Sunday, March 28, 2010


RIT Men's Hockey Team Earns Trip To Frozen Four

RIT has only been competing in Division I for 5 years

Not one of their players has an athletic scholarship


SCATS ~~ First Cornell and now RIT. I'm impressed! Could this become a new trend of having TRUE scholar/athletes?


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful thing for RIT who will get greater national recognition. GO TIGERS!!

Anonymous said...

Its too bad that the all knowing scats does not recognize some of the athletic teams at our schools. We have had many teams at all 8 schools (4 high, 4 middle) achieve scholar athlete awards.

SCATS said...

To 1:40PM ~~ I recognize Greece Schools are filled with athletes. We use this as an expensive excuse: "sports are required to keep students in school."

At Cornell and RIT, the students are there because they are scholars first and foremost, regardless the presence of sports programs. Neither school provides athletic scholarships, so when their teams win, it's meaningful. Hopefully, even you can see the difference.

By the way, Odyssey isn't two schools, but one.