Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chief Baxter Promoting 16 In GPD

UPDATE ~~    In addition to the promotions mentioned below, Sgt. Michael Bihrle, Sgt. Jason Helfer, Sgt. John Henderson & Sgt. Phillip Schultz will be promoted to Lt.

The D&C reports that a ceremony is planned for 1PM on April 29 at Town Hall, 1 Vince Tofany Blvd.

Lieutenants Steven Chatterton, Patrick Phelan and Brian Uhrmacher will become provisional captains and Officers James Carris, Kevin Ewanow, David Mancuso, Corey McNeil, Tory Moffett, Mark Sundquist, Anthony Waltermyer, Benjamin Waye and Patrick Welch will become sergeants.

“I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to restructure and develop a command staff that will assist me in moving this department forward. The quality of the command staff and the quality of all of our officers has us poised for future success.” ~~ Chief Todd Baxter

SCATS ~~ So, Baxter is creating a whole new tier within GPD that we didn't have before ~~ "provisional captains." How much is this costing us? And does this mean that Kowalski will remain a Lt? Will others be promoted to Lt. too? Or does Kowalski become Deputy Chief for towing the line at the Rahn Trial? I feel badly for Brian Uhrmacher. He was "good enough" to be Acting Chief. He was "good enough" to be Acting Deputy Chief. But it appears he's not "good enough" to be more than a "provisional captain" along with the politically connected Chatterton & Phelan. Same ole, same ole!


Anonymous said...

Provisional Captain is an interesting rank. What will the collar hardwear be, little golden PC perhaps?

Oddly it wasn't 10 years ago when Captains were eliminated in the GPD structure as unnecessary overhead cost.

Can you spell payback for being a good little munchkin?

SCATS said...

To 12:52PM ~~ A little golden "PC" would be PERFECT!! LOL Yes, they've been very good munchkins, especially Chatterton for his generosity to Auberger's campaign funds ;) I wonder if Uncle Auggie "remembered" to thank him ... ?

Anonymous said...

Very sad and disappointing. New chief is not what we were hoping for.
LOL my word verification is "fangs"

SCATS said...

To 1:08PM ~~ It's almost creepy at how "on target" those word verification words can be at times ;)

Anonymous said...

Bxter's conformity to the line is no shock.
Folks here keep hoping for a change.
The head of the fish has to go.

Anonymous said...

Right on 1:59. Hoping won't do it though. Proof and charges are needed to run the master gunslinger out of Dodge, once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Today while the dualing banjos played at Town Hall in the competition between the GR Fire Dept and the Highway Dept, our new PoPo Chief attended a meeting at Park Ridge. He impressed a lot of people inthe room with his promise to appoint a liason to attend future meetings he could not himself attend. Some people are easily impressed.

He also enlightened Park Ridge managers on his management style, and his plans to promote many GPD people because all the provisional management since his arrival hasn't worked well(imagine that).

It was noteworthy that he was able to present his material without the use of a teleprompter.

Those in the room who are long time residents of Greece were completely UNDERwhelmed by the man. He's another empty head in a stuffed shirt delivering the material people want to hear from his mouth.

BTW, if your car is ransacked at Park Ridge don't count on help from GPD. The head of Security for Unity once worked for Baxter.

Fire Chief Bud was not in attendance, as is his usual habit, Bud is out of town during the Rahn trial. Odd how Bud is always out of town during trials.

Anonymous said...

When and if Rahn is found guilty, he will sue the town for this trial and defamation etc. Or did he give up his right to sue since he was allowed to "resign" with only $10,000 instead of being fired?
In any case if he sues, the taxpayers of Greece have to foot the bill for the town supervisor and others' defense and pay the settlement or judgement. It happened before in the 90's and he won.

SCATS said...

To 7:15AM ~~ As they say, those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Our Supervisor never impressed me as being more than a dimly lit bulb anyway.

SCATS said...

By the way, the taxpayer's are already footing the bill for the one-sided witch hunt at the courthouse this month. That's not to say that Rahn is totally innocent, but it sure does seem like Parrinello hasn't gotten ANY rulings to go his way, rather incredible I think.