Saturday, March 13, 2010

Loszynski: Contractor or Town Employee?

Anonymous said...

More on JL and who he really is. Employee or independent contractor.

Article on "misclassification of contractors"

There is a 20 question test to see if someone should be considered an employee versus an independent contractor. One part is "does the person only work for the one company? (town?)

Another question is does the contractor use the offices and supplies of the company/town or have his own office?

If the person has been an employee of the town for 6 months when he leaves he will get unemployment benefits. Not so for the independent contractor.

Does the town set his work day and give him standards to follow and give him a schedule of work? Then he is an employee.

Anyway this has gone on long enough. We deserve answers. Is he here forever? If he is an independent contractor and uses part of the town hall for his business he should be paying rent for the space as well as money to the town for using the office staff and machines copying, telephones etc. And can other independent contractors rent town hall space? I think not.

If he is an independent contractor why are we paying his living expenses? The hotel. If we are, those expenses should be added to his 1099 as income and he should pay tax on that.   3/12/2010 10:59 PM

SCATS ~~ INTERESTING STUFF! As I recall, Loszynski was named "Director of Public Safety" when Auberger hired him. To that end, he is a TOWN EMPLOYEE! More evidence to that effect is that fact that he is now doing background checks on newly hired cops, work that is way beyond the "investigation" he was supposedly hired to conduct.


Anonymous said...

I would think as director of public safety he has to be considered a town employee,

Anonymous said...

So if he IS a town employee, why the heck are we paying for his hotel?

Anonymous said...

So August 25, 2009 JL was identified as director of public safety. When was he appointed that? Did the town board vote on that or was it a supervisor appointment? Does he answer to the supervisor directly or does he answer to the new police chief. Are they on the same tier in the leadership chart of the town? Could he be condsidered as the "internal affiars" of our police and as such is not overseen by the police chief? And when exactly did he stop being an independent consultant? How much did we pay him as that and what is his salary now?

Anonymous said...

So JL was paid $450 a day and he has an assistant paid almost that much perday? And living expenses for both.

SCATS said...

To 10:30AM ~~ I've looked back through this BLOG's archives and searched through the media to try to determine exactly what happened. The best I've pieced together is that Auberger announced hiring Loszynski right after suspending Ball, Mackin and Rahn. Soon after, we learned Loszynski came here with an assistant. A while later, they a large group of helpers. I find no reference to the Town Board taking action, but I haven't had the chance to try to see if I can find anything on the town's website as yet.

I can tell you that Loszynski is not UNDER Baxter. Loszynski did Baxter's background check & is continuing to do background checks on newly hired officers. That was confirmed by words from Baxter himself this week.

To 12:18PM JL continues to get paid, since he is still here.