Friday, April 30, 2010

Read All About ...

The Greece School Board Candidates

Please note that Candidates Night is scheduled for Wednesday, May 5 from 7- 9PM in Room E46 at Apollo Middle School.

The Greece Central Elementary School Transportation Study

Related Transportation Study  Power Point Slides

Thursday, April 29, 2010


GUILTY on 7 counts

NOT GUILTY on 2 counts
(related to his stolen weapon)
Sentencing to be in July


SCATS ~~ Was justice really served? The judge overruled Parrinello's request to include certain questions in what was read back to the jury!

From the D&C: "The readback was initially concluded at 2 p.m., but jurors were told to suspend their deliberations after Parrinello objected that the readback didn’t include some pertinent testimony by Elmore.
Affronti ordered some additional testimony to be read back, but overruled part of Parrinello’s request. The judge, however, allowed Parrinello to read into the record the questions and answers Parrinello wanted jurors to hear so the issue would be preserved for an appeal, if Rahn is convicted."

As Joe Biden Once Said ...

"This is a big F'n deal."

The cast of characters in attendance included:
Shannon O'Keefe
Bob Bilsky
Andrew Conlon
Kirk Morris
Joe Robach
Bill Reilich
Mark Cassetti
Rick Antelli
Dick Beebe
Patrick O'Flynn
Mike Green
William Sanborn
Roger Boily
Gerald Phelan
Gino Nitti
Vince Campbell
Jeff McCann
Bill Selke
Jodi Perry
Joan Korsch
Jerry Helfer
Peace Officers
Members of GVA

SCATS ~~ I can't help but wonder what DA Mike Green was doing in a room filled with mostly Republicans ... hmm ...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reminders ...

GPD's Promotions Ceremony
Thursday, April 29; 1 PM
Eastman Room ~ Greece Town Hall.

GCSD Community Budget Meeting
Thursday, April 29, 7PM
Olympia High School, Large Cafeteria

Affronti Dismisses Three Counts

Three of Four Charges (Counts 7,9 & 11) Related To Document Tampering Are Tossed Out By Judge Affronti

Parrinello Rests His Case


Watch LIVE Testimony

Parrinello's Closing Remarks ~~ D&C's LiveBLOG

Summary of today's events plus links for each lawyer's summation

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moments of Revelation Mark BOE Session

  • Pat Tydings refused to answer/allow anyone to answer Dave Ferington's question: "Why did it take so long for the BOE's motion (April 2007) to be carried out in April 2010?"
  • BOE has many options to consider including: designating mileage limits for out-of-boundary bussing; limiting access to neighboring schools; only picking up students from home address; charging fees for out-of-boundary riders; imposing mileage limits on Pinebrook & WRidge buildings; using a central hub as a transfer point; targeting specific bldgs to reduce costs; using smallest possible buses; obtaining & implementing better software programs; improving databases
  • BOE told by consultants to consider: "What is the real or perceived benefit of schools-of-choice to families? What is the benefit (if any) on achievement?"
  • "What is the responsibility of the district to provide for the personal preferences for each and every parent in the district?" ~~ Pat Tydings
  • "Where does the district and BOE stand on schools-of-choice, signature schools and neighborhood schools?" ~~ Julia VanOrman ... Tydings wouldn't permit discussion of it.
  • BOE members stunned to learn that GCSD provides discretionary daycare transportation at great expense which could be eliminated legally
SCATS ~~ When we start considering reductions for next year's budget, we can begin by eliminating bussing to daycare! It's a no-brainer, especially for a BOE that continually whines about the need for "mandate relief."

Affronti May Dismiss 4 Most Serious Charges Against Rahn

NY Supreme Court Justice Francis Affronti said he's leaning toward throwing out 4 counts of first-degree tampering with public records, a felony that could send Rahn to prison for up to 7 yrs. Affronti said his reading of an appellate decision in an unrelated case indicated that for a public record to be tampered with, it has to be altered after it has been filed. To his recollection, there was no evidence the records were changed after filing. He will decide tomorrow.

Closing arguments to be carried live on YNN; will be blogged live by D&C starting at 9:30AM


SCATS ~~ Is this some sort of "deal" after a day of negotiating by the two sides? Or is this actually a legal decision the judge feels he's required to make? Why so late in the game and after so much time/money has been wasted by the prosecution & Town of Greece?

Rampant STD Rates Join High Taxes To Put Monroe County On The Map

Excellus BC/BS report:
  • Finger Lakes region* has highest rate of chlamydia in upstate NY
  • Incidence of gonorrhea among 15-19 yr olds exceeds state ave.
  • Finger Lakes area leads other upstate regions in HIV, AIDS & syphilis rates
*Monroe, Livingston, Wayne, Ontario, Yates & Seneca counties


SCATS ~~ Let's thank our many, cheating local politicians who are less than excellent role models themselves ... maybe THAT'S why he couldn't recall anything under oath ... ;)

Tonight - The Greece Central BOE Presents:

The Much Awaited, Heavily Anticipated
Elementary School Transportation Study
Meeting starts @6:30PM

Not coincidentally ...
Monday May 3rd from 6:30-8PM 
The Family Support Center Hosts
The Asperger’s Group
 facilitated by Hope Herting
 a licensed CSW in Greece Schools.
Learn how to give a more "proper" response
to your next, much higher GC$D tax bill ;)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Trowbridge Admits Changing Testimony

No court Tuesday as attys meet with judge regarding procedural issues;
It's unclear whether the defense will call any witnesses including Merritt Rahn

Under intense cross-examination by John Parrinello, former Sgt. Trowbridge admits his testimony to the grand jury was much different on various aspects than the testimony he's given at Rahn's trial .

