Thursday, April 29, 2010

As Joe Biden Once Said ...

"This is a big F'n deal."

The cast of characters in attendance included:
Shannon O'Keefe
Bob Bilsky
Andrew Conlon
Kirk Morris
Joe Robach
Bill Reilich
Mark Cassetti
Rick Antelli
Dick Beebe
Patrick O'Flynn
Mike Green
William Sanborn
Roger Boily
Gerald Phelan
Gino Nitti
Vince Campbell
Jeff McCann
Bill Selke
Jodi Perry
Joan Korsch
Jerry Helfer
Peace Officers
Members of GVA

SCATS ~~ I can't help but wonder what DA Mike Green was doing in a room filled with mostly Republicans ... hmm ...


Anonymous said...

Same with that flea bitten Beebe. Was there a check that needed cashing?

Anonymous said...

I thought the fishy smell today in Greece was coming from Lake Ontario.

Obviously I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Dick Beebe is a Democrat who's been trying to join in with the republican team because he's nervous that he's next on the chopping block during the next campaign. He has no loyalty to the party thatput him in power. he's a typical politician.

Anonymous said...

I saw the demoted Tom Schamerhorn wearing street clothes and watching the ceremony from outside in the hall. By design?