Tuesday, March 09, 2010

54% Embarassed To Call Themselves NY'ers

70% Think NY is more dysfunctional than ever before

16% think NY is on the right track

55% Want Paterson to finish his term


SCATS ~~ Hmmm ... this rather reminds me of Greece!

Rocked by scandals? Check!
Embarrassed to be in the headlines? Check!
Dysfunctional government in control? Check!
Keep SAME politicians running the show? Check!


Anonymous said...

Instead of coming from the top down, maybe Greece's troubles flowed from the bottom up?

Anonymous said...

But our sidewalks and roads are plowed. Change frightens some people.

And how about Eric Massa????? If he is not delusional why NOT stay in office and prove it??? Instead he leaves and then rants about why he left.

Anonymous said...

I was fine with Massa's excuses for leaving office until he started attacking the Democratic Party. Now he's persona-non-grata. All details about his issues with male a staffer should come out in the public.

Anonymous said...

So Massa liked playing weenie war with other boys, can you say Barney Frank?

Hey, could Barney be the reason there are no shower curtains in the Congressional gym showers?

Anonymous said...

Voters want a leader with a spine. THAT is why a majority want Patterson to stay in office; to demonstrate leadership and conviction (and stop the incessant waffling).

It's not about him. It's about us, as we attempt to find a leader we can rally around.

THAT is why there is a parallel between State and local politics.