“According to Sergeant Trowbridge, he did give a compelled statement to the Director of Public Safety On July 1. Thought he had to protect Merritt Rahn, thought better of himself and came back the next day without an attorney, without an appointment and told the truth. And what he told Joe Lysinski on the second is what he has told the jury during the course of this trial.” ~~ Sandra Doorley, ADA


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Steve Walts Named Region IV Supt. of the Year

Walts is one of eight contenders who will be considered for Virginia Superintendent of the Year to be announced May 4th.

“Dr. Walts would be the first to give credit to the nearly 10,000 employees who are the faces of this World-Class School Division for their hard work and ask that they share in this honor." ~~ Milton C. Johns, School Board Chairman At-Large

Read All About It ... if your gag reflex doesn't work ;)

Listen up PWC residents ~~ Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Rahn was slow to get an investigation started, but he did NOT cover-up Nick Joseph's accident, according to testimony from Friday.


SCATS ~~ I don't have the wording of the 11 counts against Rahn in front of me, but at this stage of the game, I see lots of doubt surrounding the general allegations. With closing arguments expected by midweek, it's possible (maybe not probable) Rahn will be exhonerated in time to watch the Auberger/Baxter GPD promotions show on Thursday afternoon ;)

A Catchy Campaign Slogan?

"Pull 5, 6, 7 to achieve school board heaven!"
"If you pull 1, 2 or 3, you will be left up a tree!"

1 - Jeff Smith

2 - Tom Mack

3 - Brian O'Connor

4 - Tracey Farmer

5 -  Beth Race

6 - Joe Grinnan

7 - Gale O'Toole

A Whole Week of Meetings

1 - Dewey Ave. Traffic Calming Study
Monday, April 26;
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Barnard Firehouse, 3084 Dewey Ave.

Purpose - to give the public an opportunity to learn about and comment on the final draft of the study and its recommendations.
2 - BOE Special Meeting
Tues. 04/27/2010; 6:30PM
It is anticipated that the Board will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss pending litigation

Approval of BOCES Budget
Election of BOCES 2 Board Members
Elementary School Transportation Study

3 - Northgate Neighborhood Group
April 28; 7PM
Aldersgate Church
Dewey Ave.
Supt. Achramovitch will attempt "to sell" his 7.61% tax increase during a budget presentation

4 - GPD's Promotions’ Ceremony
Thursday, April 29, 2010; 1 PM
Eastman Room ~ Greece Town Hall.

5 - GCSD Community Budget Meeting
Thursday, April 29, 7PM
Olympia High School, Large Cafeteria

Friday, April 23, 2010

An Interesting Aside ...

When I was writing today's BLOG titled " Is The Trial Stacked Against Rahn?" I reread several of my own BLOGs and some past news articles on Rahn's trial to try to keep things straight in my own mind. One item I used was Berkeley Brean's Update: Meet the Rahn Trial Cast of Characters  which he posted on 04/13/2010 12:05 PM and later Updated at: 04/20/2010 11:44 AM ~~ THREE DAYS AGO!

As a result, my posted BLOG contains the following statement: "Former Deputy Chief Mackin ~~ Given a "deal" for his testimony and allowed to "retire" with no charges pending."  This completed BLOG is time-stamped for Friday, April 23, 2010 @ 10:26AM. Remember, I based my statement about Mackin using BB's Cast of Characters as one reference in aiding me to choose my wording.

Fast forward to BB's article this afternoon: "Greece Dep. Chief advised Rahn to reopen Joseph crash, never told to "cover up" Posted at: 04/23/2010 12:41 PM. At the end of his post is the following:

"Reporter's note.
Last week, based on cross examination by defense attorney John Parrinello, it was reported that former Deputy Chief Bill Mackin "cut a deal" with the District Attorney's office to testify in exchange for not being charged. The DA's office says it never had any intention to charge Mackin. Mackin retired from the Greece Police Department in 2009."

I went back to check and sure enough, the info posted on his "Cast of Characters" piece has been changed since 10:26AM today to reflect what's stated in his "note." However, the time stamp for when it was last "updated" remains unchanged. 

I find it most interesting that something posted by TV media on April 13th (originally) and updated on April 20th goes "unchallenged" until SCATS posts today using one small piece of it. Suddenly the DA's Office seeks to "correct" Berkeley Brean's "mistaken" impression? HA!!


Is The Trial Stacked Against Rahn?

NOTE ~~ Rahn trial in recess until Monday morning. A juror is meeting privately with the judge & lawyers. There are three alternates available.
Judge Affronti has kept questioning tightly restricted by Rahn's attorney, John Parrinello. Maybe too tightly restricted ... ?

The following list of people have testified and are among the main witnesses the prosecution has called against Rahn. All but one (perhaps) have at least SOME motivation to testify FOR THE PROSECUTION.

Lt. Chatterton ~~ Promotion pending (to Provisional Capt.)

Off. Schamerhorn ~~ Demoted from Sgt. but NOT fired (few other PD's with any sense of self-respect would have kept this guy after he roughed up a woman who sued the town & won!)

Acting Deputy Chief Uhrmacher ~~ Promotion pending (to Provisional Capt.); allowed to play "Acting Chief" and now "Deputy Chief"

Former Deputy Chief Mackin ~~ Given a "deal" for his testimony and allowed to "retire" with no charges pending

Lt. Kowalski ~~ Was GPD union President under Rahn's watch and was NO friend of Rahn's; promotion upcoming? He COULD become new Deputy Chief ...

Former Sgt.Trowbridge ~~ Given a "deal" for his testimony to avoid possible felony charges

Town Supervisor Auberger ~~ Suffers post traumatic stress disorder from narrowly winning an election where a virtual unknown "union boss" Democrat nearly took his longtime job. The disorder has left him unable to recall that Greece had a police dept. prior to the hiring of Chief Todd "Save Our Ship" Baxter.

