch of his RPD pals over to be MCSO "detectives".

Remember Meloni NEVER spent a day in a patrol car, or worked a case. Skinner appointed Meloni to Undersheriff from a position of civilian file clerk, and then lost the following election to Lombard.

MCSO "detectives" would have trouble finding their glutiusmaximus with both hands and a flashlight. The Bureau exists primarily to keep a lid on things, and do as politicians desire. Failing to do as politicians desire gets a MCSO "detective" returned to night patrol in a town like Riga.

Yes Rahn was previously fired under the Boiley administration. Boiley brought Rahn to Greece in an attempt to shed Phelon, then moved Rahn from Comissioner to Chief, and a couple years later tried to play the same game against Rahn. That gave us the llovely Chucky Zona reign of terror. Rahn sued and was reinstated.

Anonymous said...

Ok 2:43. So who can help us investigate the Sheriff department?
And I do enjoy your imagery.

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is that Parinello drank the republican kool-aid. Remember that he was their choice for Mayoral candidate, and was sitting on the Board of MCC during the whole President ordeal for politics there.

So it boils down to internal republican doings, much of which was seen in the Robutrad/Jimmy "the hammer" Smith, who now, according to Batman Reilich is "welcome back to the fold" and all is well.

Rahn however, paired with Parinello is biting the hand that feeds.

I think we should stick to the current stuff as well, and the obvious involvement of Johnny "the big A" Aweburger and his involvement for the purposes of his win...unless Parinello is leading up to a pattern of how people are dealt with that try to muck with the works.

That being said, this will be a very interesting hearing.

I don't think ANY of them are innocent, but I think the whole picture will be told when the Fed gets into the guts of Robutrad, et al. They kind of hinted at that in today's D&C.

Anonymous said...

The feds never got around to investigating Auberger on the assessor scandal.

What makes you seriously think they will probe the inner workings of Robutrad

Anonymous said...

Simple: Plea deals.

SCATS said...

To 2:43PM ~~ Technically, you are correct about the issue being the "filing of a false instrument" otherwise known as an inaccurate one. However, the reason this entire mess wasn't handled years ago goes to the politics of it all. Isn't it possible that certain issues were left open just in case someone needed a reason to take Rahn out in the future? Who knew it would be almost 10 years later!?

Anonymous said...

SCATS many issues remain open and undisposed of, not because they are being saved for a future need, but more because there is just no need to take them to disposition.

However, when the need to urinate on somebody arises, ole boxes get dusted off and phone calls go out to retired guys to ask if they remember. The police fraternity is one of long friendships and remembrance of favors done 20 years ago.

Rahn had a Godfather for years but Godfathers do not last forever. Rahn could and should have retired when he saw the handwriting onthe wall, but he's a stubborn SOB with a personality that requires power. He doesn't understand the current generation of cops working for him, the ones who make copies of everything and carry recorders in their pockets to protect themselves.

Rahn has a lot of enemies, some going back to his days at RPD when his big mouth almost got him dropped off the side of a bridge across the river. The only friend he had left at RPD has to stay clear of him, and let Rahn drown if he drowns.

Remember, Rahn was elevated to Lt for a 3 day period so he could be hired as Chief in Ogden. The people who did that are long gone, and Rahn is on his own. His great gift of never going rat is of little value to him today since what Rahn knew no longer holds value. What he may know about the last 5 years in Greece is of some value, but the crap he knows about may not concern people in power.

In the normal course of day to day policing and government the filing a false instrument wouldn't raise an eyebrow. It's done every day and will continue to be done as long as the Sun rises.

Other issues the public has not heard of might come out if the heat is turned up too far. Yes America, there are pictures, and the people in them can be easily identified. Cops are real good at taking pictures.

This whole mess including Rahn, Joseph, Pignato and Auberger along with a few others won't finally shake out for at least 3 more years, and by the time it does, most of the public will have lost interest in it. The "media" will have long moved on to the story of the day, and the D&C may only exist as a memory.

Anonymous said...

What's the significance of 3 more years?

Anonymous said...

Rahn Should spill what he knows now,

SCATS said...

To 1:12PM ~~ Agreed 100%!!