Friday, March 19, 2010

Promises, Promises ... Stonewall, Stonewall ...

Info Request Regarding Teacher Release Time Ignored By Supt. & BOE President
After Promise Made To Provide It 10 Months Ago!

Back on May 8th of 2009, Charlie Hubbard wrote the following email to Supt. Steve Achramovitch with copies also sent to Pat Tydings & Julia VanOrman:

Subject: Fw: Release time

last year there was doubt as to whether 'release time' in our contracts was covered by the Taylor law (Tribough)

At that time there it was determined a 'written legal opinion' would be needed. Since that time we have different attorneys on board which leads me to ask -

do we have now or have we asked for a 'written legal opinion' to clarify this item.

Thanks; Chas

On 1/2/2010, Charlie emailed Pat Tydings the following message:

Subject: Fw: Release time
I have decide to try again to get an answer to the same question - note the date of this email and would like to 'still' know the answer. I received no response from you, a note from the then board pres. that rambled on about everything 'but' this subject. I received no response from the super except when I ran into him on 5-19-09 (budget vote) he told me he should have my requested info soon. As of today - nothing.

I now have a second question - gasa contract - how many members received 'meeting expectations' exceeding expectations' 'did not meet expectations' - please give me a breakdown of these numbers for 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Thank you and happy new year.


On 1/4/2010, Tydings wrote back:

Dear Charlie:

I have reviewed your e-mail with Steve and it is my understanding that he will be getting back to you regarding your "release time" question.

In regard to your second question regarding the GASA evaluation data, I consider this to be a FOIL request, and as such, I have referred it to Lynne, our Records Access Officer, and I am sure she will respond to your request in a timely manner.

Happy New Year to you also!

 Patrick E. Tydings

On 1/14/2010, the FOIL request was fulfilled. On 3/10/10, Charlie wrote to Pat Tydings, yet again, with a copy sent to the Supt. :

Subject: release time of GTA leadership

As per my letter in Jan. you assured me Steve would be getting back to me.

That did not happen AGAIN - disappointed AGAIN.

I certainly hope other residents are not treated in this manner.


PS; If the info is not in writing forget it - as you know a verbal opinion from an attorney is ##

SCATS ~~ This is Sunshine Week, but apparently the lights are out in GCSD. It's so sad to see that our Supt. is caught in yet another lie, this time with help from the BOE Pres. who has done nothing to get the question answered. He hasn't responded to Charlie's last email either! Are these the role models we want in our school district? I think not!


Anonymous said...

Scats did you see the article this morning in the paper about Chief Baxter's 2 week project to be proactive about the dewey stone area of crime. It is a trial and may continue. Let's hope it will and expand into the rest of our neighborhoods of fear.
He is going to have the code compliance on "speed dial". This will be the first time those people at the town will have to answer to someone. He says that as the property deteriorates the social atmosphere also declines. Maybe he should have his people go a little bit north to the Northgate property to get Widewaters up to code. Good ideas, chief.
The building department will not ever inspect when you know something is going on inside or in the back yard of someone. Anything can go on in a back yard. They say if you call if they can't see it it does not exist. Maybe the chief will help them to have the "courage" to do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Let the SUN shine in!!!!

Anonymous said...

GOOD For the Chief He is off to a very good start!

SCATS said...

To 8:20AM ~~ Thank you. I posted about it & like you, I hope his plans spread throughout Greece. It will be interesting to see if he can get Code Enforcement off their sorry backsides. If he does, will this mean we have to call GPD to get Code Enforcement to do their job? It would be nice if the citizens could lend Baxter a hand by calling Code Enforcement directly. But that would be "functional" ...

Anonymous said...

I want to thank Mr. Hubbard for continuing with his efforts to keep things on track inside this school district. It must be terribly frustrating work.

Parents should take note at what lousy role models this super and the boe are. Watch them grow their noses when they should be growing a pair.

Anonymous said...

And to think many of you people here including Dan Maloney didn't want Baxter. Thank goodness Dan's not in charge or we would have lost out on him. Running Northgate Neighbors is more Maloney's speed, until he ditches them to run for town board next year.

SCATS said...

To 11:05AM ~~ Your assertion about Maloney not wanting Todd Baxter is news to me. The names associated with who might be chosen for police chief came up quite sometime after the elections. I've seen little if anything in the paper or on TV news in the way of quotes from Maloney since Nov. Where are you getting your info from? Or are you just trying to smear certain people?

Charlie Hubbard said...

To bring some clearity to this item you can find it on page 34 of the gta contract. I make no appology for questioning this item.
Simply put as a member of the boe it was my job to see to it that taxpayer $$ at spent in a productive way. In short this item authorizes the spending of over $100,000 of taxpayers money for people to do 'union' business.
It is my position that gcsd is suppost to be in the education business NOT the union business. If the union feels this 'realease time' is needed then the union should pay for it but by having it in the contract is wrong.

Because this item has been proven time and again to have no educational value some felt it would not be covered via the Taylor law. This item makes some uncomfortable - to bad - but even if you are uncomfortable does NOT mean ALL spending of taxpayers $$ be justified.

I remind readers that the Comptrollers audit accepted by the board speaks to showing 'the benefit to the district' of new contracts. THAT also has been ignored 'twice' to date. My appeal to the board to comply was also ignored.