Monday, March 29, 2010

Request To Disqualify Parrinello Denied

  • Jury Selection Begins
  • Prosecution Plans To Call Auberger To Testify
  • Evidence related to Pignato's psychological test to be allowed
  • Judge denies all other motions made by the prosecution unless "the defense opens the door"
“I think the judge, if you read between the lines, was a little put out at the timing of the motion. I can tell you that it caused us a lot of unnecessary expense. It diverted our attention from preparing the case.” ~~ John Parrinello, atty. for Rahn
“I made the motion because I wanted this trial tried right and tried fair -- tried so that everyone's rights were protected. The judge obviously felt differently so we're ready to go to trial.”  ~~ Prosecutor Sandra Doorley


Anonymous said...

Do you think the judge will let Auberger testify.I wonder if there won't be some pressure to keep him out of the case.

Anonymous said...

You gotta have the lineup and understand the history.
Da Judge was an ADA under Lasrus, and a rising star in the trial attroney community. Relin threw him out of the DA office before he was ready, and nobody picked him up. Remember, Relin is in this case to his armpits, just being covert.

When the Judge ran for office WHO supported him? Who was the runner for the man who annointed the Judge?

The Judge has his own skelitons in his closet, and the people with the keys are sitting in the Courtroom on this case. This case must be tried way clocer to the letter of the Law than Nick Joseph's case was.

2 very big shoes fell today, one being the reporting of the statement from Rahn to the guy writing the report on Piglet.

The second was worthy of an Academy Award nomination, and it went right over the head of the reporters and the public. My sense of sportsmanship before the bar precludes me from saying what it was. If the performance plays out, remember, you were told.

30 year friendships have fallen apart over this, and former friends are now enemys.

Do NOT be surprized by anything you see in this trial. A last minute deal to prevent the trial fell apart Sunday night, and Sandy Baby isn't prepared. Sandy better be a damn good dancer cause she won't get any breaks.

SCATS said...

To 7:36PM ~~ I thought the pressure to keep him from testifying would come FROM the prosecution. But they are the ones seeking it.

To 8:38PM ~~ I always figured it would somehow NOT get to open court. What kept them from agreeing on a settlement? Money? Favors? Politics? Both? More??

Anonymous said...

They could still settle without Auberger testifying. Maybe they're all bluffing each other. It sure could get messy for a lot of people with recognizable names.

Anonymous said...

"one being the reporting of the statement from Rahn to the guy writing the report on Piglet."
Where was that report?
Please stop trying to be funny and just say what you mean.

Anonymous said...

3:30, try keeping up, and do a little reading of the reporter representations being published.

To paraphrase, Rahn called the shrink doing Piglet's fitness to serve report and told him to lighten it up because "they are hiring him regardless of what the report says".

The presumption would be the Shrink's report on Piglet was in Rahn's posession, and probably stated Piglet was unfit to be loose in society with a badge & gun based on the Shrink's observations in an interview.

The second presumption would be that Rahn had been advised by his superior in Town Government to get the report lightened up (rewritten) to show Piglet as employable.

Since this will come into evidence Rahn can testify who told him to get the report lightened up and when. This testimony will pretty much take Rahn off the hook on the matter of hiring Piglet.