Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dog 'n Pony ... Parents 'n Pawns

Recapping the Preliminary Budget Hearing
  • Nine people addressed the BOE (my count - the BOE Prez. claimed 10).
  • Several students expressed concerns that high school seniors would only be allowed to take English, Social Studies & PE classes as a maximum number of classes for their senior year. Apparently, that is not the intention of either the BOE or the Supt.
  • Several employees addressed the BOE on issues ranging from demanding an apology from "the Supt. and several BOE members who took license in attacking teachers" at last week's meeting to the issue of eliminating an athletic director and reorganizing how the PE co-ordinator's duties are fulfilled.

Recapping the Budget Discussion - Highlights

Kudos to Frank Oberg who said he doesn't support a 7.6% tax increase and suggested the district consider higher class sizes and using $2 million from the unappropriated fund balance to reduce the levy. He then stated: "I will make no apology for what I just said!"

Dave Ferington asked where the study on signature school transportation is that the Supt. promised to give to the BOE last week. The Supt. says he and his cabinet will meet with consultant next Monday and the BOE should get the report by a week from Friday.

Boily wants the BOE's $114,000 budget cut in half. The Supt. will look into what travel, etc. the BOE might be able to do without. The Supt. will also look into cutting professional development expenses. O'Toole mentioned that "Greece has the fewest days of students attending classes in all of Monroe County due to the multitude of professional days."

Quote of the night: "I'm not willing to cut any more ...  I don't know what tax rate is OK with voters." ~~ Roger Boily

SCATS ~~ Well Roger, does that mean you'd be willing to cut more if you knew what tax rate voters would approve? Or are you just blowing more hot air out your piehole in an effort to appease your family & friends in the union?


Anonymous said...

One simple way to cut the budget of Greece CSD.

Convert each elementary school in the district to a K-5 school serving a specific geography. Create fixed zone around each school where all students will walk to school(1 mile, 1/2 mile).

This will surely have some immediate positve effects on the budget.
Reduce the number of busses required
Reduce the number of bus drivers
Reduce the budget for gas and maintenance

This will create entire neighborhoods where there are NO busses at all.

How great would that be?
Of course this fairytale includes the ending of Schools of Choice.

How great would that be?

Anonymous said...

What a farce.
This board and the superintendant are hopelessly locked in a bubble of stupidity.
With the exception of frank oberg, I am pretty sure they couldn't lead their way out of a paper bag.
They are way too busy apologizing for everything and trying to make sure no one dislikes them.

Anonymous said...

It was obvious as I listened tonight that educational cuts take a priority over ANY reductions in bussing.
One man spoke of 4 buses coming down his street that go to 4 different high schools = WHY???
Is this what the transportation committe has recommended to continue??? How can they possibly justify this???

Anonymous said...

Jeff smith will lead us to the promised land

Anonymous said...

The proposal that the students were so outraged about (d and c this am) was that classes would not be scheduled if fewer than 15 students were enrolled. Why should there be any class at 15 or even 20 students in the high school? Too bad if they can't get their free college advanced placement class. What impact will that have on Odyssey since there are so few students in that high school or are they exempt?
The senior rule was a district requirement that even if seniors had the need to only come to school a half day they would not be allowed to and would have to fill their day with classes. With or without a board or budget vote the superintendent can change that rule.
It does seem like Boily would like to just cut as far as the voters will allow. He knows that whatever the vote, the board will do what it wants.
Did they tell what the contingency budget would look like?

Anonymous said...

Where is the finance committe?
Where is the transportation committe?
If I heard the superintendant correctly last night this study that was asked for 2 years ago will need to be reviewed by my staff before the board or the transportation committe can see it.
This seems to be ok????

Anonymous said...

I don't hate the school of choice system, my kids go to one.

But the system is getting impossible to defend when the powers that be refuse to openly discuss either the cost or benefit of the current system.

Maybe we should go back to neighborhood schools. I just wonder why the board can't figure out that they need to have this conversation. In public. Now.

SCATS said...

To 6:50AM ~~ Dropping under-subscribed electives was one of two things the students opposed. The "bigger" issue was that the BOE was considering (they thought, apparently erroneously) the option of telling seniors they may take ONLY the required English, Social Studies & PE classes. On the issue of requiring a certain minimum number of students to offer electives, this is something that comes up frequently. I thought they imposed this before. Apparently a lot of this district's previous restrictions become undone quietly after the fact. Kind of like the bus stop debacle that was supposed to save us tons of $$.

To 7:29AM ~~ You heard correctly! Do you know what they say about committees? The camel was a horse designed by one of them ;)

To 8:30AM ~~ The underlying issue is that they have outlived the purpose that they were created to avoid and are now causing their own set of financial and other problems.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know" or I don't care what tax rate the taxpayers will accept?

Well the tea party will accept NO tax rate increase. Period!

See ya all at the poles!

Anonymous said...

Instead of having the potential for "under subscribed" electives at each of the 4 high schools, why don't we join the 21st century and have some of these classes taught at ONE school and sent electronically to the others. In the era of electronic meetings, there must be plenty of software packages that would allow students to "attend" classes over the computer. If the students were listening with headsets, there could even be multiple electives being taught to multiple students in a single room if need be. Let's get inventive!

Anonymous said...

This BOE couldn't face a group of parents trying to save kndergarden at a single school. I say this because it speaks volumes about the chance they would ever stand up to the real crowd who would be trying to save school of choice. You need a spine to face the whine!

They would be better suited leaving the burdon of proof (for keeping schools of choice) on thos that wish to preserve it. Once these people realize there's nothing there to really justify the cost (which we still don't know, by the way), they would be more likely to accept the change back to neighborhood schools.

Come out and make the statement that, "On such and such a date we will be discussing the elimination of this system". "Anyone wishing to speak for keeping it will be heard at that time". All they will hear is how "Tommy should get to go to Pine Brook because his sister Suzie goes thare, and well it's a really great place to learn". What you will not hear at that meeting are statistics saying that the cost is worth it to taxpayers (that is, of course, if the cost are ever brought out). Of course there will be the stats showing how much better the kids do in this school or that school, but they won't mention that the student body is hand picked... I mean drawn at random.

SCATS said...

To 10:04PM ~~ I love that slogan: "You need a spine to face the whine!" I may use that in the future ... it sums it up very nicely :)

Sadly, you're correct about how those parents don't have and don't care about the numbers, as long as they win the lottery that is ;)

Anonymous said...


Was that supposed to be 'the polls' or 'the Pole's'?