Monday, February 08, 2010

Tonight: West Ridge Part Deux ...

The Kindergarten Drama Continues ...

Will anyone not from WR get a chance to speak?

Will the school board cave-in "like a wet dish rag?"

Will the teachers don their "professional" attire ~  union tees?

Will young children be encouraged to wail into the mic?

Will PTA have anything left to do come Wed. morning?

To find out, tune-in at 6:30PM on WGMC 90.1FM

BE THERE ... or be square ;)

SCATS ~~ If you begin to feel nauseous, you might want to cover your ears ;)

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Anonymous said...

Walt's health care lives on. Wish the D and C would take the next step and review the lack of board oversite that lead to the need for a forensic audit. That might give future/current boards the push they need to start acting like the bosses they should be.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to an ad from Christa to rent the space that the senior center used to rent before we had the new one. FYI this is adjacent to the westridge school and will be very appealing to the developer when the school phases out. We paid them 145K per year rent on a section of a building we supposedly own. The developer pays no tax on that land that the building is on and pays a lease to the school district of about $100 per year.

And here is a link about a person who used to be the community director in Greece and was instrumental in the plans for the community center. Lots of good links within this heading. Why did he retire but not retire? Why was his position not filled after the community center was built?

SCATS said...

To 9:47AM ~~ The link for Ardino says "the page has been moved" ... nothing suspicious there!