Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rob-U-Trad Testimony Bombshell ...

Michael Garland quoted James Smith as saying going public with an investigation “would be the downfall of the Republican Party and we have Brayton Connard to thank for that. It would spread like a cancer, it would affect judges, officials, and party headquarters.” (D&C)

SCATS ~~ Nope, nothing corrupt here! (wink, wink)


Anonymous said...

one bad apple haha

SCATS said...

to 7:36PM ~~ That's what some said about the Greece Police Dept. About 2 dozen officers later ... we discover it took just one to infect (or was it infest?) the whole cart ;)

Anonymous said...

Scats: you don't mean "wink, wink", you mean "stink, stink!"

All together now, let's repeat loud and clear, "TERM LIMITS"

Anonymous said...

Term limits become dangerous in that they constrict the time an elected official must conduct all of his/her dirty deals within. This forces the official to either make bigger or more frequent dirty deals, both of which cost the taxpayer heavily.

Greece Councilmen are term limited to 10 years. A Councilman wants to put up apartments on hland his family owns, get his wife a DMV job so the taxpayers can fund his family's health care, and sell some of his family's land holdings at an inflated price for a Mega gas station.

In just 10 years he has to convince enough people to scream at the Zoning board to stop a Superstation from being built half a mile down the road (lots of favors dispensed) to keep his property high value. He also has to screw other property owners on both their assessment (went up with offer to buy their property) and the value of their property when the Town changed the rules of usage on the parcel. That meant favors for other Councilmen.

With all the conning and schmoozing there wasn't much time to run his business and do anything for taxpayers who couldn't do anything for him.

Then there was the time sepnt conspiring with Town Department Heads attempting a coup against the Supervisor.

Fortunately, just before he term limited he was appointed to a higher office to keep him from conducting a Primary against the Supervisor.

More fortunately the 2 main Department Heads he conspired with were forced from office.

Damn, I love the amature politicians in Greece!

Anonymous said...

You should learn how to spell amateur. Jeesh.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
You should learn how to spell amateur. Jeesh.

3/26/2010 12:53 AM"

Hey don't be gettin all up in y face, I aynt no Langwige Arts Teechur. I teech Math and I'm a Union Steward.

Spelling aynt part of my job discryptyun!

SCATS said...

To 11:18PM ~~ Did you graduate from Greece too?