SCATS ~~ When you review this list of characters and circumstances, can you honestly say and justify that this doesn't look like a one-sided gang bang of Merritt Rahn?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

SCATS Asks ...

Q1 ~~ If Deputy Chief Bill Mackin and Lts. Uhrmacher, Chatterton & Kowalski were so concerned over Rahn's handling of Nick Joseph's accident, then WHY DIDN'T THEY TAKE IT TO SUPERVISOR JOHN AUBERGER, THE NY STATE POLICE AND/OR THE MEDIA??
(Instead, we're hearing how worried Lt. Chatterton was that Auberger and/or the media would find out!! We've learned today that Chatterton & Uhrmacher will BOTH be promoted to Provisional Captains positions. We already know that Chatterton is a longtime contributor to Auberger's campaign fund and that there's no charges pending against Mackin!)

Q2 ~~ Of the five Lts. within GPD at the time, Lt. Patrick Phelan's name is NOTICEABLY ABSENT in relation to all of this "concern" within GPD related to the Nick Joseph case. WHY IS THAT??
(Could it have ANYTHING to do with political connections and/or favors related to the fact his father is a former GPD Chief?? Note that he, too, will become a Provisional Captain ... maybe for keeping his mouth shut??)

Q 3 ~~ Given the two previous questions and this week's court testimony, we know that ALTHOUGH the Lts. weren't comfortable with Rahn's handling, THEY DID NOTHING. 
BUT we're expected to believe that GPD has been completely "cleansed" of all the rotten apples??
(It seems to me that these men are as guilty of a cover-up as anyone else! Chatterton even stated he was worried about Auberger or the media finding out about Nick Joseph and concerned that GPD's image would become tarnished!)

I'm not buying into their explanations or their innocence.

GPD's Internal Politics Comes To Light In Rahn Trial Testimony

From WHEC-TV: Following the June 10, 2008 meeting with Chief Rahn, Deputy Chief Bill Mackin & the GPD command staff, Lt. Chatterton tells Rahn "You will regret this" related to how Rahn was handling the Nick Joseph accident.

JP: Was it you that told Dep. Chief Mackin that "Joseph had a lot of enemies and this didn't look good"?

SC: "There was more to it than that, but yes."


Parrinello & Affronti Express Mutual Frustrations Again

"This trial is not about you and me!" ~~ John Parrinello

"You make a good point but you're losing sight of what this court's role is. I think I've been very fair and patient." ~~ Judge Affronti

SCATS ~~ He "made a good point"!? Holy crapple, Batman! The judge is admitting it IS personal between himself & Parrinello!

Chief Baxter Promoting 16 In GPD

UPDATE ~~    In addition to the promotions mentioned below, Sgt. Michael Bihrle, Sgt. Jason Helfer, Sgt. John Henderson & Sgt. Phillip Schultz will be promoted to Lt.

The D&C reports that a ceremony is planned for 1PM on April 29 at Town Hall, 1 Vince Tofany Blvd.

Lieutenants Steven Chatterton, Patrick Phelan and Brian Uhrmacher will become provisional captains and Officers James Carris, Kevin Ewanow, David Mancuso, Corey McNeil, Tory Moffett, Mark Sundquist, Anthony Waltermyer, Benjamin Waye and Patrick Welch will become sergeants.

“I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to restructure and develop a command staff that will assist me in moving this department forward. The quality of the command staff and the quality of all of our officers has us poised for future success.” ~~ Chief Todd Baxter

SCATS ~~ So, Baxter is creating a whole new tier within GPD that we didn't have before ~~ "provisional captains." How much is this costing us? And does this mean that Kowalski will remain a Lt? Will others be promoted to Lt. too? Or does Kowalski become Deputy Chief for towing the line at the Rahn Trial? I feel badly for Brian Uhrmacher. He was "good enough" to be Acting Chief. He was "good enough" to be Acting Deputy Chief. But it appears he's not "good enough" to be more than a "provisional captain" along with the politically connected Chatterton & Phelan. Same ole, same ole!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

M&T Bank On Long Pond Held Up Wed. AM

WHEC-TV reports that: "a man, approximately 5’5”-5’8” tall with a medium build wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, gloves and sunglasses, showed the bank teller a note and told her that she was being robbed. The suspect left with an undisclosed amount of money."


GPD & Livingston County Police Search Caledonia Swamp For Missing Greece Man

Bruce S. Reynolds has been missing since April 15th. His vehicle has been found on Sand Hill Rd. in Caledonia.


How DID Nick Joseph Get Home?

Parrinello Finally Asks The Question ...

Parrinello: Did Lt. (Steve) Chatterton ask Rahn, "If Nick's wife brought him home why didn't she take him to the hospital?"
Lt. Kowalski, GPD: Yes.
Parrinello: And Rahn said because Nick was combatitive and wouldn't let her take him to the hospital
Kowalski: That's what he said.


 Schamerhorn Feared Becoming GPD's "Fall Guy" In Joseph Accident

Schamerhorn gave State Police 25 pieces of paper including the Nick Joseph investigation report he filed and then one he "re-wrote."

Admits he only told State Police that Mackin told him to rewrite the report. Rahn wasn't mentioned.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Polling Positions For BOE Elections...

The straws have been drawn and the results are:

1 Jeff Smith
2 Tom Mack
3 Brian O'Connor
4 Tracey Farmer
5 Beth Race
6 Joe Grinnan
7 Gale O'Toole


Demoted Sgt. Schamerhorn Takes Stand

"I expressed concerns (to Rahn) that this incident was going to be something the public would be aware of and we wouldn't look good." ~~ Off. Thomas Schamerhorn, GPD

Parrinello: "You were demoted from Sgt. to officer b/c of the way you handled the Joseph accident, right?"

Scham: "That's the cause the town gave."


