Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Editorial Calls On Lawmakers To Buck Unions

D&C Editorial: "Lawmakers know full well that they torpedoed the state's chances to get up to $700 million in federal aid by failing to pass reforms that would strengthen the state's application."

SCATS ~~ Are you listening Joe Robach??


Charlie Hubbard said...

A start would be for the school board(s) to start writting letters to our state law makers out lining mandates that are making thier jobs tougher.
A prime example would be Triborough and the kind of money this is costing local taxpayers.
I personaly talked to Mr. Roebach about this a few years ago. The answer I got was your just one board member Charlie which tells me the others don't care. One or two did - the other did not. The same was true when brought up at Monroe County School Board meetings.

If other mandates are not productive - put it in writting to our local state reps and make it known the letter and answer will become public.
Don't tell me about mandates unless YOU are going to do something about it other than whine.

One thing this editorial demonstrates is the incompetentcy of our local and state officials - even Wasington sees it.

Anonymous said...

C'mon SCATS, you know it's really the Democrats that are in the hip pocket of the unions. I know you don't like to say anything bad about Democrats and you didn't like it that anyone said anything bad about unions when it came to a union member running as a Democrat in Greece last year, but at least try to be consistent. Now you're opposed to unions? Or are you supporting them? Or does it depend which political party the unions are working with at the time? You keep moving the goal posts. Stop ducking the issue and be clear for once.

Anonymous said...

I was reading Jon Greenburgs blog and he points out

The state could pick up over $3 billion dollars merely by holding on to just a portion of the stock transfer tax. New York used to collect 100% of the tax but Albany started to hand back 30% of the revenue to Wall Street back in 1979 and then doubled the revenue giveback the next year and by 1981 Wall Street didn’t have to pay a nickel. However, if we dial the tax break back to 1979 and hold on to just 30% of the stock transfer tax we’re looking at $3.2 billion in extra revenue.

If we looking at"shared suffering" then we have to roll back all the tax breaks given to the most well off in New York and in the nation since Reagan.

If we did that and stopped the military adventures in the middle east, we would be in much better shape

SCATS said...

To 3:17PM ~~ In over 4 yrs. of running this BLOG, I do not recall that I have EVER "supported unions" and most especially not unions in the education field. I challenge you to find an instance where I did. Supporting a candidate who belongs to a union is not the same thing.

Regarding political party affiliations, I want to point out to you that in Greece in particular, most of the currant Republicans are former Democrats! I, for one, don't see that they changed anything philosophically speaking, just their party affiliation. So if you seek clear messages related to anything in the political realm from this area, you need to take it back to your candidate and question their allegiances, not mine ;)

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 4:38 (anonymous)
Yet another example of ducking the problem.
The problem is SPENDING and what the incompetents in Albany (and other venues) have done and continue to do is SPEND money they don't have.

Perhaps an even bigger problem is 'they' are violating the law and don't seem to care. Government officials at any level who think they are above the law should scare the he## out of all of us.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding 4:38? You want the state government to effectively steal the stock transfer tax to pay for an already bloated and overfunded school system? Really?

SCATS, can you please focus for a minute and respond to this pro-tax, anti-taxpayer leftwingnut on your site.

Listen 4:38. We're against increasing and creating taxes here. I think you meant to comment on that site owned by the doggie pooper scooper.

SCATS said...

To 4:38PM ~~ When it comes to taxes, we NY'ers certainly have MORE than our fair share already. There's hardly anything they haven't taxed yet, and of those things that have escaped it so far, they have been scrutinized for taxing! It's so bad in NY State that when you couple our already onerous tax overload with the paltry interest rates offered by the banks that we, the taxpayers, just bailed out, it's almost impossible for Joe Average Guy to save anything for retirement. Not true for those in the public sector though ;)

The last thing NY needs to do to bolster their failing education system is waste more $$ on more lousy results. Charlie Hubbard has it right ~ it's the spending that's a problem. It's been a problem for several decades and it's time to reign in the big spenders AND make the unions accountable for their "product."

To 8:48PM ~~ Do you want your soapbox back? :)

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea - tell the Federal Government to cut my taxes and let me keep my money - rather than take it from me and then (after 50%+ is blown on "administrative" costs)handing it out to states that can jump through the hoops the Feds put in place.

The Federal Government is out of control. The State Government is out of control. Both establish "mandates" that cost taxpayers billions of dollars and then they dangle a carrot of a few million which we fight over. Put control of the schools back where it belongs - at the local level. Get Albany and Washington off of our backs.

Go Tea Party!

Anonymous said...

Joe Robach does NOT listen. He talks (and talks and talks).

And then after demonstraating that he does not know what he is talking about, he "explains" how we the people just do not understand how hard he works for the people of this area.

OK, Joe but but what have you actually gotten done?