Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who Said There Is No Free Lunch?

Anonymous said...

The little secret the public isn't supposed to know about that State Aid money is that it drifts in over a period of 10 years or so, and somehow never gets used to retire CIP bonds in School Districts.

Taxpayers get hoodwinked to borrow a Million, and District taxpayers get shafted to pay back a Million + interest over 20 or 30 years. The State Aid money comes to the District and hides so it can be used for other purposes.

Hey, guess who pays State Taxes? Get the feeling you pay at least TWICE? You're right if you do.

I'm offering a PRIZE

Free lunch at MickeyDs to anybody who can find a GCSD Bond that was retired early using State Aid.

I know it ain't much, but I pay taxes in Greece and its all I can afford.    3/25/2010 1:09 AM

SCATS ~~ Sadly, this rings true! Anyone?


Anonymous said...

It just gets better n better in skewel finance. Back in the 80s, a District was faced with the possibility of having to lower taxes because Bonds for schools built in the 60s were about to pay off.

This brought meetings of the brilliant minds on the Skewell Bored, hand wringing to the extent of needing a barrel of Jergins lotion. The solution, BUILD more buildings, install new windows in existing buildings (35 year return on investment) and Roll the Bus Fund into the overall budget to cover a shortfall. Of course this would bring State Aid. The financial genius on the Board when cornered and pinned down by a taxpayer admitted the unneeded construction was being done to keep from having to lower taxes. After all, "Once you lower taxes it's near impossible to bring them back up, and people accept inflation." He knew this because he was the financial genius for an office supply business.
A few months later said financial genius lost his job because he was incompetent to handle the office supply company's money. Of course his friends in Education helped him out, he got a new job at a School District, where he learned to handle taxpayer money.

If you'd like frys with your prize, name the District or the financial genius.

SCATS said...

To 12:31PM ~~ It must be Greece where he got his job. Nepotism baby!

Anonymous said...

Nepotism,incomptence,liar are the three most positive words written on any administrative job application in GCSD if you want hired that is. Honesty,integrity, and competence won't even get you an interview.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the person in question, who I don't know, may have taught a former police chief how to handle money.

Anonymous said...

The contest for the free lunch is still open boys & girls, the brilliant fellow never worked for GCSD. Even they were too smart to hire him.

More clues;
He was once PresiDUNCE of the BOE for the District, and ramrodded the hiring of a STUPIDINTENDANT found by employing a consultant at a cost of over $50,000-
When out financial genius lost his job at the office supply shop, the STUPIDINTENDANT found him a Public Skewel job out of town so he could feed his family.

It's all public record folks.

GCSD ain't unique, and may well be in a contest for who can be dumber with other Districts.

SCATS said...

To 8:31PM ~~ I'm getting the impression this occured sometime before I "tuned in" ... I'm guessing it was Yagielski that was hired using the $50K consultant ... am I right on that much?

Anonymous said...

Not sure who dragged Yagelski out from under the rug or for what fee Scats, but the same consultant picked up at least $100k finding a couple people for GCSD in recent years.

I'm sorry, but due to my budget constraints, I'll have to run the contest my way. I can only post clues every so often, after all, I can't afford duplicate prizes. I have taxes to pay!

The consultant was well known in the "education" community for at least 15 years, for his ability to find a STUPIDintendant. His fee was a bargain considering he was also on a school payroll at the same time.

SCATS said...

Lots of names are floating through my mind from years gone by but I don't know if any of them related to any of this ... Woods .. Robinson ...

Anonymous said...

If we don't get a winner this time the free frys will have to be withdrawn from the prize package.

What financial genius currently employed by what District spends taxpayer dollars placing the District's legal advertising in 2 newspapers just to insure one of those papers won't reopen its blog?
After all, the District doesn't want its business becoming public, does it?

Nobody needs to know how the CIP was skimmed to fund keeping sexual harassment of an employee under wraps.