Berkeley Brean on

Cast of Characters

School Lunches ~~ A Natl. Security Issue

Retired military officers' group, Mission: Readiness, deem school lunches a national security threat, because 27% of new recruits age 17-24 are too overweight to join the military.

New report says the US government spends tens of millions of dollars every year to train replacements for service members discharged because of weight problems.


SCATS ~~ Are we still relying on income of $1 million from the Pepsi pouring rights contract in GCSD?

Is Consolidation The Answer To Reducing School Spending?

From a D&C article about school district budget cuts:

Marty Levin of Greece thinks that school districts need to step into the 21st century when it comes to budget management.

He wrote, "We are in the 21st century and still operate our schools as they were in the 20th century. We need to address consolidating school districts, school superintendents, principals and vice principals, and admin support. The savings could be huge."

Consolidation could save enormous amounts of money, that much is likely true. But, as was seen when the idea of consolidating the city and suburban districts was floated a few years ago, that's one of those ideas that looks good on paper but has little to no support on the ground. Not saying it couldn't be done, just that I wonder how much public sentiment has changed.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just When You Think Things Can't Get Worse ...

The NY State Assembly is considering TWO separate bills related to trying on and returning underwear!


SCATS ~~ Maybe the fear instilled by Gantt & Co is what fueled the theft of $4000 worth of underthings from Victoria's Secrets in Syracuse over the weekend!

PS ~~ There still is no state budget!!!!

Greece Man Charged With Hosting Drinking Party For Minors

Kenneth Henry, 20, of 125 Baneberry Way is accused of hosting an underage drinking party & providing alcohol to minors Saturday in Canandaigua.
Police were called to an apt. related to excessive noise & found an unconscious 17 yr old girl who was transported to F.F. Thompson Hospital for treatment.

The BOE Candidates Are ..

Tracey Farmer
Thomas Mack
Brian O'Connor
Jeff Smith
Joe Grinnan
Beth Race
Gale O'Toole

These people each turned in a petition with the required 95 qualified signatures.

Rahn Trial ~~ Week #3

Former ADA Ken Hyland Continues Cross-Examination By Parrinello

"I thought it was inconceivable that a member of the Greece Police Department had hurt a woman and he (Rahn) didn't know about it." ~~ Ken Hyland

Follow reporter Berkeley Brean
Quote of the day: “You have been very kind and tolerant today.” ~~ Atty. John Parrinello to Judge Affronti

“As opposed to other days?” ~~ Judge Affronti responded.


Now That The "Spas" Are Shut Down ...

The D&C Reports:
A woman walking to work near Maiden Lane and Dewey Avenue was accosted by a man on April 11. The man grabbed the woman by her hair and offered money for sex. The man fled in a gray four-door pickup truck with the number 6 on the back window.

SCATS ~~ I guess the criminals heard that the special police detail in the Dewey corridor ended!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just For Fun ..

I need something specific for my house. So I go to a hardware store and the clerk tells me “the price of one is fifty cents and the price of 30 is one dollar. And the price of 144 is one dollar and fifty cents. What am I buying?


Math Teacher Pranks

Monroe County Property Taxes Among US's Highest

NY's local taxes are 79% above the national average;
Levies grew 60% from 1995-2005, according to the Comptroller;
1.7 million people left New York between 2000 & July 2009.

School taxes accounted for 61% of all property taxes in 2007;
NY school staff grew by more than 12,000 between 2000 and 2007, even as enrollment declined by nearly 16,000 students.

"NY State spends more money per student than any state in the United States of America. So that would be great if we have the best results in the country, but we don't." ~~ Tom Suozzi

Article contains links to several related databases

SCATS ~~ I hope you read this Roger Boily, John Auberger, Joe Robach, Maggie Brooks, because it's YOU FOLKS WHO KEEP RAISING OUR TAXES!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

If You Thought Bussing To Schools-of-Choice Was Pricey ...

... I wonder how much GCSD planned to spend to retrieve the stranded Greece Athena Show Choir from Toronto?

TV news on Thursday reported that the group had been stranded in Toronto since WEDNESDAY, because their flight to Greece (the country) was canceled due to volcanic ash. This morning's D&C reports they might make it to Greece on Sunday. The article then notes: "The rescheduling was unexpected: The Greece Central School District had already arranged to send buses to Toronto to pick up the kids and bring them back home."

SCATS ~~ Since I thought students paid ALL expenses related to travel on such extra-curricular trips, I'm wondering who approved these buses, when it was approved, at what cost, and where in the policy such situations are covered? Is this done for all students, or just for "special groups?"

Friday, April 16, 2010

GPD Sends Out Sex Offender Notice

Just in Time for Spring Break!!
(Click to enlarge image)
Beware For Your Own & For Your Children's Sake!!

NY State Has NO BUDGET ...

... So Our Lawmakers
Debate An Underwear Bill!

Spa Owner Gets Slap On Wrist For Prostitution!

13WHAM reports:

A Former Greece Spa owner was sentenced Friday for allowing prostitution at his business, the now-closed Tub and Tan on Ling Road.

James Polaski, 66, was sentenced to community service after pleading guilty to prostitution charges.

Polaski received a three year conditional discharge of probation and 200 hours of community service. He also must forfeit $20,000 seized in a raid of his home on Manitou Beach Road in February 2009.

In addition, the plea resolves potential charges that he also allowed prostitution at two other spas in Greece that also are now closed: Elite Body Spa and Essence Spa, both located on West Ridge Road.

SCATS ~~ So let me get this straight, Polaski pleads guilty to prostitution at THREE SPAS and gets to do "Community Service" for his sentence? AND one of the spas just happened to be where an off-duty cop shot a "thief" who held up his "girlfriend" in the parking lot following her tough day at work in that spa??? THERE'S NOTHING CORRUPT GOING ON HERE AT ALL, FOLKS! Nope! Nothing corrupt at all!!

