Saturday, March 27, 2010

Greece Chamber Mugs ~~ "Made in China"

I spent a few minutes awaiting my appt. in the waiting room of a Greece office yesterday afternoon. The sec'y told me to help myself to some coffee and pastry sitting on a cart in the hallway. I decided to get a cup of java. The selection of clean coffee mugs represented a variety collected from local businesses, sports teams and the like, all turned upside-down on a paper placemat. Several dark blue mugs were inscribed with the Greece Chamber of Commerce moniker. I noticed that all of them were clearly stamped with "MADE in CHINA" on the bottom.

It caused me to wonder why doesn't the Greece Chamber support a local business by buying the mugs here. I looked up their Mission Statement to see if I had misunderstood their purpose. I don't think I have.

What do you think?

Greece Chamber of Commerce -- Mission Statement
To Enhance the Business and Economic Vitality of the Greece Community


Anonymous said...

Is it possible the local business they bought the mugs from and where they had them printed got the mugs from China? I know it's not what you want to here because it doesn't fit into your shot at them, but like SCATS always says, why didn't you just ask them first before accusing them of doing something you disagree with, but have no accurate understanding of.

Just a thought. Again, sorry if this explains this too simply for you.

Anonymous said...

isn't it possible that the chamber did patronize a local vendor for these for the printing and that the local vendor gets the "blank mugs" from China. Why is there always so much negative suspicion in Greece?

Anonymous said...

Really??? This is such a no-brainer!!!
Why doesn't the Chamber contact a local artist or crafter and make a deal on creating the mugs in quantity? I'm sure there must be some locals who would love the job. Seems like the Craft and Antique Co-Op would be a great place to start the search. Good catch SCATS.

Anonymous said...

BOO to the Chamber! In times of economic hardship and exporting of everything including JOBS, they could have found ONE local supplier!

The unions are in the phone book. They could have helped.

Anonymous said...


I don't always agree w/ you, but this time I think you're right.

I don't think you are jumping all over the CoC, just voicing an opinion. It would be nice if the CoC, or any business/government would buy locally if possible.

I always try to buy local or U.S. made stuff. I can't always because of the $$ involved or just finding a local or American made alternative.

Maybe somebody from the CoC will respond...

Anonymous said...

that happened to my company. we went with a local promotions company but they don't manufacture the items the logos go on. we should have asked who the manufacturer was. but the economies of scale would make it too expensive to get the mugs then if it was limited to local i bet.

Anonymous said...

THough I think it is very difficult to get merchandise made in the US I concur with your general point. The shamber could not care one whit about the average citizen in Greece, They are just a local lobby group that worked to establish itself as "speaking for" Greece and maneuver ( as a leading community group) to get a share of the Robach pie, They are more interested in the government cheese than business.

Many local business people despise the chamber.

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one will no longer support the Greece Chamber.

I was aproached to make the mugs, and went out to North Greece to dig some of the red & gray clays that pert of Town is famous for. Then the Chamber wanted a lower price, and a free Chamber pot thrown into the deal.

I reworked my numbers as I sifted the clay so I could rehydrate it and throw a prototype mug.

Some lowball vendor decided he wanted the contract, so he went to a dirty politician and sicked the town Code Compliance Inspector, who was once a Dog Catcher on me. That dimwitt lowcrawled across the field where I was digging more clay, and took covert pictures. Then they sent the Assessor out to reassess my property as a high value mining operation, and I was Cited for Illegal mining in a residential zoned neighborhood.

I was tasered as I left my mining hole, and dragged into Court covered in wet clinging red clay, where the Judge threw me into holding because he said my filthy condition was Contempt for the new Court Building.

Fortunately the new Court Building was erected by Crista and I was able to employ the clay as lubricant and slither out.

Since the Chamber put this whammy on me, I decided to not make their mugs and chamber pot, and have opened a homemade brickyard instead.

For the small sum of $52.96 I'll make you a personalized brick, fire it and scrawl your name on the brick with a Sharpie.

Anonymous said...

Chinese products have been known to contain lead-based coloring.

Lead causes brain damage.

Chinese products are in daily use at the Greece Chamber of Commerce.

What does it all mean?

Anonymous said...

Unions can't help. The items they hand out say "made in [fill in foreign country]" on them also.

So what business in the town of Greece actually mass produces coffee mugs in such large quantities? Not buys they from somewhere else, I mean actually can make large quantities of coffee mugs.

Anonymous said...

Pulease. You people are so lazy. Take your sleepy little mouse and google it. There are plenty of options in Rochester...and many of those can probably be found in the high industrial district of Greece.

SCATS said...

To 1:34PM ~~ Yesterday, 3:48PM already provided a great idea or two. Anyone with a kiln could do this.

Or maybe they should donate a kiln to a high school and let the district's artists do it as a community service project. Oh wait, nevermind. They donated all of their spare change for the desperately needed (tongue deep in cheek) helicopter landing pad at Unity Hospital.

SCATS said...

By the way 1:34PM, I doubt that it's in huge quantities. Spread out over time, maybe ... maybe not. A small businessperson could handle it, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Not really funny.

If there are any local comedy clubs around you can go on late at night and refine your act.

Then read some old issues of the National Lampoon or the collected writhings of Michael O' Donahue (one of the U of R's bright lights) and try again

Anonymous said...

Whatsa matter Scats, don't like sharing the spotlight?

SCATS said...

To 9:07AM ~~ I don't think I've ever been in one, so it's not an issue.