Friday, March 19, 2010

Baxter To Ramp Up Dewey-Stone Patrols

Two Week Trial Will Double Officers On Duty After 2PM

"We're going to have Code Enforcement on speed-dial." ~~ Chief Baxter, pledging crackdown using "broken windows" theory of policing


SCATS ~~ HOORAY FOR TODD BAXTER!!! I wish him the best of luck and sincerely hope he expands this attitude to other areas of Greece, as well. I wonder who will respond to those code enforcement calls? Will he be asked to leave his name, address and phone number so someone can get back to him, like they do to the rest of us? Of course, that return call rarely comes ... If Uncle Auggie and his knights of the long table don't get onboard, this inititiative will certainly fail in the long run.


Anonymous said...

SCATS, you really have to stop spreading misinformation to people. Baxter himself said at the community meetings that calls can be made anonymously. Maybe you should come back to Greece and attend a meeting and learn what's really going on before you put out bad information to residents. We'd welcome you back if you'd be more accurate. ;)

Anonymous said...

11:01 Yes calls can be made anonymously, but all town and police agencies can tell who is calling even if you have all call block.
Besides that the police are going to be making these complaints as they survey the area, first in the dewey stone area.
The problem with a citizen complaining about a person doing something, building something without a permit, or having an unsafe pool in the backyard for example is that the building department says they cannot inspect on that person's property. If they can't see the violation from the street or your property they will not cite the violation.
Probably the police will not be able to walk on the person's property either unless there are circumstances that "warrant" it. Unless a neighbor says welcome officer come into my back yard and visit. I don't know how many people in greece that will let the police do that.

SCATS said...

To 11:01AM ~~ Calls can be made anonymously to whom? If you mean to 911, then 11:39AM has already addressed your lack of information.

Come back from where? I'm right where I've always been. Looks like when it comes to misinformation you are completely striking out today ;)

Anonymous said...

Guess this news release today will encourage our dysfunctional civic leaders to conclude that we can afford big tax increases.

On Friday March 19, 2010, 3:48 pm EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Call them the Final Four: The four large cities that have made it through the Great Recession with the smallest increases in unemployment.

Minneapolis, Buffalo, Oklahoma City and Rochester, N.Y., don't have much else in common. But a government report shows they've had the smallest increases in joblessness over the past two years among cities with at least 1 million people.

None of the four relies on heavy manufacturing industries, such as autos or steel, which have been hit hard by the downturn. And all have avoided the extremes of the housing boom and bust that devastated much of California, Florida and Nevada.

Anonymous said...

That's because most of the unemployed around here were unemployed before November of 2008. And still are or have given up or taken part time jobs.
We have fewer jobs for people in this vicinity unless you want to work as a waiter or store clerk. We do not depend on big manufacturing here now because the companies closed or moved. Our house prices were already low. Now the other states (south and southwest) are slowly approaching our house prices. But we pay more per thousand of taxes on our properties. Example a 200k house 2000sf in Greece would pay about 7500 in total taxes per year. A 650k house in Massachusetts 3500sf would pay 7500 in total taxes per year. The house in Greece is half the size of the one in Mass. The house in Mass is in a quiet safe traffic free community while the house in Greece is just off Ridge Rd. And the Rochester city houses are taxed even higher per thousand.
But apparently we have won a prize for the least increase in unemployment starts. Hip hip hooray.

Anonymous said...

Code compliance calls will be promptly responded to by SUPERDOGCATCHER! After all he spends most of his town paid time hiding at barnard Firehall, so he can just jump in his Town Car and arrive in minutes.

SCATS said...

To 10:41PM ~~ Ahhh ... so that's why I seldom see the animal control vehicle cruising the streets. I wondered what happened to him. Thanks for updating his free lunch providers.

Anonymous said...

Baxter rules

Anonymous said...

Animal control is alerted by calling 911. We used to be able to call a specific phone about a stray or hurt animal or if a dog was being allowed to run loose. Now you have to call the dispatchers and they will let him know. And he doesn't work on weekends. Police have to respond on weekends and holidays. At least that was true 4 years ago when we had a problem. Is that still the case?

Anonymous said...

The number for animal control is 581-4025. That hasn't changed.

We also have a very good animal control department. You shouldn't knock it.

But thats the mentality of SCATS--knocking everything in Greece. Have to wonder why you even still live here if you hate it so much? Life is too short to be filled with so much contempt.

SCATS said...

To 9:52AM ~~ The number that 10:24AM posted appears to be the correct one (I haven't double-checked but I know it's a 581 number). What Uncle Auggie did was he dropped the listing for Animal Control from the phone book and told the populace to call 911 instead. In the scheme of things, that probably saves Uncle Auggie money on a listing but helps muck up the 911 dispatchers lines with calls that often aren't true "emergencies." So in the end, the 581 number should still work and might even be answered by the animal control officer if you're lucky. You are also correct that they do not have 24/7 coverage.

To 10:24AM ~~ Animal control used to be quite visible around town. I saw the van TWICE near the end of 2009 ... the first time in several years!

Actually, I love this town so much, I'm willing to volunteer tons of my free time to run this BLOG to make it better. What are YOU doing?? :D

Anonymous said...

They take the total # of calls to 911 into consideration when formulating their budgets, applying for aid and grants.

He knew exactly what he was doing.

Just like fire departments. A sock fire in a trash can can count as an active call, justifying the departments budgets, certification and funding.

Who monitors the morons? No one

This is why this state is broke. Crooks who have found every loophole in every system.

SCATS said...

To 2:50PM ~~ So that's what happened to all of my socks! I've been blaming the dryer for years ;) lol

Anonymous said...

For the newcomers & short time residents, Code Comedy Compliance is headed by Mr OComedy. Mr OComedy was the town's dog catcher for years, and caught at least 9 dogs who jumped in his town truck.

When the Code Compliance job opened up, Mr OComedy became the director of collapsing buildings via a quirk in Civil Service Law.

Some of us are amazed at how quickly he learned the difference between a house and a doghouse, and the high levels of skill he displays. What other town issues a resident a citation for demolition without a permit after wind blows a garage down?