Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GTA, Are You Listening?

WHEC-TV reports that: "Three Assembly Democrats are calling on teachers statewide to skip their pay raises this year to prevent school staff layoffs.

The lawmakers say the move will save the state more than $1 billion. School districts across New York are planning on cutting teaching jobs in anticipation of a reduction in state aid."


Anonymous said...

Teachers Union will do this when pigs fly!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the GTA is huddled together right now trying to figure out how they can help the district. HA!

Their salaries and benefits are over 50% of the budget, yet they have offered no assistance to the district. They claim that they want to end the "us" versus "them" mentality, yet clearly they continue to demonstrate that "us" has to pay "them" raises and increases in health care and benefits costs at a time when every other portion of the budget is being hacked.

What a wonderful example these pillars of our community are setting. When things get tough, demand more money!

Anonymous said...

Every $100,000 they agree to give up should go for one teacher position saved. It could be implimented school by school.
How about an infomal vote at each school to see if there is any interest? Go for it, teachers!

Anonymous said...

How about PTA start a phone tree to get the parents to encourage the teachers to take a freeze. It's for the kids. They could run an ad in the Greece Post.

SCATS said...

To 6:56AM ~~ We could throw our Easter hams at 'em ;) Oh wait. I can't afford ham this year :(

Anonymous said...

Greece Teachers CARE.

They know they are teaching in a District that will be short of money, and can't afford to give them raises.

GTA also realizes that Unity Health, perhaps the largest employer in Town, and more probably the employers of many GCSD taxpayers has deferred all 2010 pay increases until June due to economic conditions.

Because GTA cares so much,they have formed a community of concern to help GCSD.

Their only concerns are more tax dollars in their pockets for less work and absolutely no judgement of their ability to teach. They even brought in a bartender to do the math because GTA doesn't have a member competent to crunch numbers.

Anonymous said...

All Unions are of the same Money grubbing mentality. They would rather see people out of work than give a dime back.