Parrinello Warned Again; GPD Cops Testify

"Am I frustrated? Yes I'm frustrated. Am I right? Yes I'm right." ~~ John Parrinello

Off. Brandon White testifies he was first to arrive at Joseph accident scene & later told by then Sgt Thomas Schamerhorn that he was taken off the case.


SCATS ~~ Every time I hear Schamerhorn's name I wonder how he was able to only get demoted after all he has done ...

NYSED Releases 2008-09 School Report Cards

Data contained in the 2008-09 School Report Cards, but not previously released, includes:
  • The percentage of core classes taught by Highly Qualified Teachers;
  • School & district performance on Regents Exams;
  • and Grades 4 & 8 Science and Grades 5 & 8 Social Studies results.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rahn Trial Part 3: Nick Joseph Accident

Acting Dep. Chief Brian Uhrmacher Takes The Stand. After a Sgt. came to him with concerns about the accident, he consulted Dep. Chief Mackin. Together, they met with Rahn. 
Alexis Sharp testified regarding the accident that began GPD's ongoing scandals. She says only State Police followed up with her about the accident. GPD never contacted her.

Paterson Signs Open Meetings Law Reforms

  • When possible, open meetings must now be held in venues large enough to accommodate the general public.
  • State & local govts must establish rules for photography, audio & video recordings at meetings.
  • Courts can now require violators of the Open Meetings Law to attend mandatory training sessions with the state Committee on Open Government.
"They strengthen the Open Meetings Law in a variety of ways and clearly give the public the opportunity for much better access." ~~ Robert Freeman, exec. dir. Committee on Open Government


SCATS ~~ I disagree with Mr. Freeman. The lack of significant consequences allows for continuation of some very bad habits at the level of local school & town boards.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

They're In ... They're Out .. They're In Again ...

The Slate of Potential Greece BOE Candidates* Grows & Shrinks As Individuals Think & Rethink The Job

Adam Crandall
Tracey Farmer (RCSD teacher?)
Edward Gartz
Joe Grinnan
Thomas Mack**
Joe Moscato
Brian O'Connor**
Gale O'Toole (incumbent)
Beth Race
Bill Russell
Jeff Smith** (incumbent)
Patrick Tydings (incumbent)

* To be in the race officially, candidates must return petitions with a minimum of 95 qualified signatures by 5PM on April 19, 2010.

** This year's purported Boily Bunch running as a slate

I'm Proud GTA Is Visiting This BLOG Again ...

The Numbers On The Poll Have Nearly
In The Last 24 Hours ;)

Thanks For Stopping By!



Affronti Fines Him $500 Today

Parrinello Questioned The Judge's Reasoning About Frequently Sustained Objections From The Prosecution


Parrinello to judge ~~ "You are stifling my cross exam. of a critical witness."

Judge ~~ "It is a continuous course of violating the courts directives, as well as other comments/conduct. You ARE in contempt."

Berkeley Brean ~~ "There are a lot of people in law enforcement who think if Nick Joseph had not run from the scene of the ax, none of this would be going on." (more here: WHEC )

SCATS ~~ There are a lot of civilians, including me, who think if Nick Joseph had not run from the scene of the accident, none of this would be going on!!

"If it meant going to jail then so be it, so be it. I don't practice law to live, I live to practice law ...
... Mr. Trowbridge is there trying to save his own butt. Pursuant to the agreement he signed, he has to satisfy his captors, which is the district attorney's office." ~~ Defense Atty. Parrinello (YNN)

Affronti warned Parrinello on Tuesday during questioning of Trowbridge;
Trowbridge changed his testimony about the background check done on Gary Pignato;
Trowbridge testified that Auberger controlled the hiring, firing & disciplinary actions involving police officers.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Upcoming GCSD Community Budget Meetings

Wednesday, April 14, 7 p.m.
Arcadia Middle School, Cafeteria

Come hear the WR parents plot 'n plan!

Wednesday, April 28, 7PM
Northgate Neighborhood Group
Aldersgate Methodist Church
Dewey Ave.

Thursday, April 29, 7 p.m.
Olympia High School, Large Cafeteria

More Scandal To Come From GPD?

Anonymous said...

Now's the time for the Police Union head to come forward with the letter that was delivered to AUBERGER before Pignato was hired stating that the UNION was NOT endorsing the hiring of Pignato, and that they told Auberger that if HE hired him, anything that would occur would be on AUBERGER'S HANDS.

The memo is out there. Bring it on. This whole hiring thing WAS AUBERGERS doing. Rahn is no saint, but he was taught by the MASTER AUBERGER, who worked for the best of the beast - Jim Smith, Steve (oops, is it a suicide?) Minarik and company.

The mini mafia running the county has shifted, but some of the main players still remain, and appear to be exonerated by a fixed judicial system on a daily basis. Robutrad, Andrew Moore, Jim Smith, John Auberger. The only thing more disgusting is that the taxpayers in Greece PAID for Loczynski to help perform the cover-up AND reelected this mini-mafia boss man in the process.

BRING ON THE UNION LETTER AND GET SOME OF THESE FORMER OFFICERS TO TESTIFY. The rest of the cops on the beat were just as culpable in allowing the law to be broken every single day. And they are STILL defending you today.

That should make you sleep well at night!   4/13/2010 9:10 AM

SCATS ~~ With all of the money spent on the internal investigation & these trials I'm really disappointed to know that: 1) - We'll probably NEVER know how Nick Joseph got home; 2) - We'll probably never have clarity about the role of politics and John Auberger's involvement; and most worrisome is 3) - if it hadn't been for Nick Joseph getting coked-up & drunk before plowing into the rearend of a disabled vehicle late one night, Merritt Rahn would STILL BE POLICE CHIEF IN GREECE at this very moment in time!

