Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rahn's Trial: "An Expose of Auberger's Administration"

  • Atty. John Parrinello claims leadership for the Town of Greece will be central in Rahn's trial.
  • Says Rahn is a scapegoat for ineffective town leadership.
  • New allegations against Rahn include "assisting in covering up a potential homicide."


New Charges Against Rahn


Anonymous said...

She is trying to offer into evidence "prior bad acts" which are usually not allowed. It does not appear from the document that is here that they are making more charges against him. Maybe the judge will allow them. If they do and Parinello is not allowed to be his attorney he will probably have to do some plea deal.
No matter what let's hope this does go to trial and we get to hear all this testimony.
Will this trial be open to the public and is anyone here going? Does anyone know the judge and the number of the courtroom where it will be held. Can we just show up?
Are we able to watch the jury selection process or is that closed? Thanks

SCATS said...

To 9:35AM ~~ If Parrinello is disqualified, I believe he would be permitted to hire a different lawyer and allowed time for that person to prepare for trial at a later time. As for a plea deal, I've stated previously that I have NEVER bought into believing that Rahn took a paltry $10,000 cash in exchange for much more in health care and benefits UNLESS there was something more in it for him. That something more could be a plea deal, reduction of charges, a promise of no jail time ... time will tell.

Yes, it is open to the public. The media has permission to tape opening & closing arguments and to Live BLOG throughout. Justice Affronti is the judge. The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow morning from what I've read. As far as I'm aware, even jury selection is done in public at most trials. I do not know who is going, the exact start time or the courtroom number.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I think I am just going to show up and ask directions. Remember when you go in there is a line and guards. You can park in the public safety building garage. If you don't mind walking sister cities garage is easier.

Anonymous said...

There are also metal detectors and as I recall, cell phones aren't allowed.

Anonymous said...

Parinello has claimed that he will expose Auberger before. Though I would really love to hear it, I don't suspect he will really do it this time.

Merritt seems to lack a pair too.
After a while in banishment I suspect he will get some kind of payoff.

Anonymous said...

I hope Auberger fries. The head of the fish needs to be chopped off and discarded and Rahn has the tools to do it. Let's hope he has the balls too!

This will be the best reality TV of the year!

Anonymous said...

Parinello can default to his son. Case solved.

SCATS said...

To 3:08PM ~~ I was thinking that might happen. In fact, his son stepped in last Fall when dad was tied up on another case.

Anonymous said...

Reading these charges I agree they are not "new charges" but prior bad acts, As far as the car and other charges they may not be legal but are petty stuff a lot of folks probably including current Greece officials have done, The only significant material here which has already been released concern the Pignato hiring and covering up evidence,

Anonymous said...

1) Rahn retained his pension and health benefits from RPD when he came to Greece. Both still exist, and the health plan may be better than Greece's.

2) A few months ago Team green attempted to bulldoze Rahn into copping a plea. Their threat was that if Rahn didn't take a plea he would do more time than Joseph & Piglet combined. Rahn chose to call their bluff

You need to remember this is not solely a Team Green prosecution. Howard Relin tried to take Rahn out during the Boiley years and got his azz handed to him. Howard is in this goround too, up to his armpits, and being very covert with his involvment. Some people on the green team are using Tracfones because they are nervous about their phone records.

Parinello Jr is not likely to step into this case for Dad. The kid is good, but he ain't his Dad. John Parinello is the last of his generation, and is what he is because of things that were done back in the 60s. Team Green has apent hours on this case at a 10/1 ratio to Parinello, and they are still afraid they don't have a case.

There isn't a Judge who wants this case on his calendar because the Judges all know it is going to be highly technical and very likely to be appealed.

This is definitely a case where you won't know the players without a scorecard, better yet a 20 year collection of scorecards.

Rahn still has a number of chits he can call in for past favors done some very powerful people.

The jury will be the least enlightened people in the Courtroom when this case is over.

SCATS said...

To 11:07PM ~~ As ominous as that sounds, I suspect you are correct. It will be fascinating to watch ... from a distance.