Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Affronti Dismisses Three Counts

Three of Four Charges (Counts 7,9 & 11) Related To Document Tampering Are Tossed Out By Judge Affronti

Parrinello Rests His Case


Watch LIVE Testimony

Parrinello's Closing Remarks ~~ D&C's LiveBLOG

Summary of today's events plus links for each lawyer's summation


Anonymous said...

This seem slightly different than todsy's newspaper report So exactly which counts are these. Do they have to do with the gun charge or the Joseph charges or both?

SCATS said...

To 12:52PM ~~ I hesitate to guess what the D&C means by anything related to the exact charges against Rahn, since they have repeatedly stated he was indicted on 11 counts, instead of 12. I also must say I'm not clear on the judge's ruling at this point since I do not have the listing of charges in front of me ... when I get time, I'll have to check the archives & see if I can find the link for the orig. indictment.

SCATS said...

I found & posted a link that shows the original 11 count indictment against Rahn. Before that indictment, he was arrested and charged with one count. I think that first one count charge got wrapped into the 11 count indictment as count #1 ... but it's not completely clear to me.