Monday, March 01, 2010

Pignato Gets Plea Deal

Admits Guilt & Avoids Another Trial
Sentenced to two years in County Jail, to be served concurrently

“The complainant in this matter had a chance to testify in the first trial. It was only after extensively speaking with her in these past few months did we feel we were capable and willing to extend this offer." ~~ ADA William Gargan


SCATS ~~ Just a few days ago, a trial date was set  when the two sides couldn't reach a deal. Gargan's quote from today sounds like maybe the victim was "worked over" (i.e. "extensively speaking with her") until she agreed. I wonder how much of this "deal" came because of political pressure to get it out of the news ... And no extra jail time? Why not? Serving concurrent sentences looks like a peach of a deal for Pignato. What did the victim get out of this??


Anonymous said...

why are all these folks getting off easy.

IF you are a poor person they will throw the book at you.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby hasn't seen his kids since they slammed the door on his cell! I agree that's a weird quote from the ADA. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Once more the Green Machine comes through for the public.

Remember the DA office isn't there to help victims, they are there to keep government in power by demanding punishment.

Piglet essentially skated free on the second rape. Daddy Pig has something on the Green Machine that they don't want public.

Anonymous said...

He only admitted not disclosing "her" crime and entering her apartment without permission. From watching law and order that would be his "elocution"? Whatever. What you admit to with a guilty plea. He did not admit to coercion of sex.
Maybe she settled for that because otherwise they would have pressed for the marijuana use which she admitted in her allegation. She must have been pressured and threatened. It is possible. We will never know.