The Greece community owes you a debt of gratitude for uncovering so much evil in our midst!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Duffy & Trowbridge Testify in Rahn Case

Rahn's Wife Creates Uproar

Mrs Rahn @ 3:10PM (following more sustained objections to Parrinello's questions): "Oh my God, I'm leaving! Yeah me! I'm sick of this s**t!"

Berkeley Brean: What a diff btw Duffy and Gr. Sup. Auberger. Auberger only said "Yes, No or I don't know." Duffy is really trying to clarify his answers

Duffy: "There's nothing to be nervous about if you tell the truth."

Trowbridge: "Rahn said to do (bk gd check) as quicky as possible. Don't talk to certain people and this comes from the supervisors office."

The D&C reports that Trowbridge was struck by the same trouble with recall that Auberger suffered last week: "Under tough cross-examination, Trowbridge today maintained that he could not recall multiple dates that Rahn’s attorney, John Parrinello, argued that Trowbridge lied about his work hours."

Other news  snippets of interest ...

Asst. DA Doorley lets us know why we've heard NOTHING about the internal investigation Greece taxpayer's are footing the humongous bill for: "Plus, she said, Trowbridge’s testimony during internal hearings was protected. Greece investigators involved with the disciplinary proceedings have not released information, she said."

And then there's this insight with no reference as to WHEN or WHERE he made the denial: Greece Supervisor John Auberger has maintained that the background check, which is now alleged to have been falsified, is the major reason he supported Pignato’s hiring. He denies directing anyone to fudge the background report to help Pignato get hired.

The 7.61% Tax Levy Increase CAN Be Lowered

But The Boily Bunch Refuses To Do It

Greece Central could "easily" and relatively painlessly lower the 7.6% tax levy increase by withdrawing $2 million from the "unappropriated fund balance" and applying it to the levy (in Aug. when the BOE officially sets the levy). Such a move would knock the levy increase down to a more palatable 5.6%.

Board member Frank Oberg advocated doing this several times but the Boily bunch refused to go along because the Supt. says no! Administration acknowledges that the district hasn't dipped into this reserve fund (savings account!) in years (I'm not sure we ever have). With 2.3% currently held in reserve, GCSD is well below the statutory limit (i.e. maximum) of holding 4% of the budget in reserve. 

Simply put, there's no reason to tax more than we need to against a "risk" that hasn't revealed itself in years. Even if the risk appears (and with all of the crazy stuff going on in Albany, maybe it could happen) the BOE has several options for handling a financial crisis. Now is not the time to be overly cautious.

It's annoying that our fellow Monroe County districts are "dipping into reserves" to alleviate inordinate tax increases as noted in recent newspaper articles. Greece seems to be the only district (so far) that has announced such a large levy increase. Maybe Greece prefers to be the only district where the budget goes down to defeat.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Points To Ponder Regarding Greece BOE Elections, Budget Vote

The upcoming school board elections and budget vote in May could be the most crucial vote held in many years. The budget of $195,383,271 is as important for what it doesn't include, as it is for what it does include.
  • Among the $12+ million in reductions was funding for 77 employees, predominately counselors & teachers.
  • Elimination of the teaching positions raises class sizes & reduces course offerings.
  • Also eliminated are the school resource officers (GPD) stationed in the high schools. Discipline problems are sure to be more troublesome without them nearby.
  • Bussing for Pre-K got the ax,so if you want Pre-K for your kids, you'll have to get them there on your own.
  • Summer school is gone for both elementary & middle school students.
  • Young Audiences funding was eliminated.
  • Certain sports were supposedly cut (but I haven't heard specific mention of which ones).
Among the items retained in this budget is an extra $1,000,000 needed to continue bussing students to schools-of-choice!

Yes, you heard that right. The school board eliminated Summer School programs, raised class sizes and got rid of school resource officers, teachers and some counselors but will retain the $1 million in bussing needed to support the school-of-choice option which has no measurable academic benefit for the district!

Here's where who you vote for in the upcoming election becomes very important for two reasons. 
  • It's time to get some people on the school board who will finally DO SOMETHING about the wasted money we're paying to retain a private school setting for the MINORITY OF THE DISTRICT'S STUDENTS (less than 10%!). This means potential elimination of schools-of-choice, signature schools and possibly secondary option. It's already known that the cost of ending open enrollment AND providing transportation to the home school would cost about $480,000. Compared to the $1 million we're spending to transport to all of these current options, we'd save about $520,000 right away!
  • We need board members who will ensure that we bring a new superintendent to GCSD, one who is honest and willing to do what's needed and what's right to give Greece students a better education without bankrupting the Town's citizens. If Roger Boily's cronies get elected to the BOE, there is the potential that SIX VOTES will be available to offer Steven Achramovitch another contract ... unless a new superintendent is hired & under contract before July 1, 2010.
No matter what, we MUST get a better person to lead this district out of the educational quagmire we've created through years of irresponsible financial management and the political games played with our students. Here's a few eye-opening facts to consider about Greece schools:
  • Greece has two of the poorest performing high schools in all of Monroe County!
  • Greece has the shortest number of days of instruction in Monroe County!
  • Greece has the shortest school day in Monroe County!
  • Greece has one of the highest property taxes in the entire United States!
When the vote comes up this May, ask yourself :
  • "Can I afford to pay almost 8% more in taxes for schools that are trailing behind most of the others in Monroe County?"
  • "Can Greece schools thrive with the elimination of so many crucial classes and services and with raised class sizes?"
  • "Can I afford to vote for someone who wants to retain the district's current leadership and a more costly school structure to the detriment of the majority of the district's students?" (Remember the hockey coach scandal and the retention of kindergarten at West Ridge for an extra $150,000?)
  • "Can Greece schools improve under continuation of the current Superintendent's watch, when it has spiralled downhill under his previous years of service?"
I don't know about you, but I'm voting "NO" on the budget and I'm voting to support candidates that promote a major change in the status quo. I'm doing it "for the kids."

