Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Still Don't Have A Winner ...

This is continued from the BLOG Titled: "Who Said There Is No Free Lunch?"

Anonymous said...


If we don't get a winner this time the free frys will have to be withdrawn from the prize package.

What financial genius currently employed by what District spends taxpayer dollars placing the District's legal advertising in 2 newspapers just to insure one of those papers won't reopen its blog?

After all, the District doesn't want its business becoming public, does it?

Nobody needs to know how the CIP was skimmed to fund keeping sexual harassment of an employee under wraps.   3/27/2010 2:45 AM


Anonymous said...

Could it be Big Bob, who just retired.

Anonymous said...

The only thing fried here is your brain not the FRENCH FRYS. Dumber than dumb.

Anonymous said...

Disregard all these posts then 8:26, why did you even click the article? I'm still looking forward to hearing the name. The more personal business and information that comes out about these incompitent crooks, the better. Let them all feel the way Phelan & the BLOB do when their out in public, knowing that everyone that can see them is talking about what slime they are.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need to make it easier.

Name that District for an order of McNuggets & a small drink.

The District so annoyed the voters by remodeling 2 buildings with leaking roofs, put in new ceilings without repairing the roof the following happened;
Unemployed towtruck driver was placed on the ballot for the Board, and nearly got elected.

2 successive votes on the CIP went down to defeat, as did the budget.
Voters hauled in a mechanicle gorilla from a Car Dealer and set it up across the street from the voting site.

District was forced to use Board of Elections registrations for the third vote after the media learned voters named Phnl N DeBlanc and I. P. Dailey along with several other unknowns had voted twice in each election, and bring in real election inspectors to watch the machines.

This District also sold for a 3 year period bumper stickers bearing the message "Be an Athletic Supporter".

District bought a megadollar telephone system from an unqualified vendor, paid for it, and then had to hire a qualified vendor to make the phone system work. That system has since been replaced by another more expensive phone system, because money was available, and State Aidable.

Just to make it easy, this District hires Crista Construction, and includes Crista employees on their Long Range Planning Comitty.

SCATS said...

To 11:39PM ~~ I have enough trouble keeping up on Greece. I have no idea, but I'll be watching for the answer.

Anonymous said...

11:39, this is the stuff I personally love. These and other factual stories should be compiled and written out, then distributed to as many Greece homes as possible prior to budget votes. I for one would be happy to hand out 100 or so going door to door. "Before you vote, take a look at what our district does with our money"

Anonymous said...

SCATS GCSD has made wonderful progress since the days when GCSD built a small cart that could be pushed through classroom doors.
Bolted to that cart was a toilet with a roll of toilet paper next to it.

The brilliant folks in charge of GCSD believed teaching the children proper paper usage and wiping technique would reduce costs of both paper and clogged plumbing.

Unfortunately, the program had to be discontinued due to the builders failing to install a proper brake system on the cart, which caused the cart to move while the instructor was conducting class.

GCSD has a long tradition of failed poorly thought out instructional programs. The tradition expands and continues.