Sunday, February 21, 2010

Town of Greece To Enforce Amanda's Law

Are YOU Ready?

Update from today's D&C ~~ "Violators will be fined, but Monroe County municipalities have not yet decided how much that fine will be."

Starting Feb. 22nd, this new law requires a CO detector in most homes.

The print edition of the Greece Post reports: "According to Leo Carroll, Greece director of technical services, having a detector will become part of the application process for any permit that is applied for by a resident."

"In fact, that will now become a standard question on the application followed by the requirement for an inspection of the device in conjunction with any other permit inspection. We would like to be pro-active without being too intrusive." ~~ Leo Carroll

SCATS ~~ So if you want to build a deck or repave your driveway, you'll have to let the inspectors INSIDE your home. I think that is VERY intrusive, especially if compliance requires my detector be located in a bedroom! On the other hand, the inspectors will have to actually leave Vince Tofany Blvd. to earn their paycheck.


Anonymous said...

There are many requirements such as plumbing and heating and electrical. There are requirements that certain basements cannot have sleeping quarters. Why are they not considering those when we fill out permit applications?
Those CO detectors are just plugged in to an outlet. When they come for the deck inspection we could just show them the detector.
Most fence or deck inspections can be conducted when the home owner is away,as long as you give them permission to enter the property.
There is no way they will get to stroll through our houses when we need an inspection of an outside permit. Or will they? If that is the case will they get to inspect those other issues? Prepare to pay lots more for a permit.
In the city, when a senior applies for the enhanced STAR deduction, the city sends an inspector out who does a complete inside inspection. Will that be next?

SCATS said...

To 8:23AM ~~ Actually, the CO detector law can be fairly complicated, depending on the age of the structure, where sleeping quarters are located, etc. In some situations, multiple detectors are required and they must be interconnected, etc. However, I have a really tough time with the idea that govt is forcing this issue given that smoke detectors are NOT mandatory! Where's the common sense? Don't get me wrong, I'm not pushing for making smoke detectors mandatory either. It's time the GOVT gets out of my house and goes and off to clean their own!

SCATS said...

By the way 8:23AM, I didn't know that about the city sending inspectors for the enhanced STAR. Are they looking under mattresses for bags of unreported income? :)

Anonymous said...

But first of all they are trying to confirm that no children reside there. That is one of the questions. You cannot receive the enhanced STAR if children are in that home. Even if they are not the homeowner's children....nieces or grandchildren for example. And they do a basic inspection of the house. Also there is an income element to receiving that city STAR benefit. Is that only in the city or in Greece too? Does the taxing entity get to set that limit?
They are inspecting the house too for non-compliance and to make sure what the assessment is (for example if it is assessed too low). The person I know went to the city hall and submitted the papers and had to wait until the inspection to make sure she would receive the reduction. She has to reapply every year (by mail) but there is no repeat inspection. At least not yet.

SCATS said...

To 10:55AM ~~ There is an income limit everywhere. In Greece, they are supposed to show their tax return, as I understand it. I like the idea of forcing them to undergo an inspection and compliance with code to get the deduction! I think it's time Greece get in on that action :) Afterall, we can't have those half million dollar lakefront haciendas getting away tax free AND being a safety hazard too ;)