Friday, April 09, 2010

"Save W Ridge Kindergarten" Group Plots & Plans

I was warned that the Boily Bunch would get these folks to support the BOE's ridiculous budget proposal. Here's evidence that they plan to do so, but only to save their floundering school. Since they shamelessly and publicly post their names, emails and phone numbers on a social networking site, I have no problem reposting them here. They forgot to tell people that Kleenex is not included, no matter how much you cry into the mic.

Posted to Facebook by Jerriann Cocilova Grierson April 9, 2010 at 2:07pm

Calling all West Ridge Parents! Wed. April 14th @ Arcadia MS West Ridge is attending the district budget meeting @ 7pm until 8:30. It is IMPERATIVE that we have parents & staff there! We need to have 10 people in order for the WR PTA to have a quorum and vote on supporting the budget or not. Then we can campaign for or against the budget. It would be in our best interest to vote for it!!!! This is an important political piece so PLEASE make the time to go and stay to the end when we will then take a table/room & decide to support or not. This is phase 2 of saving WR. We need the budget to pass!!!!!!!!!

Questions? Contact our PR person Carolyn: or by calling or emailing one of your PTA Executive Comm. members: Sandra 663-6138

Tracey 720-1611
Karen 225-1854
Colleen 865-1079

Since they only need 10 people to wag the dog, I think it's high time that the opposition show up in large numbers.

GTA Still Has Time To Do The Right Thing

The Greece BOE Still Has Time To Adjust The Budget.

This Means GTA Still Has Time To Agree To A Wage & Benefits Freeze.

It's The Right Thing For GTA To Do!

Our Community Can't Afford A Tax Hike Approaching 8%!!

Some Compelling Reading Supports Need For Union Concessions:

Thursday, April 08, 2010


... But you can use this break in the action
to order your authentic "Poppycock!"* trial gear!

T-shirts from  $19.10

Tank tops from $20.20

Coffee mugs  $15.70

All items emblazoned with:
Can you forget my taxes too John?
*Poppycock! ~~ The word used to describe over 100 times when John Auberger said "I don't remember" in court during examination by John Parrinello!


Auberger Back On Stand Today

Testimony Moves To Pignato's Hiring
Auberger can't recall most of the details

Berkeley Brean Reports: Parrinello is beside himself about Auberger's lack of recall around the hiring of Gary Pignato.

"The incredible part about Auberger's testimony is his complete failure to recollect dates, times, issues. It's a continuation of yesterday, with respect to his lack of memory." ~~ John Parrinello

Over the course of his testimony the last two days, Auberger has responded "I don't remember" or "I don't recall" more than a hundreds times.

 Berkeley Brean asks Parrinello about his tough style in court: "I have a duty to defend my client. If I piss off judge, jury and DA, I don't give a crap!"


Poppycock counter adds one more: “That is absolutely ridiculous and poppycock.” ~~ Parrinello regarding Doorley's argument that JP should be recused (STORY)

SCATS ~~ As I said before, JP is just doing his job. He does it VERY well, too ;) Maybe that's a talent he & I share :D

Parrinello Felt Embarassed For Auberger

Auberger's Recall Of Rahn's Accident Is Selective

He did recall visiting Rahn in the hospital 

He could NOT recall if Rahn took medical leave, when Rahn returned to work, who was in-charge of the GPD while Rahn recuperated, or whether he talked to any investigators about the gun case.

"I don't remember." ~~ Greece Supervisor John Auberger's response several dozen times to Parrinello's questions

"He said 'I don't remember' so many times I felt embarrassed for him, actually." ~~ John Parrinello, Rahn's Atty.


SCATS ~~ I wonder if Uncle Auggie remembers he almost got his arse whooped in the election last Fall, because half the Town's people are sick of his ineptitude?

Greece Town Court Most Lucrative In Monroe County

Collected over $1.9 million in 2009 ranking it #12 in New York State


SCATS ~~ Is this how we raised money to keep Loszynski employed all year?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Skeletons Rattling In The Closet

Why did Supervisor John Auberger wait for a full year AFTER learning of Rahn's missing gun before asking Rahn to write a memo documenting the loss?

Parrinello: "How did you become aware that Chief Rahn's was stolen?"
Auberger : "Merritt Rahn informed me."
Parrinello: "Did u start an investigation?"
Auberger : "No"

Auberger responded "I don't know" or "I don't recall" to many of Parrinello's questions.

Berkeley Brean/Twitter

SCATS ~~ With such poor ability to recall such important details of the past, John Auberger should RESIGN NOW! Maybe Parrinello can get Auberger's responses to Loszynski's internal investigation questions admitted as evidence just to prove Auberger has a very selective memory when it comes to his troubles with Rahn & the GPD ;)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


READ Memo Rahn wrote to Auggie about his missing gun

"In June of 2000, Skip Beaver and I obtained a new service weapon for me from the armory."

Auberger gave Rahn a "verbal reprimand" and "told him to be more careful."

WHEC-TV Reports Auberger to testify at 2PM TODAY

Greece Supervisor John Auberger is expected to testify Wednesday at the trial of former Greece police chief Merritt Rahn.

I suggest you follow Berkely Brean on Twitter, since the D&C's Greece reporter notified me that they do NOT plan to LiveBLOG his testimony.

Patrick Tydings: The BOE's Buffoonish Prez.

During the first hour of Tuesday night's Greece school board meeting, policy enforcement was thrown completely out the window on Apollo's 3rd. floor. Apparently, school board President Patrick Tydings lost his voice during Resident's Forum where the rules, i.e. board policies, were repeatedly broken. Or maybe, it served his own purposes, i.e. his personal agenda ... hmmm ...

One speaker shared their time at the podium with a large number of others. Because it wasn't stopped, this group went over their allotted 5 minutes for addressing the BOE, another infraction which Tydings rewarded by granting them permission to continue to the end. That's two infractions by one group. Oops!

One of GTA's bullies (who is already represented when his union's Prez. speaks to the BOE during a specific time slot) was permitted to rail-on about how the BOE and Supt. picked-on his union last month. He lambasted a board member by name, and the Supt, too. Two more infractions. Oops!!

Others who spoke during the time allotted for Student leaders, union leaders, etc. were also permitted to lambaste specific people by name. It seems to me that if the taxpayers who address the BOE during Resident's Forum aren't allowed to do this as per policy (or are they?) then the people we pay to teach and administer in the district shouldn't be permitted to either ... and most especially NOT THE STUDENTS! Mr. Tydings sat silently while a "Student Leader" called out the same BOE member the GTA bully had named earlier! I guess some of our students learn quickly after all. No wonder there's major discipline problems in our schools!!

How ironic that tonight the BOE agenda included the Second Read of Policy 1321 - Duties of the Pres. of the BOE which the BOE adopted (8-0)! One part of that policy states that the BOE Prez.will "Conduct Board meetings and manage the discussion and debate." OOPSIE!! Patrick Tydings failed miserably at this! And this isn't the first time.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Tydings implored his colleagues with a strong reminder that he "wants the BOE to support the adopted budget, as required by the code of conduct and by policy."






BOE Splits Vote On Budget Adoption

By a vote of 5 to 4,
the Greece BOE
adopted a budget proposal of
$195,383,271 with a
7.61% tax levy increase.

In favor: Boily, Tydings, Stenglein, Smith & McCabe.
Opposed: Oberg, O'Toole, VanOrman & Ferington

"We need some help from the community to let us know if we are in the right place (with the proposed budget)." ~~ Patrick Tydings, BOE Circus Posse Prez.

SCATS ~~ How many "no" votes will it take for you to get "the message from the community," Pat?


Greece Central School District's 

Spending Plan

To Hike Taxes 7.61%
(If adopted unchanged)


Greece Chamber of Commerce
To Offer
Public Access Defibrillation Program

Monday, April 05, 2010

Parrinello's "Poppycock!" Count* Hits 4 As Tensions Rise In Courtroom

    Greece Supervisor John Auberger could testify as early as tomorrow!

Former deputy police chief William Mackin admits he cooperated with prosecutors so he would not face charges related to a "lost or stolen" gun report. Defense lawyers say Mackin had an incentive to blame his boss, Merritt Rahn, because he too was under investigation for the same incident, and others.

Defense: "You were told if you answer truthfully, you will not be charged with anything in relation to Merritt Rahn." Mackin replied: "yes"

Mackin said he was given that promise in a meeting last July 22nd after he had already resigned his position.

Berkeley Brean's Tweet: "Par is trying to show that Gr. Dep. Ch. Mackin saved his health benefits by agreeing to testify."
"If the jury believes he's up there singing for his benefits, that could bring his credibility into question." ~~ Atty. John Parrinello.
* Berkeley Brean has been tracking John Parrinello's utterances of "Poppycock!" in this trial since it began Apr. 1.


From the D&C police reports:

Menacing: Two children walking home from school were accosted by a male teen wielding a knife near Wildwood Drive and Tait Avenue on April 20. The teen drove away. No one was injured.
(I think "April" was a typo)


Why is the item below in the Greece police reports when the address is in the city?

Robbery: An unknown suspect wielding a hammer demanded cash from the clerk at the adult book store Industrial Video and News, 1485 Mt. Read Blvd., on April 27. The robber fled in a vehicle that may have been a Pontiac Bonneville.
(Again, I think "April" is a typo)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

BOE Meeting Tueday, 6:30PM

Will They REALLY Adopt A Budget? If So, How Big?
Who will cry into the mic this week?

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss pending litigation, collective bargaining & the employment history of a particular person.
Board Committee Reports
Finance Committee
Transportation Committee
Audit Committee
Assets Initiative Committee
MCSBA Committees

Supt's Reports
Budget Adoption*
Tax Report Card Approval
EXCEL Update

New Business
Approval of Voter Board of Registration
2010 - 11 School Calendar
Creation of a New Committee (God help us! WHY do we need another one??)

Second Read Policy 5574 Medicaid Compliance Program
Second Read Policy 1321 Duties of the Pres. of the BOE (Why do we need this? It's not like he will follow it anyway! What we really need is a capable Parliamentarian!)
* Proposed Budget Resolution (% Increase in Real Property Tax Levy = 7.61%)

Shall the following resolutions be adopted:

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the Greece Central School District, Monroe County, New York be authorized during the school year 2010-2011 to budget and expend the amount of $195,402,961 and levy the necessary tax therefore.

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the Greece Central School District is hereby authorized to undertake the acquisition of 27 new buses to include:

13 sixty-six passenger buses (Type C or equivalent) at an estimated individual cost of Ninety Two Thousand Dollars ($92,000)

2 twenty passenger wheelchair buses (Type A or equivalent) at an estimated individual cost of Sixty Thousand Dollars ($60,000)

12 twenty passenger vans (Type A or equivalent) at an estimated individual cost of Thirty Seven Thousand Dollars ($37,000)

At an estimated aggregate cost of One Million Seven Hundred Sixty Thousand Dollars ($1,760,000), and to withdraw from its Bus Purchase Reserve Fund a sum of money equal to Three Hundred Sixty Thousand Dollars ($360,000) to partially fund such acquisition, and to levy the necessary tax for the remaining balance in annual installments, with such tax to be partially offset by State Aid available therefore, and in anticipation of such tax, by obligations of said School District.